ASOS To Launch New Collection That Targets Gen Z

ASOS has been a favorite Millennial brand for a very long time. Their unfettered fashion-forwardness will now extend to Generation Z too, as the e-commerce giant has announced the launch of a new coming-of-age brand.

Without further ado, ASOS will launch on October 1st, 2018, a Gen Z-approved fashion brand called “Collusion”. The coolest thing about this new fashion project is that it is led by actual Gen Z ambassadors, including Youtubers, influencers, activists, image-makers, and students.

In total, ASOS worked closely with six young people with a strong online voice to create an authentic wardrobe that speaks directly to themselves, and which appeals to a younger demographic (including people who don’t trust Millennials to design their attires). The collection ticks all the right Gen Z boxes: being gender-fluid, affordable, sustainable and animal-free. What’s more, it promises to bring “something different” to the fashion industry. As Vice describes, Collusion is inspired by "youth, creativity, and collaboration".

You are probably wondering who the talented influencers are behind the brand. Unfortunately, their identities purposely haven’t been revealed, but with the launch fast approaching, we are sure that we’ll hear their inspiring stories very soon.

The UK campaign that will introduce Collusion to the public is just as interesting as the collection itself. It will feature 100 British teenagers that have turned or will turn 18 this year, and it will ask each and every one of them: “What do you wish for, in the year you come of age?”.

With fashion moving away from the old concept of clothes to broader social issues and activism, ASOS couldn’t have made a smarter move. The savvy retailer never fails to create online buzz, and during the recent years has aimed to be on the frontline of fashion innovation. Moreover, with Generation Z entering the workforce as we speak, this is a window of opportunity for the brand to celebrate their financial independence by acknowledging them as consumers (albeit more socially conscious than previous generations).

Even if you are not a Gen Z-er we bet you are dying to hear more about ASOS’s new launch, and get a general idea of where the future of fashion is headed.


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