Ariana Grande's Pete Davidson Tattoo Is Gone (Here's What She Replaced It With)

Ariana Grande debuted her new tattoo, which is covering up the Pete Davidson tattoo the singer had done on her foot earlier this year. This is probably a natural part of moving on post-breakup in Hollywood where it seems as if most people are quick to get a tattoo to proclaim their love for their partner, and Ari was no different. Ariana debuted her new cover-up tattoo in a behind the scenes clip from the shooting of her recently dropped Thank U, Next music video, showing it off to some of her friends on set.

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Now, the tattoo that was there before was a tribute to ex-fiancé Pete Davidson's father who was one of the firefighters who died during the terrorist attacks on 9/11. Ariana tattooed his badge number 8418 on her foot, a number which Pete Davidson also has tattooed on his forearm. However, since the couple split up, and as part of moving on from the breakup, Ari decided to cover it up with another sweet tribute. Ariana's new tattoo says 'Myron', which is the name of her late ex-boyfriend Mac Miller's dog, whom the singer adopted after his tragic death this summer.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, this is not the only tattoo Ariana got during her whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson, and therefore also not the only cover-up tattoo the singer has gotten. Apart from the tattoo on her foot, Ariana also got Pete's name in cursive tattooed on her ring finger, a tattoo which has already been covered up with a huge, black heart. Fitting perhaps, given Ariana's comments post the breakup.

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In addition to those tattoos, the twenty-five-year-old singer also has 'always' written on her ribcage, in what fans believe is Pete's handwriting. The first ever matching tattoo she got with Pete Davidson was, however, a cloud on her finger, and she didn't stop there! The couple also both got 'reborn' tattooed on their hands to celebrate their engagement back in June.

As romantic as it seemed then, getting a tattoo of someone else is something that should be carefully thought through, especially after only dating them for a couple of months. On the other hand, as Ariana and Pete, and hundreds of other celebs, have shown, there's always laser or cover-up tattoos.

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