20 Attractive Hollywood Divas Nobody Wants To Be Around

Hollywood certainly has no shortage of incredibly stunning women. Red carpets everywhere are full of some of the world’s most attractive ladies with impressive talents. As their careers soar to incredible heights and their fortune continues to exceed everyone’s expectations, it’s easy to spot the ladies that transform from talented women into full-blown divas. Many begin to exhibit diva behavior and a very high maintenance lifestyle. Some of them get downright nasty, and start to abuse their positions of power with fans and colleagues alike.

It’s easy to lose interest in someone that demonstrates a bad attitude and poor behavior, so some of these ladies have had a hard fall as they tumble down from the pedestal that fans had put them on. Let’s take a look at 20 attractive Hollywood divas that nobody wants to be around.

20 Taylor Swift

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Taylor Swift has had too much drama surrounding her name, and much of it was unnecessary. There were so many reports of her “girl squad” going through dramatic moments of turmoil that fans quickly began to view her as having a problematic personality. She seems to power-trip too much, even on her own “friends”, and her way-too-pubic break-ups make her seem downright mean!

19 Mariah Carey

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Mariah is the ultimate diva. She’s gorgeous, and she knows it – but it doesn’t stop there – she wants everyone else to know it too! She is known to throw fits over the smallest of reasons, and recently “gave up” on the New Year’s Eve stage, citing sound difficulties with her mic as being the problem. Her behavior is way too high-maintenance to be likable and her attitude seems mean and curt.

18 Gwyneth Paltrow

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There’s nothing worse than being around someone that has a chip on their shoulder, and it seems that’s the feeling most people get after spending time with Gwyneth Platrow. According to Cheatsheet she is described as someone who seems to “elicit a vibe that many people have interpreted as snobby and elitist”.

17 Christina Aguilera

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Christina Aguilera is successful as a result of the money her fans  dish out to support her music. Yet, she treats her fans very poorly. This seems counter-productive – and rude! Lipstick Alley documents the day she threw gum at her fans, which was astonishing as it was downright rude. In spite of her undeniable beauty and talent, she’s just not very likable as a person.

16 Teri Hatcher

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Teri Hatcher won’t be winning any popularity contests in Hollywood anytime soon. It’s a real shame that she couldn’t make peace with her co-stars on the set of “Desperate Housewives”, as she’s as gorgeous as she is talented. Sadly, she wasn’t pleasant to be around and Nicollette Sheridan went so far as to call her the “meanest woman in the world” during an interview with ENews.

15 Angelina Jolie

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Angelina is arguably one of the most gorgeous women in Hollywood. Her name is synonymous with beauty, but she seems to have soured her reputation with her quirky and highly criticized actions. Some of the stuff she does is downright weird. Kissing her brother and wearing viles of blood around her neck weren’t exactly her most impressive moments.

14 Raven Symone

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Raven was cute as a button when she appeared on “The Cosby Show”. She was admired by fans and viewers and she should have just left it at that. Instead, she has sounded off with some very inappropriate and offensive comments in a very public way. Many of the controversial comments were made during her time co-hosting on The View….and her popularity plummeted.

13 Megan Fox

Megan Fox is definitely recognized as one of Hollywood’s most attractive leading ladies. However, she may have put too much emphasis on her beauty. She quickly became seen as a sex symbol, shedding light on the fact that her looks far out-performed her actual acting skills. Many fans were put-off by this and quickly lost interest.

12 Amanda Bynes

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The stunning Amanda Bynes rose to fame in Hollywood on the Nickelodeon set, but has quickly fallen from grace. Her personal struggles have led to some pretty erratic and questionable behavior, and many fans weren’t interested in seeing this behavior develop any further. She demonstrated too much unpredictable, uninhibited behavior which worked against her in a big way.

11 Lindsay Lohan

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Lindsay Lohan definitely saw some fame and fortune during her rise to fame in Hollywood. She was admired, sought after and widely acknowledged for her outward beauty. Sadly, she seems to be fighting inner demons that have shadowed her career. Her lifestyle became too problematic and was riddled in too much negative drama, so much so that people hesitate to want to be personally or professionally linked to her in any way.

10 Britney Spears

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Britney’s ultra-fit body, fiercely attractive eyes and incredible dance talents were combined with a killer-voice to create a full-blown musical-diva. It was all great until she started acting weirdly and irresponsibly, to the point that she lost custody of her own children. She spiraled way lower than most celebrities do, and nobody wanted to be dragged down with her. She continues to struggle to keep her personal life in order, today.

9 Katherine Heigl

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We loved seeing her face on every screen we tuned into for a while there….but the love we once had for Katherine Heigl has definitely dwindled over time. Cheatsheet reports that her “onset misbehavior on Grey’s Anatomy” has ultimately led to her demise. She became difficult to work with and slowly began to fade from mainstream fame.

8 Scarlett Johansson

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Scarlett Johansson is a bonafide beauty. She was an incredibly sought-after, ridiculously over-paid actress that rode the wave of success for many years, before becoming wildly unlikable. She became known for making statements that were highly offensive. She also sided with Woody Allen in a very controversial way, which led to a huge drop in fan base numbers.

7 Madonna

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Madonna is a living legend, and nobody can mess with her outward beauty or her innate talent in the world of music, and on every stage she walks onto. However, she is also an extremist who is not afraid to tell everyone exactly what she thinks of them, or of any given situation. She’s a massive power-house so it’s easier to dodge her outbursts and hard-views, than to try to align with her in an effort to find some common ground.

6 Stacey Dash

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Stacey Dash is an undeniable beauty that saw huge success with her role in the comedy “Clueless”. Had she kept her views on race in check, she would like have seen a much more successful career. She made some very questionable and offensive comments more than a few times, which according to CheatSheet, led to her ultimately being fired by Fox News.

5 Paris Hilton

Paris Hilton is stunning. She’s absolutely gorgeous, but for what it’s worth, “looking pretty” is really all she has to do. She was born into a family of wealth and her looks helped to launch her to stardom and fame in her own right. The problem is, she doesn’t strike anyone as a person that has very much substance to their character. It became too easy to focus on her privilege since there was nothing really stellar about her personality that we could focus on.

4 Chanel West Coast

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Chanel West Coast is a stunning beauty who many of us first saw on the show “Ridiculousness”. Initially, she was well-received, but as her fame and popularity grew, her ego kept pace. Her numerous slams and attacks on other celebrities were documented by In Touch weekly,  and fans lost interest in her due to her attitude. Let’s not forget when TMZ broke the news of her meltdown over being denied entrance to a club.

3 Pamela Anderson

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Many, many men have posters and magazines of Pamela Anderson in their possession. The bombshell dominated the headlines for years for her stunning looks and big role in the hit show “Baywatch”. She then went on to demonstrate a very sour attitude, and began to unravel with a series of self-destructive life choices. She became less desirable to fans, who quickly went in search of the “next best thing”.

2 Jessica Simpson

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Jessica Simpson is a gorgeous gal and fans seemed to forgive her naive persona at first. As time went on, this became less and less appealing, and other issues started to rise to the surface. She didn’t seem to be really “good” at anything. She also made an appearance on The Ellen Show, during which time she revealed her poor hygiene habits. Her declaration of not brushing her teeth was a big enough turn off for many fans to call it quits.

1 Miley Cyrus

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Miley Cyrus is a stunner with a ridiculously fit body that she flaunts at every opportunity. Riding on the coattails of her daddy’s fame, and clearly having more money than she knows what to do with, have worked against her greatly. Her behavior has been too wild lately, making her unattractive and unrelatable.

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