At What Age You'll Meet The Love Of Your Life Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Depending on if you’re a hopeless romantic or not (and this time of year, when the pressure to couple up is real, who isn’t?), you might be curious to know when you’ll meet the love of your life. Have you missed your window, or are you stuck waiting for years without end? Maybe you thought that you came close to meeting The One before, but you were later proven wrong. Now, naturally, you want to know when you can expect that person to walk into your live. Well, now we have the answers!

The zodiac is often used to predict things, specifically your love life and what might happen within it. This time, we’ve determined when, depending on your sign, you’ll meet the person with whom you’re supposed to have your happily ever after. Don’t fret if you’re already past the age we’ve given your sign: that doesn’t mean you’ve missed you shot, just that you’ve already met your special someone – you simply haven’t had the opportunity yet to see them in a romantic light! Going into the New Year, get ready for love, because, depending on your zodiac sign and your age, it might be just around the corner!

16 ARIES: 21-23

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The Aries girl is known to live in the moment. She acts impulsively and has probably accumulated a string of lovers by the time she enters her early 20s. She tends to rush into things before stopping to think, but that also means that the Aries girl is more likely to leap into something instead of second-guessing herself, which results in meeting the love of her life earlier than you might have expected, at around 21 to 23.

The wild streak of the Aries girl means she might not settle down with her soulmate right away, but she’ll have met him through her adventures and crazy lifestyle. Even if she doesn’t choose to settle down the moment she meets the love of her life, we predict that they’ll at least enter her vision pretty early on.

15 TAURUS: 27-29

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Taurus girls are one of the most grounded of all the signs in the zodiac, which means that she seeks stability and security in her life. She’s definitely a romantic at heart and loves to be swept of her feet, but she’s hesitant to give her heart away to someone who may not deserve it.

The Taurus girl is likely to be a serial monogamist, jumping from one long-term relationship to the next. She’s usually searching for The One, but is pretty stubborn, and won’t full commit herself to a future together unless all her needs can be met. It’ll take some time for her to kiss a few frogs before she finds her prince, which is why it’ll be in her later twenties, between 27 and 29, that she’ll finally find the person she deserves.

14 GEMINI: 30-33

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Notoriously fickle and flighty, Gemini girls take a long time to keep their attention trained in one place long enough to realize that they’ve met the love of their life! Commitment is something that comes later in life to the ladies born under this sign of the zodiac, and even if love came knocking at their door, they’d make them wait a little longer just in case.

In the grand scheme of things, meeting your soulmate in your early 30s doesn’t seem like too long a time to wait, and if you’re a Gemini girl, it’s given you the opportunity to get all the crazy out of your system! By her 30s, the Gemini girl is more mature and able to fully commit to another person. Prior to that, she’s not looking for anything serious, and wouldn’t meet the love of her life because she wasn’t ready to recognize them as such!

13 CANCER: 24-26

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Cancer girls fall in love quickly and easily, which will have them thinking that they’ve met the love of their life early on, probably while they’re still a teenager. However, these are usually just passing fancies, because this sign is romantic and sentimental, and prone to thinking of their life as a tragic romance (or romantic comedy, depending how melancholy they are).

It will take some time for this sign to find the love of their life, though, as they become a little choosier in who they give their heart to. By their mid-20s, a Cancer girl is likely to find her forever person, and will probably seal the deal pretty soon too, so she can get started on that happily ever after before she hits 30!

12 LEO: 34-36

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You would think that a Leo lady, who thrives on adoration and admiration, would find the love of her life early on, but it’s actually the exact opposite! Instead, she prefers to soak up all the adulation throughout her 20s when she’s – in her mind – at her peak hotness. Then, like a fine wine, the Leo woman ages into a better version of herself, and becomes the type of woman who is able to settle down, now that she knows what she wants out of life in the long term.

By her mid-30s, the Leo woman will have met the love of her life because she’ll have developed an ability to sift through the shallow BS and reach someone who can truly treat her like the queen she is.

11 VIRGO: 19-22

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Prim and practical Virgo, it might come as a surprise that she would meet her soulmate and love of her life at such a young age. However, while this zodiac sign is infinitely picky and anxious, sometimes she knows when to go with her gut and not look back.

By 19 to 22, the Virgo will have found the person she’s meant to be with, and will probably marry within the same decade as well, since this sign is notorious for tying the knot young. While part of that is due to the need to follow some societal script, it’s also because Virgo craves stability and security. She wants to be one half of a team, rather than handle everything herself, for her own sanity. She might be a bit skeptical about meeting the love of her life so soon, but if it’s meant to be, it’s meant to be!

10 LIBRA: 25-27

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The Libra girl needs balance in her life to feel complete, which means that she spends much of her romantic life dating around in search of her other half. Someone should have told her that you find love when you least expect it – or rather, it finds you.

But her mid-20s, the Libra girl will probably be embarking on a career of sorts, or at least getting some of her stuff figured out. In this day and age, your mid-20s are a transition period, where you go from being a sort-of adult to a fully-fledged grown-up. During this awkward stage is when she’s likely to meet the love of her life, and it’ll feel like everything is falling into place. Since she’s prone to falling in love quickly, it won’t be a long engagement or dating period before she and her soulmate decide to make things official.

9 SCORPIO: 28-30

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Scorpio women are known for being suspicious, and trust is required for a solid relationship. Because of this, it’s unlikely that the Scorpio girl will find the love of her life before she’s 28.

By her late 20s, the Scorpio woman has outgrown some of the possessiveness that made her such a nightmare to date when she was younger. Now, it transforms into a fierce protectiveness that makes her a partner-in-crime as well as a partner. Right around 30, this sign will know what’s required to make a relationship last rather than burn out quickly. When she was in her early 20s, most of her relationships were physical, and without much else. Now, she’s better able to balance her wants and needs, and thus more appreciative and able to recognize the love of her life!


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It’s a surprise to anyone when the Sagittarius girl is able to open up enough to let anyone in, which is why it’s a little later in the game than some other members of the zodiac. Thanks to all the travels the Sag girl experiences, she’s collected lovers like postcards, but no one has ever truly caught her heart. That being said, it’s likely to be someone she meets while abroad who becomes the love of her life, since the two already share a sense of wanderlust, and settling is not in the Sag’s vocab.

Love sounds like commitment to the commitment-phobic Sagittarius girl, but by 29 to 31, the idea of being with one person forever doesn’t scare her as much as it used to. Thanks to common interests and a shared sense of independent, she’s able to be in a couple without sacrificing her own person.

7 CAPRICORN: 32-35

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Capricorn girls have a lot of social-climbing to do before they even think about settling down. They know that certain relationships – romantic or otherwise – need to be cultivated in order to get ahead, but this sensibility doesn’t exactly bode well for finding the love of your life. Instead, it will be when the tightly-wound Cap feels like she can relax a little bit that she’s actually able to let love in – right around her mid-30s.

Capricorn girls are sticklers for traditions, but that doesn’t mean they’ll settle. They want someone who can keep up with them, but also provide them a good foundation upon which to build a family. By her mid-30s, she’ll have all her sh*t together, and her guy will, too, making falling in love the next logical step!

6 AQUARIUS: 36-39

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Aquarius girls hate to do what’s expected of them, and that includes finding one person upon whom they pin their heart. Sure, they’ll certainly have partners – plenty of them, in fact – but finding the love of their life is a bit trickier. They are one of the few zodiac signs that actively refuse to fall in love, out of a misplaced sense of self-preservation, but also because emotional conversations intimidate them. It will take some time for her to finally admit that she wants to be loved and love someone back, and so it won’t be until she’s on the other side of 30 that she finally opens herself up enough to meet the love of her life.

Being older before discovering her soulmate is ideal for the Aquarius girl, because by then, she knows herself well enough to know who’s right for her.

5 PISCES: 17-19

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Pisces girls hate to be alone, and love the idea of soulmates, so much so that they begin dreaming about them from a pretty early age. The Pisces girl loves the idea of love and can’t wait to give her heart to someone deserving of it. While many of the signs can make rash decisions, this girl is deeply intuitive. That intuition pays off big time, because she is likely to find the love her life when she’s still a teenager, even if she’s not ready for it.

She knows her life isn’t a Nicholas Sparks novel, but finding a soulmate when you’re still in the blush of youth is something he would write about! Pisces girls are old souls who know what they want the moment they see it, and love is no exception.

BONUS: What Season You’ll Get Married

4 Earth Signs (Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn): Spring

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Earth signs know a good deal when they see it. They’re super practical in almost everything in their lives, but they’re not willing to sacrifice their comfort to achieve it, which is why Spring is the best season for those born under this sign to get hitched.

During the spring, the ground is in a state of rebirth and renewal – perfect for these Earth signs, especially the virginal Virgo. Fortunately for these frugal signs, the months typically associated with Spring aren’t the hottest for weddings, meaning that they might be able to snag some good deals before things hike back up. Getting married in the springtime allows for beauty and comfort without appearing too gaudy or flashy. Since these signs value tradition and family, it’s the best of both worlds, where everyone gets a little of what they want and stays happy.

3 Air Signs (Gemini, Libra, Aquarius): Winter

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Those born under the signs of the zodiac that are ruled by air aren’t the type to go with the flow and do what’s expected of them. They like to go against the grain and can change their minds on a dime. In reality, these signs are the most likely to elope and do away with the stress of a traditional wedding ceremony altogether, but if they were to go by the book, they’d want to change things up just enough by tying the knot in Winter.

Winter may not be a popular season to get married, but this allows for the Air signs to try all their strange ideas to make it an evening no one will ever forget – themselves included. Something off-the-wall, like a ceremony held at a ski chalet or even while hitting the slopes, isn’t unheard of, and could be the key to their happily ever after.

2 Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces): Fall

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The zodiac signs that fall under the element of water have long been associated with being too emotional and sensitive. They are like ocean waves, roiling with fury and rage, or still like a steady stream, feeling the deepest of their emotions and meditating on them.

Fall is similarly a sensitive season. We have the beauty of the changing leaves and the favourite things about fall: we get coupled up, we get cozy, we eat hearty food. Then, there is the tail end of Fall, where the leaves die, where animals hibernate, and where much of the world goes underground. So, too, do Water signs. They will shelter themselves from harm, however misguided that move may be, but they love the romance of the season as well, making this one ideal for any wedding,

1 Fire Signs (Aries, Leo, Sagittarius): Summer

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Naturally, the showiest of the signs requires the most popular of wedding seasons: Summer. Fire signs know how to party and often spare no expense to make it happen. This is the element that truly shines, a symbol of pure, unadulterated energy. Summer, likewise, is a season filled with festivities and fun. There are always good things to do in the summer!

Like fire, Summer also has heat, which would help explain why these signs are so drawn to the season. From dry, arid, desert climates to the heady humidity that can make a day seem lush and sweaty, Fire signs can relate to the summer months. Summers of love, summers spent finding the one you love – all of it draws in the fiery Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius.

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