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Drop It: 16 Things He'll Never Notice

At times, it can seem like men and women are entirely different species. They have different priorities, different ways of responding to situations, and just different ways of seeing the world in gene...


17 Pap Shots Of Celebs Gasing Up

Many celebrities have assistants or help of some kind to take care of a lot of things that normal people have to incorporate into their days — stuff like cooking, grocery shopping, picking up dry clea...


15 Things He Really Does After A Break-Up

Let's face it — no matter who you are, whether you're a guy or a girl, a relationship ending kind of sucks. Sure, it's tougher if you've been together longer, or if you're the one being dumped, but it...


15 Rules Disneyland Employees Have To Follow

Countless people refer to Disneyland as the happiest place on earth, because it has a certain sparkle of magic about it. It's nostalgic, it's filled with bright colours and whimsical scenery, and abov...


15 Signs He'll Never Let Go Of His Insecurity

Most women agree that cockiness in a guy is a major turn-off — no one wants to be with a guy who thinks he's the greatest thing since sliced bread, and a gift to all women. However, the opposite end o...


15 Signs You're Being Wayyy Too Extra With Him

When it comes to relationships, everyone is different. Some people are super chill, while others absolutely love an element of drama in their relationship. They don't want the comfortable type of rela...

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