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8 Signs He's Over His Ex & 7 Signs He's Not


Whether you’re aware or not, relationships play a major toll on your overall mood and energy levels. When things are good, you radiate with love and increase your spirit levels at the same time. When ...

8 Signs He's Into You & 7 He's Not


"Is he into me or is he not?" That very question has caused several women countless sleepless nights thinking about the way a particular dude really feels about them. In most cases, the signs are real...

15 Relationship Fears EVERY Guy Has


Fear has a way of skewing our judgement, no matter what the situation might be, fear causes some unreasonable thinking among the best of us. Fear can affect relationships too, especially when it is th...

15 Amazing Bods That Will Motivate Everyone


It’s not hard to understand why the fitness industry is so hot right now, with the rise of the internet and social media, the world of fitness grew alongside the upward trend of technology. Back in th...

13 Celebs With Crazy Eating Habits


When it comes to creating a beautiful slim summer body the split is generally regarded as 20% weight training, 40% cardio conditioning and the final 40% towards the less than prestigious dieting aspec...

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