Articles by Dylan Parker

20 Sibling Pics That Are So Inappropriate


Cringe! There's no chance of you leaving this article without your face being mangled into strange shapes while trying to process these images. Imagine every awkward encounter you've had with your sib...

16 College Party Snapchats That Cross The Line


Nobody expects college or university to be a time of tea-parties and well-meaning chess matches. No way. It's full of debaucherous experiences that truly make a woman or a man into the person they nee...

15 Insane Mom Bios On Tinder You Need To See


We like to think that Tinder is a landscape that just belongs to attractive people under the age of 35. The few that we see amongst the countless profiles that we swipe through daily belong to those w...

20 Tinder Profiles That Are Total Bangtown

Girl Talk

Each and every one of us know the feeling of seeing a particularly smokin' profile of a thirst trap on Tinder. We all try to play it cool but inside we're eagerly hoping we get a match. Whether it's a...

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