10 Ways To Attract A Taurus Man

It's Taurus season, ladies! A Taurus is anyone born between April 20th and May 21st. As far as zodiac signs go, Taurus men are some of the best people to date due to their romantic side. A Taurus won't go for just anyone, though. If you want to be the kind of gal that nabs this stubborn bull, you have to appeal to the various traits this star sign has, such as dependability, ambitiousness, and a love for the finer things in life. Check out our list below to see some of the qualities that are most likely to attract a Taurus man.

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10 Get Sensual

Tauruses enjoy the finer things in life -- tasty food, nice smelling candles, pretty music, soft touches. A Taurus man will react strongly to any sensory experiences, both good and bad. One way to attract a Taurus man is to always smell nice. Try wearing a perfume that's strong enough to smell but not too overbearing. Take him out to a nice restaurant or cook for him. A delicious meal will always win over a Taurus. If you want to really get into seduction mode, a classic shoulder massage is always pleasing.

9 Get Girly

Taurus men tend to really appreciate traditional women, and they love being the "protector" of their ladies. This doesn't mean act weak, however. Flirty dresses and classy make-up are all you need to charm a Taurus. The more elegant and "ladylike" vibes you give off, the more likely you'll take his breath away. Try not to go overboard though, as Taurus' appreciate a more subtle femininity. Of course, we don't want to go back to the strict gender roles of the 1950's, but you gotta admit the fashion was pretty cute.

8 Be Stable

If you're the type of person who needs drama in their relationship, a Taurus man won't play your game for long. They need stability to truly open up. To a Taurus, a peaceful relationship is the ideal relationship. Anyone looking to attract a Taurus man must exude serenity and be completely in control of themselves.

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This is not to say you have to be perfect or can't get emotional once in a while, but the unnecessary drama that some relationships have will turn a Taurus off in no time. Make it known to your crush that you want something comfortable like he does.

7 Be Resourceful

Not only do Tauruses appreciate a stable relationship, but they also appreciate a stable income. If you're the type of gal who likes to spend big bucks on frivolous things, your relationship will likely encounter a lot of problems down the road. Spending money can be fun, but a Taurus man always needs to know that a purchase won't affect your overall stable lifestyle or make it harder to pay the bills at the end of the month. Next time your group is out for drinks, let him see that you're keeping track of what you're spending. He'll instantly gravitate towards you.

6 Be Organized

Here we go with the "control" thing again. Control your drama, control your money, and now... control your environment. A Taurus man feels his best when he's surrounded by cleanliness and organization. If your place is fresh and zen, he'll feel in total harmony there and want to come over all the time. You don't need to do a deep scrub every time he's visiting, though. Sometimes just a simple and quick de-clutter is all it takes to impress a Taurus man. Wipe the crumbs off the couch, clean up the side tables, and light a nice candle for some mood lighting. Voila -- your place is now the perfect date spot.

5 Talk To Him In Person

In this day and age, text messages are the primary way to communicate with someone. A Taurus guy is fine with texts for small stuff, but when it comes to deep getting-to-know-you conversations, he needs to see you face-to-face.

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Tauruses hate being bombarded with messages and can only make the most serious of connections in person. Feel free to use a text message to ask him out, but save the flirty talking points for the date itself. This is especially important when sharing personal stuff with each other. Make sure you make plenty of eye contact!

4 Work Hard

Nothing is more attractive to a Taurus than ambition. If you're an ambitious person who works hard to reach your goals, a Taurus man will look at you with hearts in his eyes. There's a high chance that your Taurus crush prioritizes his career, and he'll be super impressed if you prioritize yours too. Or maybe you don't have a conventional job and your dream is to be a homemaker. As long as you put your all into that dream and work hard doing that, then that's all that matters to the Taurus. Be headstrong when it comes to pursuing your passions!

3 Love Animals

This one may seem kind of a random, but it's pretty much a fact that Taurus men love animals. This doesn't mean going vegetarian or fighting to save the rainforest, just that it's a plus if you're the type of girl who puts on a silly baby voice when talking to dogs. A cute date idea would be walking your dogs together at the park. That kind of date will make a Taurus man fall DEEP. And if the relationship works out, you can always get a pet together in the future!

2 Make The First Move

While Taurus men are known to be super romantic, they can be a little shy in the beginning. If your crush tends to be quiet around you a lot, it might not be a bad sign -- in fact, it might mean he's just too intimidated by how awesome you are! Sometimes, it'll be up to you to get the ball rolling. Make it known that you are interested in him, and he'll slowly start to loosen up. Once he gets comfortable and secure in the fact that you like him back, that's when you'll start to see his romantic side!

1 Be Confident And Honest

While all of the tips above might help attract a Taurus man initially, it won't mean anything to a Taurus if he finds out you're not confident and secure in who you actually are. If you're not girly or organized, don't try and be if it means you'd be drastically changing who you are. Honesty goes very far with Taurus men, and they just want you to be happy with yourself. If you're happy with yourself, there's a better chance of being happy in a relationship. A Taurus is drawn to a confident gal who says what's on her mind!

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