Ariana Grande Reflects On How She’s “Healed” And Grown In The Past Year

When American actress turned singer/songwriter Ariana Grande released the song "thank u, next", she had recently been through a lot. She had just ended her engagement with comedian Pete Davidson, and her ex-boyfriend- American rapper Mac Miller- had died from an accidental drug overdose. Many fans were concerned about Grande- after all, no one should have to go through such horrible life events.

The song "thank u, next" isn't just a great song- it was the perfect response to everything Grande had been through. It's now been a year since the hit single came out, and it appears as though Grande has changed a lot. She took to Twitter to reflect on how she's changed since then- as well as celebrate this small but meaningful moment.

The singer started the Twitter thread with, "Happy birthday 'thank u, next'. I can’t believe I’ve spent more time alone this year than I have in my life, I can’t believe how many sessions w[ith] my therapist I’ve had, how many times I’ve sung this song, how much I’ve learned and healed, how much I still have to learn and heal!"

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While this was a sweet message on its own, Grande wasn't done spreading the love.

"It’s been one hall of a productive, emotional, wild and yet ...happy! year," she added. "Thankful for my babies who have provided me with endless strength, energy and inspiration...and to my friends who have held me together on the road and at home. I’m sure they’re just as exhausted lmao.

"Update: I still don’t know s*** ab[out] love or have a clue what a personal life looks like other than hanging with pups and piggy which I’ve learned is...actually...more than enough!"

Grande was clearly in the mood to share the love with her fans. She made sure to end the thread on a similar note.

"Anyway, not sure why this anniversary has made me ramble on so much but....my heart feels good. Even though everything is up in the air / I still have a million questions...I’ve accepted it and feel somewhat whole, and that feels like something worth sharing. I guess. Love u," she concluded.

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