Articles by Alyssa Merwin


15 Celebrity Mugshots You've Never Seen Before

Many celebrities have had run-ins with the law for one reason or another but there are some celebs who have been arrested who may surprise you. You might assume that celebs like Sean Penn, Lindsay Loh...


15 Mysterious And Creepy Hollywood Deaths

Hollywood is a place where people from all over the world flock to in an attempt to fulfill their dream of being an actress, an actor, a screenwriter, a director, or a singer. It is a place where peop...


15 Famous Serial Cheaters In History

The things about cheating is that it is not just a mistake, it's a choice and, unfortunately, it's a choice that many people make a lot. We all know that being cheated on is one of the worst things th...


15 Times Celebs Gave Us The CREEPS

There are some celebrities that we generally get a creepy vibe from even though they’ve never really done anything to deserve it such as Marilyn Manson and Gary Busey. There are some actors who creep ...

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