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16 Pics Of Celeb Mamas


Under the harsh glare of the spotlight and the unflinching gaze of a paparazzi’s camera lens, it can be hard to be the perfect parent. After all, parenting is kind of figuring it out as you go, right?...

Celebrity Brides Who Were Absolutely Gorgeous


Weddings take A LOT of work. You have to consider venues, food, guests, flowers, table settings, decorations, invitations, place settings, cake, and, of course, the dress. If you’re lucky, you have th...

10 Celebs Who Bounced Back After A Big Breakup


Breakups are a part of life, and we all deal with them differently. Some of us get super proactive and hit the gym, dying to show our ex just what they’re missing, whereas others prefer to wallow in a...

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