Artem Chigvintsev Admits That Brie Bella Didn’t Like Him When He Started Dating Sister Nikki

If you have a sibling, you may feel protective of them. After all, you want them to be safe yet happy at the same time. But when it comes to twins, they may be closer than ordinary siblings. With that, they're more protective of one another, especially in the case of the older twin looking after the younger twin. At the end of the day, siblings are supposed to be there to look out for you.

That's the case for retired WWE Superstars the Bella Twins. When Nikki Bella began dating her former Dancing with the Stars dance partner Artem Chigvintsev, twin sister Brie Bella didn't care for him. While this may have hurt his feelings at the time, it appears as though Artem understood why Brie was so cold towards him.

"[Brie] was very mean to me," Artem admitted in a recent interview. "It was very tough in the beginning because I had to prove himself in a sense. But I appreciated it from her because she’s a sister who’s looking after another sister and I feel like she wanted to have her back. I respect that."

Because of her twin's dislike for her new love, Nikki began having doubts about Artem.

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"It would make me hesitant to be with him and want to take it to the next level. It was very hard on him," she admitted in the same interview. "It’s one thing when your family doesn’t like the person that you’re with, but when it’s your twin sister who you do business with, who you’re around all the time … I was like, 'OK, this is really hard.' Like, I’d be on FaceTime and Brie would be in with [her daughter] Birdie, and she’d be like, 'Artem is not allowed to look into the camera.' He couldn’t even be on FaceTime, even in the background."

Brie's reasons for giving Artem such a hard time wasn't all about looking after Nikki. The latter twin revealed that Brie was still hoping that she would be able to work things out with her now ex-fiancé, actor and WWE Superstar John Cena. But when it began clear that that was never going to happen, Brie gave Artem a chance, and she ended up liking him as a then-potential suitor for her twin.

Today, Nikki and Artem are happily boyfriend and girlfriend. Brie still likes him- and it sounds like daughter Birdie and husband Daniel Bryan do, too. With Artem set to appear on Total Bellas when it returns in February of 2020, we can't wait to get a great look at how he interacts with the entire Bella family!

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