Ariana Grande's Newest Tattoo Is Of An Adorable Pokémon

Ariana Grande has just shared a photo of her latest tattoo, and it is of her favorite Pokémon character called Eevee. Now, this is definitely not the Thank U, Next singers first tattoo, but it is the first one she has had done in 2019. Ariana went on her Instagram Story to share a photo of her newest addition, thanking the tattoo artist, Kane Navasard, and saying she had been waiting for so long to get this tattoo. The Pokémon tattoo is fairly big, covering a big part of Ariana's upper arm, but at least it does not appear to be related to a love interest this time.

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During her whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson last year, Ariana had several tattoos done that she has been covering up one by one since the couple split in October last year. For instance, she covered up a tattoo on her left foot that she had made in memory of Pete's father, with a tribute to her newest pet, the late Mac Miller's dog, which Ariana adopted.

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As reported by Elle, this is not the first time Ariana has shared her love for Eevee and Pokémon. In a recent tweet, the twenty-five-year-old replied to a fan saying she had spent her day off playing Pokémon Let’s Go Eevee on her Nintendo Switch for fifteen hours. The God Is A Woman singer has also shared photos of the adorable Pokémon in the past, so getting it tattooed did not come as a surprise to her fans.

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Ariana got her very first tattoo in 2012 at the age of eighteen; an outlined heart on her second toe, which she has said was inspired by her song Tattooed Heart from the album Yours Truly. Since that first dainty heart, the No Tears Left To Cry singer has had several more tattoos done, many inspired by songs and some inspired by boyfriends. In 2017, after the terrorist bombing at her Manchester concert, Ariana got a bee, a symbol of Manchester, tattooed as a tribute to the victims.

Ariana definitely likes to express herself through her tattoos, and if this year will be anything like 2018, this is probably the first of many tattoos the singer will get in 2019.

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