Ariana Grande Blames Hunger For Her Latest Jaded Love Tweet

For a moment on Saturday, folks who regularly follow Ariana Grande's social media updates probably thought the songstress was in an existential frame of mind when she posted on Twitter about how romance and passion have dissipated into the ether of oblivion.

Ok, cut to the chase, she caught fans off-guard when she announced: "actually... i don't want no 'next'. true love doesn't exist. hope you're having a great day!" Uh, thanks, but it didn't sound like her Saturday night was exactly tickety boo.

Yikes, one would presume the masses would have proclaimed, but if we look at her song catalog of late, such a message that hit mini-crystal displays on smartphones worldwide shouldn't be a surprise. "Dangerous Woman," "Love Me Harder" and "Break Free," aren't exactly anthems that call for nights of candlelight and wine. And Grande is not likely to be attractive old-school evangelical types with a ditty called "God Is A Woman."

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But, let's consider that 2018 wasn't exactly a banner year emotionally for Grande, despite a slew of chartbusters. She came to terms with the Manchester terrorism incident that killed several of her fans and kiboshed her tour in 2017, by writing a bittersweet song "No Tears Left To Cry." She also parted ways in May from rapper Mac Miller, who died four months later from a toxic cocktail of pharmaceuticals. And after a brief engagement with Saturday Night Live performer Pete Davidson, she called it off in September.

Yep, there's been a lot eating away at the Arianster the past few months, so much that you've gotta give the 25-year-old credit for facing what life has lobbed at her this year. Even folks twice her age require the durability of a Marvel Comics hero to weather such storms.


But just as everyone was still processing the "true love doesn't exist" proclamation, Grande took a total 180-degree turn with her followup post: "true love might exist i was just hungry." Evidently, Grande's the impulsive type, eschewing a trip to the fridge to offset that peckishness in favor of a tweet that caught her minions off-guard.

We get it, she's single again and pining for a romance, two months after dumping an emerging player and the death of a former lover. That doesn't happen to everyone, but it's nice to know that settling down that stomach can also level those post-amorous storms. Because we all know that for the lovelorn, food is always a handy love substitute.

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