Astro Signs Ranked: The Biggest Stress Ball To The Most Chill

Sometimes it can seem like the older we get, the more stress and tension is dumped onto our lives through job demands, growing relationships, family obligations, and personal responsibilities.

And a recent study conducted in the UK showed that on average, young adults in 2018 spend around six hours a day just feeling “stressed out." The study found that for people between the ages of 18 to 25, money, appearance, work, and insecurities about the future caused the most pressure in their lives triggering them into feeling anxious and stressed.

Although nobody’s life is totally stress-free, some people come across as considerably more stressed than others. This could be because some know how to hide their emotions better than others, and also because some people are facing a lot more pressure. But it also comes down to how individuals react to stress: two people can react to the same situation completely differently, and a lifetime of those reaction patterns can turn them into either a totally chill human being or a major stress ball.

Typically, each sign in astrology has their own way of dealing with pressure. While some are cool cats, others seem to get flustered for a living. Read on to find out where your sign is ranked on the stress meter!

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20 Virgo: The Biggest Stress Ball Of All


Miss Virgo is undeniably the biggest stress ball in astrology. She is the queen of overthinking, which means she often jumps to the worst possible conclusion. Aside from having high standards where other people are concerned, Virgo also holds herself to very high standards and feels devastated when she doesn’t meet them.

She spends a lot of time feeling like she’s not good enough, which is probably one of the biggest sources of her stress.

Worrying is part of her nature because she plans everything out to avoid being surprised or caught off-guard. Though she is organized, she’s often exceptionally anxious.

19 Cancer: Flustered Is Her Go-To Emotion


Cancer is also a bit of a worry-wart and stress-head. She tends to worry about things like other people’s opinions of her and not pleasing the people that she sets out to please, which causes her a lot of stress and sometimes panic. Being quite a sensitive water sign, she takes it to heart when someone says something negative about her or even something neutral that she could misinterpret. Though she has control over her emotions sometimes, she can get flustered as she tries to cope with the stress and takes it out on those around her without meaning to.

18 Scorpio: She Takes Everything Seriously


Scorpio is another sign that has a tendency to worry about things, and that’s because she takes almost everything seriously. Most people pick and choose their battles and don’t allow themselves to get worked up over every little thing.

But Scorpio has a habit of following up with absolutely everything no matter how big or little it is.

She gets just as stressed thinking about the little problems in her life as she does thinking about the big ones because she takes them equally seriously. As a result, she’s often pretty tense and might get told to “lighten up” every now and then.

17 Aries: She Doesn’t Mean To Get Worked Up, But She Does


Unlike Scorpio, Aries doesn’t allow every single thing to take up her mind space and worry her to death. But sometimes, she does stress out about the pressures in her life. Because she likes to appear strong and in total control of herself, she won’t always admit that she’s freaking out on the inside. She acts like she has it all together and is completely calm in public, even if inside she’s feeling very stressed. And sometimes, when the pressure gets to be too much, her inner fire sign comes out and she loses her cool, no matter who’s watching.

16 Capricorn: Nothing Is A Joke To Her


Capricorn is another sign who takes almost everything seriously. She’s not the type to fool around or joke, especially about things that most people would consider serious anyway.

Because she is great at focusing on what she needs to, she doesn’t get as stressed as other signs, despite having a very sober personality.

She just doesn’t allow unimportant things to split her focus when she’s working towards a goal. But when it comes to things that mean a lot to her, like her work or a relationship, she can be a little bit of a stress ball to some extent.

15 Leo: She Likes To Have Fun, But Can Be Quite Agitated


Leo is the direct opposite to someone like Scorpio or Capricorn in that she will make a joke out of anything that she can get away with. She hates taking things seriously and prefers life to have a humorous, light-hearted edge. That said, sometimes stress does get the better of her. Being a fire sign, she tends to lash out when that happens and becomes inconsolably agitated for a while. At the same time, though, she tries to stay positive and release tension from her mind when it starts to weigh her down so she can enjoy life to the fullest.

14 Gemini: She Goes With The Flow Most Of The Time


An air sign, Gemini is especially skilled at accepting situations that she can’t change and going wherever the wind blows her without a fight. In that sense, she’s easy to get along with and doesn’t drag the mood down by being a huge stress ball.

When something happens that she doesn’t like, she usually accepts it and even tries to see the positive in it since she’s a natural optimist.

Because she’s always keen to have new experiences, she thinks of twists in her path as opportunities to discover something exciting rather than worrying about them because they’re not part of her plan.

13 Sagittarius: Except When She’s Mad, She’s A Carefree Spirit


The majority of the time, Sagittarius is a carefree, easy-going spirit. Like Gemini, she just goes with the flow and accepts what life hands to her. She doesn’t like to argue or create a fuss and doesn’t see the point in worrying about things. Faith is a big part of who she is, and because she’s such a positive person, she believes that things will always work out in the end, so she doesn’t have to stress out over them. Since she is a fire sign, she does have a tendency of getting mad from time to time … but mostly, she’s chilled!

12 Taurus: Staying Chill Is Her Goal


Taurus is considerably less flustered than her earth sign counterpart Virgo. She appears to be effortlessly cool and collected to others, and that’s a reputation that she enjoys upholding.

Even when she does feel the stress mounting up and threatening to overtake her, she tries her best to put on a façade of being chill until she can freak out in private.

Most of the time, Taurus is actually calm and collected because she’s good at controlling her thoughts; she only puts her attention toward things that are productive and ignores things that are out of her power and would, therefore, stress her out.

11 Pisces: She Has Faith That Things Will Work Out On Their Own


Having faith in a higher power or just the confidence that things will always work out for the best is a quality that saves many people from stress. Pisces definitely falls into this category—she believes that it will always work out in her favor, and she doesn’t have to waste her time stressing because it will all be taken care of anyway. Occasionally the pressure can get to Pisces, but the majority of the time, she’s cool as a cucumber. Pisces is also big on self-care and does things like meditation to reduce her stress levels and stay calm around chaos.

10 Libra: It Takes A Lot To Make Her Stress


There are certain triggers that push Libra’s buttons and cause her to feel stressed, but for the most part, she is a naturally calm person. A lot of the time, people stress themselves out unnecessarily by overthinking and worrying about things that they don’t need to.

But Libra is amazing at turning off the little voice in her head that tries to lead her down that path.

She is a balanced, objective thinker and almost always thinks in ways that help her see the situation clearly and react appropriately, rather than freaking out for no reason. It really takes quite a lot to make her stress.

9 Aquarius: The Most Chill In Astrology


The award for the most chill person in astrology goes to Aquarius! This sign is full of natural self-confidence, even if she doesn’t realize it, and she doesn’t have a tendency to succumb to pressure like others do. She doesn’t care what people think of her, doesn’t overthink things until they stress her out, doesn’t take everything seriously, and doesn’t jump to the worst conclusion. Instead, she lives in the moment and according to what she believes is right. Other people don’t dictate her life, which brings her a lot of comfort. Even when things do stress her out, she quickly finds a way to de-stress again.

8 The Fire Signs’ Biggest Stress Trigger: Not Feeling Good Enough


Every element in astrology tends to have its own individual stress triggers. Whether they deal with stress well or not is beside the point—they all have little things that set them off, to which they either totally freak out or manage to stay calm.

For the fire signs, that trigger is feeling like a failure.

Aries, Sagittarius, and Leo are proud signs who like to win and like to impress those around them. Whenever something happens that makes them feel like they’re not good enough, it can provoke some serious anxiety and stress in their lives.

7 The Earth Signs’ Biggest Stress Trigger: Losing Control


Losing control is something that causes anxiety for millions of people around the world. For the earth signs, in particular, losing control is a nightmare that often leads them to feel quite stressed. Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn like to stay on top of their lives at all times and don’t like to leave anything to chance. These signs feel like they have to plan everything and know what’s going to happen in advance. Surprises and spontaneity make them feel like they’re not holding the reins on their own lives, which causes them to feel like they’re spinning out of control.

6 The Air Signs’ Biggest Stress Trigger: FOMO


The air signs tend to suffer from FOMO or fear of missing out. If they had it their way, they would always be in the thicket of the action. They would know what’s going on and stay updated with the latest news, and they would have a chance to experience everything that they can.

When they see people having the chance to do things that they don’t, it stresses them out.

In particular, they feel unsettled when their friends go traveling without them, and in most cases, they can’t stand not being invited to parties and events.

5 The Water Signs’ Biggest Stress Trigger: Hurt Feelings


Cancer, Scorpio, and Pisces can function really well until someone says or does something that gets under their skin and hurts their feelings. Nobody likes to have hurt feelings, but some signs can just brush this kind of thing off and get on with their day. The water signs, on the other hand, have the potential to seriously lose their cool over snide comments and hurtful remarks. When someone says or does something to offend them and make them feel bad about themselves, the water signs tend to really think into it and replay it in their minds, making them feel more and more frustrated.

4 How The Fire Signs Respond To Stress: Lashing Out


Everybody deals with stress in a different way. Even those who don’t stress out as often as others have bad days. When it comes to responding to stress, the fire signs tend to get defensive and lash out.

These aren’t the type of signs to cry or even to sit down and explain why they’re stressed.

Instead, they lose themselves to anger and take out their stress on the people around them. The good thing about the fire signs, though, is that they’re always sorry after they lose their tempers, and try to make it up to the people they yelled at.

3 How The Earth Signs Respond To Stress: Taking Back Control


Since the earth signs mostly feel stressed when they lose control, their first reaction is to try and take it back. A lot of the time this means focusing on the situation that’s making them feel anxious and addressing it, but it can also involve them taking their controlling behavior to extremes. When they lose control of one thing, they usually want to avoid the same thing from happening twice so they tighten their grip on everything else around them. The earth signs are also good at communicating their feelings, so if their stress involves another person, they might also explain what’s going on inside their heads.

2 How The Air Signs Respond To Stress: Ignoring It


Generally speaking, the air signs don’t like conflict, and they tend to leave a lot up to the universe to work out for them.

When something comes along to stress them out and they feel a lot of pressure, they’re more likely to ignore it and hope it goes away rather than deal with it head on.

Sometimes it does go away on its own and a distraction was all that was needed. But other times (and probably more often!) the stress keeps growing and getting worse until the air signs are forced to confront it and solve the problem.

1 How The Water Signs Respond To Stress: Falling To Pieces


In many ways, the water signs are strong and able to hold it together even when life becomes challenging. But when the stress becomes too much for them to handle they can totally fall apart. This might be breaking down and crying in public or not being able to get out of bed one day. If they’re not careful, it can get to a point where it stops them from living their lives. The good thing about the water signs is that they’re in tune with how they’re feeling, so when they do feel stressed, they can do something about it early before it gets worse.

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