Articles by Alyssa Merwin


15 Celebrities CAUGHT...Looking Normal

We might be used to seeing celebrities wearing extravagant dresses and flawless makeup at award shows and swanky events but every day life doesn't take place on a red carpet. You know those days when ...

Girl Talk

Your Biggest Flaws Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Everyone has strengths and weaknesses and while you should always know your strengths, it's also important to know your weaknesses as well. Now, that doesn't mean the kind of "weaknesses" that you say...


16 Celebs Rocking The Mini Tattoo Trend

The mini tattoo trend has taken off in the past few years and celebrities are getting in on the trend. For years, most actors and actresses stayed away from tattoos, except for Angelina Jolie, mostly ...


15 Celeb Pairings That Are Just No

Hollywood is full of beautiful celebrity power couples who stun on the red carpet but then there are some Hollywood romances that are not quite as appealing and, sometimes, downright ugly. These horri...

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