Ariana Grande's Hair Stylist Explains The Many Meanings Behind Her Ponytail

Pop star Ariana Grande has been recognized for her iconic hairstyle since her days on Nickelodeon’s hit television show, Victorious—luscious, long, straight hair pulled into a high ponytail atop the singer’s head. A little-known fact about the famous ‘do, though, is that it’s more than just an easy way for Grande to keep her hair out of her face during performances. According to the star’s hairstylist, the height of Grande’s ponytail varies based on her day-to-day appearance.

In an interview with PopSugar, Chris Appleton, the LA-based celebrity hairstylist responsible for Grande’s ponytail, explained that the look is essentially used as a mood ring of sorts. The placement of the ponytail on Grande’s head has a drastic effect on how the rest of her appearance is perceived. The higher the pony, the more playful and fiercer Grande looks. However, a lower ponytail corresponds with a more professional or serious look. “It can change the whole shape of your face,” Appleton said. “It can snatch your face upward and lift your eyes, or it can pull your eyes down.”

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Additionally, Appleton added that hair extensions or details, such as braids, are another way to give a totally different impression. Even allowing Grande’s hair to flow freely creates a new look because it’s so rare for the singer to be seen with her hair down.

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The length and shine of Grande’s ponytail are two other crucial components to her signature look. Appleton revealed that Grande prefers to have a bit of texture in her hair, so she often has extensions in her hair to help with that—even a foot’s worth of extensions. She also tries to naturally extend her hair’s length. According to Allure, the “God is a Woman” singer often puts a small amount of lavender essential oil in her hair, which is said to promote hair growth.

Appleton has become known for achieving an ultra-shiny “glass hair” look, especially on Grande. The rich, immaculate, mirror-like finish is created with ColorWow’s Dream Coat ($28), which keeps hair sleek and shiny. It’s also waterproof, so Grande’s hair stays straight and shiny during rain and humidity.

Have you tried to pull off your own Ariana Grande-ponytail? Let us know in the comments!

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