Ashton Kutcher +19 Other Celebrities With Rare Genetic Mutations

We save up our pocket money to take a trip to the local cinema, all to gawk and stare at our favorite celebrities on the big screen, showing off their acting talents and strutting their natural beauty in front of an audience. In the eyes of the viewers, these A-listers are the pure definition of perfection. Mila Kunis is a  knockout beauty, Jaoquin Phoenix epitomizes raw acting talent, Ashton Kutcher is the good-looking funnyman all average Joes aspire to be, and Elon Musk boasts super-genius qualities we all wish we had.

If you look a little closer, you'll discover industry icons with rare genetic mutations you've never even noticed.

They do say that beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and what's more beautiful than webbed feet?

20 Mila Kunis: Heterochromia

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While the majority of us sport brown eyes, with a smaller percentage showcasing baby blues or emerald greens, there's a tiny percent of the population with a rare condition called heterochromia. Essentially, it's when multiple eye colors are present in the same eye or both eyes, as shown here with our beloved Mila Kunis.

19 Josh Henderson: Heterochromia

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Following suit from Mila, another celebrity to boast the intriguing heterochromia genetic trait is American actor, model, and singer, Josh Henderson. There are actually three types of the feature: central, a halo-like color ring in the iris; partial, a subtle mesh of two colors in one iris; and complete, where one eye is a different color to the other, just like Josh.

18 Kate Bosworth: Heterochromia

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As we've touched on, Josh Henderson and Mila Kunis both have heterochromia. However, their mutations are rather subtle. Compared to those two, actress Kate Bosworth stands out like a sore thumb. With a soft blue eye on one side and a piercing amber-hazel on the other, the chances of Bosworth's eyes ever going unnoticed again are slim.

17 Ashton Kutcher: Sydndactyly (Webbed Feet)

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If Mila Kunis can nab a spot on this list, it's only fair for her partner in crime, That 70s Show star Ashton Kutcher, make an appearance as well. When the A-list actor sat in on Jonathan Ross’ talk show, he actually showed off his unique feet to the audience with a few gasps and laughs along the way.

16 Elon Musk: Short Sleeper Syndrome

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Have you ever wondered how Elon Musk completes so much in such little time? Not only has he founded Tesla, one of the world's pioneering companies in electric automotive vehicles, but he's also launching space projects along the way. It's actually because he has what's known as short sleeper syndrome.

15 Nikola Tesla: Short Sleeper Syndrome

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Elon Musk isn't the only electrical genius to have suffered (or should we benefited) from short sleeper syndrome. In fact, Nikola Tesla, the man known for inventing the electrical system used across the world today, did too. While most of us average a touch over eight hours, short sleepers only average around six.

14 Winston Churchill: Short Sleeper Syndrome

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One more short sleeper and then we'll move on, promise! Winston Churchill, a man known for a plethora of accomplishments, relied on far less shut-eye than most of us. You see, the point of humans sleeping is to allow the body to regenerate strength. For short sleepers, it takes less time to recover, allowing them more time to complete tasks when awake.

13 Elizabeth Taylor: Distichiasis (Two Rows Of Eyelashes)

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Have you ever taken a glancing look at one the most beautiful actresses in Hollywood's history, Elizabeth Taylor, and thought "Wow, those lashes are something else?" Well, you're not the only one. When the iconic actress was born, she was diagnosed with a genetic mutation in the FOXC2 gene, which caused her to grow an extra row of eyelashes.

12 Paul Stanley: Microtia (Level 3)

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In case the photo didn't give it away, Paul Stanley was the lead singer of KISS. If you don't know the name, you definitely recognize the face-paint. Amazingly, the frontman of one of the world's most popular rock bands was born with a defect. Missing an ear canal on his right side, Stanley was actually deaf in one ear.

11 Halle Berry: Polydactyl

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She's got trophies from the Emmys, Golden Globes, and Academy Awards sitting on her mantlepiece, yet many are oblivious to the fact that Halle Berry is just a little bit different compared to the rest of us. She's polydactyl, meaning that the famous actress actually has an extra toe on one of her feet.

10 Joaquin Phoenix: Microform Cleft

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With Joker becoming a smashing box-office hit, Joaquin Phoenix's name has been thrust into the spotlight now more than ever. It seems fitting that the actor who plays the scarred clown does, in reality, have some scars of his own. That scar above his lips is a deformity that is associated with mutations in the BMP4 gene.

9 Kesha: A Vestigial Tail

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Yep, you read that right. Our favorite pop singer, Kesha (or dollar-sign styled Ke$ha, if you prefer) was born with a tail! A vestigial tail would go unnoticed unless anyone took a close enough look, as it can be nothing more than a tiny stump. That being said, there have been cases of kids born with exceptionally obvious ones over in India.

8 Megan Fox: Brachydactyly (Clubbed Thumbs)

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The beautiful Megan Fox might be an undisputed icon of beauty (if you disagree with that, then watch the first Transformers film and come back to us), but that doesn't mean that she's completely flawless– but who is? In fact, Megan had a mutation of her own– short, stubby thumbs that have an extra-wide nail bed.

7 Catherine O'Hara: Situs Inversus (Reversed Organs)

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Catherine O’Hara– she's one of those instantly recognizable faces (thanks to her role in one of the most popular holiday movies of all time, Home Alone, plus the recently-successful Schitt's Creek), however, it's always tricky to put a face to the name. Perhaps it's because her heart's on the right side of body, not the left?

6 Randy Foye: Reversed Organs

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Joining the reversed organs gang is none other than NBA player Randy Foye. For most of us, we'll find our heart on the left and the liver on the right. For Randy, it's flipped. The medical condition, known as situs inversus, is extremely rare, only affecting around one out of 10,000 people.

5 Harry Styles: Four Nipples

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Our next cab off the rank is none other than the infamous ex-One Direction star, Harry Styles. Having an extra nipple is one thing, but this British heartthrob actually has two extras, and there's plenty of visual proof online to. While it doesn't affect his day to day life, it's certainly a unique characteristic.

4 Paris Hilton: Lazy Eye

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We're sure that the words "Paris Hilton" and "lazy" have been thrown around in the same sentence time and time again, but likely not regarding her lazy eye. Despite trying her best to hide it from the cameras over the years, the hotel heiress does, in fact, have a touch of strabismus.

3 Taye Diggs: Extra Fingers

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For most of us, the thought of losing a finger is something that would keep us awake at night. For Taye Diggs, American actor, singer and Broadway star, it was a choice that came from necessity. He was actually born with an extra finger, not just on one hand but on both. So, with a total of 12, he decided to have two removed.

2 Mark Wahlberg: Third Nipple

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While he might bow to Harry Styles in the extra nipple department (who has two extras, in case you forgot), Mark Whalberg still as one more than he needs– or three more, technically (but that's a technicality). Thankfully, it doesn't really bother the superstar actor and he goes about his business as normal.

1 Jennifer Garner: Brachymetatarsia

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We've seen our fair share of obscure, awkward, and just plain weird genetic traits throughout the celeb community, and none other than Jennifer Garner is going to do the honors of rounding out the list. Her condition, brachymetatarsia, creates overlapping toe bones, forming one of the strangest mutations of everyone on this list.

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