Ashley Vs. Mary-Kate: These Gorgeous Pics Make It Impossible To Decide

They brought us Michelle on Full House. Then, we were blessed with the Halloween-themed Double, Double, Toil and Trouble. They brought us a Holiday in the Sun, a handsome Billboard Dad, and a first-class trip in Passport to Paris. They were Winning London and Getting There. They even showed us exactly how to fall in love When in Rome. We even got two television shows: Two of a Kind and So Little Time. They were the late 90s and early 00s movie moguls. As they grew out of the movie business, they transitioned into fashion and managed to become overnight fashion moguls overnight, too, creating two successful brands, The Row and Elizabeth and James. Their red carpet fashion statements speak for themselves. There was and is nothing they cannot do!

It's the Olsen twins, in case you didn't figure that out. This year they turn thirty-two-- and they're still taking the world by storm as the most famous twins on the planet.

But, have we ever had to pit the Olsen twins against each other? Is this something we should do? Well, it is something we are doing, so let's jump right in. Below you'll find eight pictures of each twin, Ashley and Mary-Kate. Who brings the heat more? Decide for yourself!

16 Ashley: White Hot

Hot damn! Ashley is white hot in this picture. Wearing high-waisted panties and an off-white sports bra, she seductively poses on a bed adorned with satin sheets, complete with a gold and velvet headboard and a cute wooden nightstand with books inside of it. She looks casual like the photographer really just walked into her actual room and snapped a picture. Her blonde hair is just-woke-up messy in an attractive way-- and the short cut is giving us early 2000s nostalgia!

In fact, before 2000 even hit, the Olsen twins had created an empire with their movies and their names, with executives dying to get the girls in a movie, knowing their image would sell movie tickets/videos. They went on from Full House to star in movies like Passport to Paris and Our Lips Are Sealed in the mid-1990s.

15 Mary-Kate: Barely There

In 1998, the two stars landed their own sitcom titled Two of a Kind. Even though it didn't last very long, every other aspect of their lives continued to grow, including the need for the two to star in movies. By the time they hit their teenage years, the twins were the youngest millionaires to not have inherited their money; they EARNED it! Their fan base was unstoppable now-- and millions of young girls looked up to them and wanted to be them. Can you blame their fan base, though?

In the picture above, not only is Mary Kate breathtakingly beautiful, but she has on virtually no makeup. The black top contrasts great with her blonde hair and the gold chain falling lightly around her neck goes well with her au natural look!

14 Ashley: Innocent And Inviting

In this picture, Ashley really brings the "appeal" (if you know what we mean), not only because she isn't wearing any bottoms, but also because of her pose, her cute look, and that perfect model-esque face. The black hat gives a hint of country western with a side of maturity, while the big doe-eyed look and pouty lip contrast that with a look of innocence. Her pose looks innocent as well, almost childish, but still graceful and mature in its' own way.

Speaking of maturity, in 2004, the girls had finished high school. That same year, they launched a clothing line at Wal-Mart, which made them well over a billion dollars in sales. What is wonderful about these fashion moguls is that it is widely known that they were involved in every aspect of their business, always making choices and decisions together and never doing one thing without the other!

13 Mary-Kate: High-Fashion Female

As we can see, Mary Kate is giving us more high-fashion looks-- and rocking them with an ease and grace that few people her age could accomplish. In this picture, another black and white, MK is wearing sultry black arm sleeves, a harsh split in her dirty blonde hair, and what looks like a couture dress. Understated with tulle, the dress is large and in charge, but it doesn't take away from MK's flawless pose contrasting with the harsh brick wall behind her. Not only does she bring the heat but also the high-fashion stare and pose that makes her look like an everyday model.

Something else high-fashion about their lives? The matching Range Rovers they received on their sixteenth birthdays added to their allure and the two headed off to New York University in the fall of 2004, purchasing a $3 million apartment to go along with their education.

12 Ashley: Au Naturale

Ashley takes her beautiful turn at the au-natural look, going barely there with little to no makeup, a cotton white button-down shirt, and her hair flowing and free behind her back. Her green eyes pop here-- and we wonder if we've seen anything more beautiful than them in the last few weeks or months (the answer is a resounding no). Her hair wears a soft wave, her cheekbones are sharp and intriguing, but nothing can take you away from those eyes.

Even though this picture shows her incredible natural talent in modeling, Ashley chose a psychology major an NYU, while MK considered a fine arts major. Ironically, neither went to school for acting or fashion, even though that is clearly where their true talent lies.

11 Mary-Kate: Red Hot

Another instance where Mary-Kate is sporting a high-fashion look, this picture is all glam and not much else. There is little to no contrast, save for the background compared to her light skin and hair. The picture focuses heavily on three of MK's assets. Can you guess which ones?! First, it's the obvious: those legs! Her slender physique has always accentuated her long and lanky legs-- and these boots just add a fiery flare to highlight them even more. Second, her hair is on full display thanks to that neck tilt. The fur jacket pairs nicely with the red dress, but does not overpower the blonde hue of her locks. Lastly, isn't it obvious how perfectly the light is hitting those cheekbones? Work it, girl!

10 Ashley: Those Cheekbones And That Sultry Gaze

Speaking of cheekbones, Ashley can highlight and use them to the best of her ability just like little sister MK does. We see here a more subtle look in terms of color; there are more sepia tones, yet those eyes and cheekbones still pack a big punch! Ashley wears her hair in a messy half ponytail with a sultry poof at the top. The sultriest thing about this, save for her facial structure and starry gaze, is the menswear-inspired outfit! Big, chunky necklaces; a white button-down shirt with a popped collar, and a black bowtie was undone gives her an edge that very few models can pull off.

It is no wonder that, in 2006, after many features in ad campaigns, the twins launched their own fashion line called The Row, which of course was wildly successful!

9 Mary-Kate: Model-esque

Yet another high-fashion statement picture and pose from Mary Kate, this picture screams beautiful soldier woman in all the right ways! Where do I start? First, her stance is stoic and statue-like-- and yet again we see her long legs being highlighted, almost by happenstance. The clear contrast here is the all black and high-end funeral-like attire with the dilapidated and cheap look of the white hallway of what seems to be a New York City or Los Angeles apartment building. Unlike many pictures, MK's hair is wrapped up and under her hat, but we still see sultry stray pieces falling down around her oval-shaped face. Even the length of the skirt is sultry without being too provocative. MK brings the high-fashion heat unlike any other!

8 Ashley: Retro-Inspired

This simple look gives us serious Full House vibes, like if Michelle was all grown up and writing for a famous fashion magazine or something. The entire picture and pose is incredibly simple. A far off gaze, the pop of a sultry red lip, and an old-school, somewhat vintage print on an old-fashioned crewneck shirt makes for a retro-inspired look. The perfect cherry on top of this cake? That would be her shoulder-length blonde bob! Ashley certainly knows how to rock the red lip and the thick brow, but there is no one quite like her that pulls off the bob. We think it's because of her oval-like face, hazelnut-shaped eyes, and perfect cheekbones, but that would just be speculation. Perfection isn't actually real, right?

7 Mary-Kate: Icy Blues

I think it's safe to say that Mary Kate is certainly capable of, and usually the one, bringing all kinds of sultry and sass to the camera lens. This up close and personal shot has nothing to do with her beautiful figure or her amazing fashion sense. All we see is one shoulder, barely half of her face, and a full head of hair. But, as we said of Ashley's green eyes, MK's are equally as beautiful! Hers have more of a blue tint, making them a tad icy-- and somehow ultra hot! The thick eyebrow that we see is right on point before eyebrow etiquette was even a thing yet. Her lips are perfectly pouted, but not too overly provocative. Besides those eyes, the real star of the photograph is that hair! It's also a different color than we are used to on MK-- and we are here for it!

6 Ashley: Bedazzled Babe

In April 2012, Ashley elegantly graced the cover of Elle, discussing how she and her twin sister were taking the fashion world by storm. Not only do they rock every red carpet they walk on, but they also know exactly how to sell out stores with their high-end or affordable clothing lines, whichever route they decide to go down. In this cover photo, Ashley wears a short sleeve dress that is accented with beautiful blue, gold, and pink jewels. This is yet another picture in which her hazel eyes are on full display and they accent the jewels on the dress very well. The pose, as well as the photograph, is understated yet simplistically beautiful. Around this time in their lives, we really never saw the girls out in the public eye too often, so this cover story and photo was a gift from the stars!

5 Mary-Kate: Pleasantly Plaid

Gucci! MK knew how to rock anything leather or plaid or Gucci before it was actually a thing. In this picture, her icy blonde hair really shines as it contrasts the dark and grungy nature of the leather jacket and the dark plaid pattern. Her icy blue-green eyes are also front and center-- and really wowing the audience (like they ever had a choice).

In 2012, the twins released a book titled Influence. In this book, the girls talked about which major artists and designers have influenced them over the course of their career, specifically the changes it had seen since the turn of the century. It became a best seller in case you were wondering! We wonder if this plaid and leather-inspired look sparked MK to come up with her own mixed and matched outfits for her clothing lines!

4 Ashley: Titillating Tulle

Oh, Ashley! How beautiful and retro this look is, yet again. Not only is the car retro, but look at that hair! Ashley rocks another half ponytail look with a big poof that is front and center. This look is 1950s inspired and thought to give off innocent vibes, but we know differently! Ashley's pose is sensual without being too much. Further, her dress is just enough to be sultry without being overly provocative and inappropriate! MK and Ashley are always looking out for their appropriateness due to the thousands of young fans they had-- and still, have-- to this day. Ashley looks fun and flirty in this picture, making any reader want to put on a fancy dress and run around barefoot taking pictures in it, right?! Ashley is definitely bringing the sultry sweet heat with this one!

3 Mary-Kate: Boho Vibes

The last sultry and fun photograph of MK that is surely bringing the heat is this boho-inspired look. Clearly, from a photo shoot, this look from Mary Kate gives us a 1970s inspired hippie vibe. The black headband is on trend and contrasting well with her long and thick platinum blonde locks. The mismatched yet fun pattern on the shirt screams 1970s AND geisha all at the same time. Even the pose is carefree, love the one you're with type of pose. Her left hand hangs nonchalantly in the air as her right arm and hand casually hold it up. It looks like she should be holding a cigarette in that hand, but that would just take away from her cool vibes. Bring that hippie heat, MK!

2 Ashley: Hazel And Blue Hues

We'll start with Ashley first (only for the reason of the alphabet), but did you know she was also born first? Of course just by a few minutes, but who knew? They were both born on June 13, 1986, in Sherman Oaks, California. By happenstance, their mother showed a photograph of the girls to a casting agent-- and so was born the character of Michelle Tanner. Just like that, the girls were instantly famous. And who knew they'd grow to look like that?!

In this picture, Ashley has a low-cut wide-sleeved shirt on, letting her blonde locks fall gracefully around her neck and collarbone. She is bringing the heat without so much as lifting a finger or an eyebrow! Plus, her skin is perfectly flawless!

1 Mary-Kate: Fierce Femme Fatale

Our first picture of second-born twin Mary Kate is a beautiful one. With her unique name, MK has taken the world by storm in television, movies, and fashion. Here, she goes somewhat high-fashion with a fierce shoulder grabbing pose, deep dark eyes, and a smirk that gives us seriously sultry vibes. The silky satin dress contrasts with that fierce look, as does her innocently bouncy curls. The sharp claw bracelet just adds to the complexity of the picture-- and there is no doubt that she sure is bringing the heat!

Mary-Kate and Ashley can thank their parents for acquiring Robert Thorne, an entertainment lawyer turned Olsen twins business manager. He suggested the girls branch out into movies after the success of Full House in its' third season-- and so was born all the future success of the Olsen twins movies that was sure to come.

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