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13 Pics Of Bella Thorne And Her New Beau

Okay — Bella Thorne used to date Blackbear. First thoughts to come to (your) mind are: 1) "Who the heck is Blackbear!?", and 2) "Why is that even relevant?" No worries, we're gonna break it down for y...


15 Signs He's The Perfect Guy To Lockdown

The finest example of the perfect guy to trap — is Rob Kardashian. Rob K (no offense) is precarious, coddled, needy and he feels and thinks he is unappealing. With that said, in walks Angela Renée "Bl...


15 Celebs Who Look WAY WORSE In Person

Ahhh, Before and After pics—the best way to see the drastic change in reference to someone and/or something. Take for instance, a before image of a rundown house versus an after image of the same hous...


15 Chick Flicks That Will Expose His Feminine Side

A chick flick is a movie that appeals mainly to women. It is a slang term for the film genre dealing mainly with love and romance, which is targeted to a female audience. In general, a chick flick is ...


14 Reasons Why Your Man Doesn't Listen To You

Woman: "Honey, what you wearing tonight?" Man [watching TV]: "Huh?" Woman: "Tonight...the Barclay's dinner party. What'cha wearing? Man [still watching TV]: "Huh? What dinner party? Don't know nothin ...


12 Reasons Why Women Hate Going Downtown

When you initially saw this headline, ladies, the first thing you thought or said was probably — "OMG! Haha." Now, let's analyze this laughter. You LOL'd for either one of two reasons: 1) The headline...

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