Ariana Grande Posts Simple Yet Powerful Instagram Post In Response To Mac Miller's Death

The horrible news of Mac Miller's tragic death on September 7th sent a shock wave through Hollywood. The twenty-six-year-old rapper was found dead in his California home at noon on Friday, and friends and fellow artists were quick to release statements where they expressed their grief and sorrow. Mac Miller's family also issued a statement later the same day, confirming the sad news of his passing.

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Mac Miller was famously dating celebrated pop singer Ariana Grande, and the former lovebirds were together for over two years. Rumors about Grande and Miller being romantically involved started swirling shortly after they partnered up to do a cover of Baby It's Cold Outside in December 2012. The two kept running in and out of each other's lives through music collaborations, and it wasn't until August 2016 they made their official debut as a couple at the 2016 Video Music Awards. Their romance lasted until May this year when Ariana Grande confirmed their split via her Instagram stories.

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As reported by Billboard, Mac Miller was arrested for driving under the influence and a hit and run shortly after the breakup was announced. Many fans didn't take lightly to how quickly Ariana moved on with Pete Davidson, blaming her to have caused her ex-boyfriends spiraling.

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Ariana Grande defended herself saying she had tried helping Miller with his sobriety and finding balance in his life, and that no woman should stay in a toxic relationship to be the mother or the babysitter of her partner. As happy as she seems to be with fiancé Pete Davidson, it's difficult to imagine how the news about Mac Miller must have made her feel. Grande took to her Instagram to post a simple but powerful response to her ex-boyfriend's death. A black-and-white photo, probably taken by her while they were dating, showing Miller looking up at the camera. She closed the comments and left no caption, but it honestly didn't need one.

Mac Miller's cause of death is yet to be confirmed, however, it is being labeled as an overdose. Miller is not the first, and sadly probably won't be the last young talent to fall victim to drugs.

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