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Who's Yummier: Demi Rose or Kylie Jenner?

In many ways, Kylie Jenner and Demi Rose are quite similar. Sure, Kylie is American and Demi Rose is British, but you wouldn't consider their backgrounds when you’re looking at photos of them. First o...


15 Celebs Who Dialled 911 On Their Fans

Celebrities absolutely need fans to survive. Sure, their fans aren’t the ones who make the choice on whether or not they get a part in a certain movie, or whether the record label wants another album ...


15 Celebs Cashing In On Their Fake Assets

Lately, it seems as if the media has been throwing it all the way back to 1992 when Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back” was a hit. That’s because, while for many years the desired physique was the waifish...


15 Signs Our Relationships May Be Making Us Sick

Relationships can be really tricky. On the one hand, you’ve met this person and you’re all loved up and seeing the world through rose colored glasses. On the other hand, you’re essentially merging two...


16 Celebrity Mamas SO Single It's Sad

When it comes to families in Hollywood, as in the rest of the world, they truly do come in all shapes and sizes. Sure, celebrities generally have tons of funds on hand, which means they can do things ...


15 Celebs Caught Doing The Walk Of Shame

In a way, celebrities are just like the rest of us. Sure, they probably turn up to parties in outfits worth more than our entire closets, and they basically always look flawless thanks to their team o...


15 Most Sneaky BS Excuses Cheaters Use

Okay, let’s just get one thing straight — there’s really no excuse for cheating. If you feel like things aren’t working out between you and your partner, the right thing to do is always to break up wi...

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15 Weird Fashion Trends For 2017

Fashion is a bit of a funny thing. On the one hand, there are certain styles or looks that are pretty much timeless - pieces you can put on and know you’ll always look fantastic. There are women who s...


15 Celebs And Their Non-Famous Twins

There are a few celebrities who have siblings that have also made it big in the entertainment industry. It’s not that common, because quite frankly making it big in Hollywood is rare enough for one in...


13 Relationship Red Flags You Should NEVER Ignore

Everyone’s relationship is different, and what works for some couples may not work for others. Some individuals have a lot in common and share many interests, whereas other individuals seem to be tota...

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