Which Ariana Grande Song Better Matches Your Personality, Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Say what you will, Ariana Grande is one of the most relevant artists of our generation. With each song she releases, she breaks records and makes statements worthy of being splattered across billboards in New York City. She's strong, she's beautiful, and she can both make us overflow with emotions or want to conquer the world while listening to her music. When it comes to Arian's music, there's quite literally something for every moment, and most importantly, something for every girl. There's no use in generalizing or dismissing Grande's art as "bubblegum pop" because she keeps proving everyone wrong with her empowering anthems and sweet love songs alike.

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As we all know, each zodiac sign brings along its fair share of personality traits and intrinsic characteristics. Thankfully, our girl Ariana seemed to keep this in mind while she was bringing her music to live, and amongst her many show-stopping hits, there's definitely one tailored for each zodiac sign. Keep reading to find out which song better matches your personality!

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12 Aries: Problem (ft Iggy Azalea)

The number one spot on the zodiac, Aries girls are full of ambition, audacity, and they are not afraid of a good challenge - in fact, they are very much appreciated! You are a passionate person and self-esteem isn't an issue for you. The typical Aries knows exactly what she deserves, and she will not be tied down to a situation that simply doesn't fit her needs.

Ariana's hit song featuring rapper Iggy Azalea is perfect for you to bop, and perfectly describes the way you look at life. If something isn't for you, you're well on your way out, because Aries girls know there's always the chance to achieve something better. If an Aries is a part of your life and you don't give them what they need, they indeed have one less problem without you!

11 Taurus: God Is A Woman

Taurus girls are celestial beings, who enjoy all the beautiful things in life and take pleasure in beauty, light, and love. They enjoy a good relaxing day, chilling by the pool while sipping on some cocktails, but they also know it takes strength and hard work to achieve certain standards - standards they want to reach, no matter what!

This combination of love for purity, lightness, and sensuality, along with wanting to achieve a very good status in life, that the Taurus woman knows she deserves, makes her worthy of the feminist anthem God Is A Woman. You'll stop at nothing to let the world know who you are, and who you want to be, all the while maintaining your beauty and daintiness.

10 Gemini: Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored

There's a reason why this zodiac sign is represented by twins! Gemini girls are so passionate for life, they try and dip their two in every single aspect of it that they can. This can get a little tiring sometimes, but the outcome is always worth it. You know there's an entire world out there full of experiences, and once you're done with one thing, you're sure to go right back to the next without blinking or resting.

Gemini are happy, extroverted, party people, and they are sometimes misunderstood due to their impatience, often perceived as two-faced people. While this couldn't be further from the truth, Ariana's hit Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I'm Bored (with an amazing twist in the video) is perfect for you to laugh at yourself for your easy boredom, and for people's perception of you. And you can dance too!

9 Cancer: Imagine

Cancer is one of the most complex signs of the zodiac since it has very strong material and emotional traits. Because of their hard exterior shells, the front they put out to their world might end up making them seem harsh and emotionally detached people. However, this is actually very untrue, and Cancer people are very much in tune with other people's feelings.

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Underneath it all, they are deep, emotional, sensitive people, who only seek to protect themselves from pain, but end up being the ones that feel the most. Ariana herself is a Cancer, so that's saying something. Her beautifully sad song, Imagine, comes from a place of pain and strength required to let that pain be known, making it the perfect fit for the brave Cancer.

8 Leo: 7 Rings

Leo, you know exactly who you are! You're passionate, extravagant, and full of life. If there's a spotlight somewhere, you're sure to be under it, and you don't mind it one bit. Leo girls enjoy the attention, and most of all, they want to be worthy of their attention, enjoying all the best and most fabulous things life has to offer.

The wealth anthem 7 Rings is absolutely made for you. If it would be up to you, you'd always be covered in diamonds and luxury, and you'd be sure to let the world know all about it. And as long no one dares to eclipse you, you're more than happy to share all the love and beauty you were given.

7 Virgo: Thank u, Next

Virgos will stop at nothing to achieve perfect balance in their life, or at least, what they perceive as being balance. Incredibly rational and logical creatures, Virgos have absolutely no room for nonsense in their lives - they rely heavily on logic and organization in every single area of it. This doesn't mean they are completely devoid of emotion, but they choose rational over emotional any day.

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Therefore, Ariana Grande's chart-topping hit, Thank u, Next, is absolutely perfect for you. Yes, you are very much grateful for all the teachings and emotional learning you've been giving, but if it doesn't fit, it goes. And that's just how life works!

6 Libra: No Tears Left To Cry

Libra girls rival Virgos themselves, with their constant need to find balance and equilibrium wherever they go. You are all about beauty and taste, but the very refined kind that carefully matches your aesthetic, based in harmony. Because of this need for composure, you are not given to huge highs and lows in life.

If something goes wrong, you accept it and move on with all the things you have to do. Obviously, you take enough time to heal, but it comes to a point where you see no point in dwelling too much on the things you can't change, because you don't want to risk unbalancing your life. No Tears Left To Cry is the perfect song for you, Libra!

5 Scorpio: Dangerous Woman

Girl, you are passionate, ambitious, and fiery in all senses of the word. You do love and lust like no one else, and your power can easily scare people around you who can't bring themselves to understand you or cohabitate with all your ferociousness, so you make a point to choose the right ones.

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Scorpio women are cunning, so be prepared to be struck without a moment's notice. Not many people have what it takes to deal with a Scorpio, but those who do will never regret it for a single minute. There's not a better song to describe you in the whole entire universe other than Dangerous Woman, the ultimate femme fatale anthem.

4 Saggitarius: Side To Side

Sitting still really isn't your thing. You're well aware that you're an intelligent woman, always thirsty for knowledge and new experiences. After all, what's the point of being alive if you're not going to let life consume you in all its exciting and adventurous ways?

You crave the thrill that comes along with trying new things and having new experiences, and you are quick to jump from one adventure to the other. Being afraid of danger isn't something you identify with in the slightest. There's nothing quite like the pace of Side To Side featuring queen Nicki Minaj herself to match your nomadic, wacky, passionate lifestyle.

3 Capricorn: Focus

If someone knows determination, that's you Capricorn. Girls of this sign will stop at absolutely nothing to achieve their goals, no matter how hard it is. They will shed blood, sweat, and tears in order to accomplish anything they set their minds to, and anyone who tries to stand between them and what they want should be afraid.

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Ariana Grande probably had you in mind specifically while she was working on her song Focus. Any Capricorn needs to hear only to the first few verses of the song to know what this life is all about! If you were looking for the perfect soundtrack for your life, then look no further, because you just found it!

2 Aquarius: Break Free

This revolutionary soul feels the pains and needs of others more strongly than anyone else. Aquarians will shiver and boil with anger if faced with injustice of any kind, and they make it their own personal mission to make the lives of those around them better, and to fight for any humanitarian cause they deem worthy.

Ariana's Break Free is a powerful anthem for those who were born under this sign. Any Aquarian will immediately feel their insides vibrating through the lyrics of the song, and feel even further inspired to take on life's injustices with power, strength, and determination.

1 Pisces: One Last Time

Being the last zodiac sign, Pisces has been both blessed and cursed by every other teaching from its previous astrological counterparts. This, of course, results in a pool of emotions that is often very difficult to control and Pisces girls tend to be perceived as too sensitive and overwhelmingly naive at times.

This, however, also helps you stay positive, even when faced with some of the harshest realities a person can witness. Even when it's time to say goodbye and let go of something, you might be reluctant to accept it at first, but you learn to say your goodbyes under a more positive light. As such, you've been blessed with Ariana's One Last Time, that pretty much describes the entire vibe of a Pisces girl.

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