ASOS Steps Up 'Accessible Fashion' Game With Jumpsuit For Wheelchair Users

Warriors of fashion inclusivity rejoice: wheelchair users can now buy cool and affordable outfits on ASOS.

The pioneer online retailer and fashion brand is yet again widening its reach by introducing an accessible jumpsuit that is “wheelchair-friendly”.

The main difference from a typical jumpsuit is, as Allure clarifies, that it comes in two parts that zip together instead of one part (like other suits). For greater convenience, the jumpsuit also has adjustable cuffs, while it is longer at the back to make sure that it doesn’t ride up. It has generous waterproof pockets at the top that are ideal for phones or medical items.

Pastel, rainbow, and festive, the jumpsuit is modeled by an actual wheelchair-bound model on ASOS, which caught everyone’s attention. It is also sold to able-bodied customers, and thus two different models are used to portray it on the website (because nobody should miss out on ASOS' fashion awesomeness!) It costs $64, in line with the brand’s affordable pricing range.

The garment is a collaboration between ASOS and Chloe Ball-Hopkins, a reporter who uses a wheelchair, and who struggled to find something appropriate to wear to music festivals. She called up ASOS to complain, and voila, a wonderful thing happened. With jumpsuits going strong this year we can totally see why this item was the first to kick off the collection.

In the world of fashion, inclusivity is becoming the name of the game. After catering to the needs of the plus-size, mothers-to-be, petite and tall women, ASOS has taken another bold step, that no doubt has hit a new niche. Because it’s a no-brainer that we all need smart and affordable outfits no matter what out height, weight, and physical ability are. Finally, someone has figured this out.

Accessible fashion is moving up the brand’s to-do list. As ASOS explains on their website:

"Accessible clothing is an area that we’re looking to make improvements in, both in terms of designing clothes differently and helping people with specific needs find what they’re looking for more easily."

I am really curious to see how the rest of this collection pans out. With exciting times ahead for body-positivity, inclusivity and feminism, I’m guessing that more brands will follow suit creating a new wave of fashion lovefest.

What do you think of this jumpsuit? Will you be picking one up from ASOS? We think it is truly adorable! Let us know in the comments!


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