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12 Times Lady Gaga Wore Crazy Outfits

Lady Gaga is one of the most popular female singers and songwriters of our time, but unlike other pop stars that always want to look perfectly put-together for the cameras, Gaga is always surprising u...


12 Things You Don't Know About Beyoncé

In 1981, the world was graced with Queen Bey and we are forever grateful. She's been pretty active on the music scene since she was a teen and while she is pretty protective of her private life, she's...

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13 Signs You're Going To Be Successful

Being successful is the ultimate goal for us millennials. Since we know the incredible journeys of the likes of Steve Jobs, Sir. Richard Branson and of course Oprah, we're pretty inspired. We feel com...


12 Reasons 2016 Is Selena Gomez's Year

Since the end of 2015, when Selena Gomez had a cameo in The Big Short and released her latest album Revival, we've witnessed the rapid ascension of the young singer to stardom. Recently, we've seen th...

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11 Ways To Make Your Home Cozier

The old saying is true: there’s no place like home. If you want your house to truly feel like it's a protective shell around you, you want it to be cozy, warm, and welcoming. Here are the 11 features ...

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11 Beauty Trends You Can't Miss This Spring

Spring is finally around the corner and who doesn’t need a style refresh? The warm season always brings a quest for lightness, freedom and colors. To tease your seasonal personal refurbishment, we pic...


12 Epic Ad Placement Fails

Advertising is the soul of commerce and in recent years, marketers are becoming more conscious of how their creativity influences a customer’s choices. That’s why, generation after generation, markete...


12 Chick Flicks To Watch After A Break Up

One of the things you should never skip after a break up? Watching a movie. If it's a cheesy movie, even better. The best movie would be a chick flick so you can go through the various stages of your ...


11 Signs You Should Never Let Him Go

Relationships are one of our major life goals. In the end, we need someone we can trust, who makes us feel loved and appreciated. That’s what we look for in anyone we get to know at various stages, bu...


11 Signs He's Bad For Your Self-Esteem

Being a couple should be a beautiful way to grow together and you should be empowering each other in an exclusive, supportive relationship. Sometimes, for a bunch of reasons, things can get messy and ...


12 Thoughts Every Girl Has After A Break Up

When you start a new relationship, you live every day feeling like it will last forever. You dream, make plans together, and think you can never live without each other. Sometimes it’s because you hav...

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12 Bra Hacks For Small-Chested Girls

Recently, going braless has become a major trend among small-breasted girls, and sometimes it’s just because you can’t stand any more elastics, straps that slip, or cups that literally get stuck into ...

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