Ariana Grande's "Heart Is Black" Thanks To Pete Davidson

Ariana Grande may or may not be spilling some tea on how she is feeling after the breakup with Pete Davidson, and she is saying that she is empty and that her heart is black. It was one of her followers on Twitter who reacted on the singer's sudden outburst in tweets with black heart emojis, and she commented asking if the black hearts meant something. Ariana was quick to reply, saying that there was no tea, simply that her heart is black now, and does not seem like a stretch to assume it has something to do with her recent breakup with Pete Davidson.

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After a highly publicized whirlwind romance, Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson's relationship came to an end in October, which was perhaps not very unexpected given how quickly the former lovebirds moved with their relationship. They only started dating in May, and during their less than six months long relationship, the couple managed to get engaged, move in together, and buy a pet pig, as one does, called Piggy Smalls. Phew!

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, Ariana Grande's tweet could be referring to her entire past year, and that it is not Pete Davidson specifically who has made her heart turn black. After all, she has had a rough time with the death of her ex-boyfriend rapper Mac Miller and the aftermath from the devastating terrorist attack at her concert in Manchester in 2017.

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After they made their split official, Ariana Grande kept mostly quiet about it, only saying that it was very sad that it had ended. Pete Davidson, on the other hand, used his personal life as material for his job on Saturday Night Live, which did not sit too well with the twenty-five-year-old singer. Ariana recently released the surprise song 'Thank U, Next', in which she sings about what she learned from each of her past relationships, and how she has now moved on and is focusing on herself.

On the upbeat track Ariana mentions her exes by name, and about Pete Davidson, she says she is thankful for him, so it is safe to assume there is no bad blood between them. Whether the black heart emojis are directed to Pete Davidson or not, it seems like Ariana Grande is handling herself well.

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