Athena Club Provides Affordable Period Products Delivered Monthly

Dealing with mother nature every single month can be irritating enough as it is, and adding feminine hygiene products into the mix just makes things even more frustrating. Most women have been in a situation where they don't have a tampon when they need one and are forced to make a quick trip to the drug store in order to stock up on supplies. It's the type of thing that every woman knows she needs to buy, but no one really prioritizes because, well, it's just not as fun as buying a new tube of lipstick.

Luckily, a new company is looking to make women's lives just a little bit easier every month with their subscription service, Athena Club.

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You've likely heard of all the subscription services out there that will deliver luxuries like new beauty products or even wine to your doorstep on a monthly basis, but Athena Club meets a very real, practical need — it will take care of all the things you need for "that time of the month". The company launched with a staggering $3.8 million in seed funding from a variety of investors and they currently have two main types of tampons in their range, a premium, and an organic option, as well as a variety of absorbance levels.

The subscription is fairly customizable, as you're able to input not only how many bags of 18 you'd like on a monthly basis, but also what type and absorbance level you want. Then, it'll be delivered right to your doorstep, no hassle necessary.

And, that's not all — the company realizes that education about access to feminine hygiene products is a huge issue, and they've also begun supporting groups such as Support the Girls and Period.org by donating thousands of tampons to help those who need them.

There are other companies on the market who are bringing similar types of subscription services, but Athena Club offers a really affordable option for any woman who just wants to set a recurring order and stop worrying about having to pick up certain products on a monthly basis. Let's be honest, your period is hard enough without adding the stress of another drug store trip to your to-do list.


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