Ariana Grande Hits Back After Being Mocked For Japanese Tattoo

Ariana Grande hasn’t had a great week. After getting a new tattoo, which she shared on social media, she was ridiculed for inking the name for a Japanese style barbecue grill, rather than “7 Rings” as she had intended, on her hand. The singer, 25, was hoping to pay homage to the single from her new album Thank You, Next, but instead she ended up making us hungry for short ribs.

To make matters worse, when she tried to fix the mistake, she ended up with the nonsensical, “Japanese barbecue finger.” The vegan artist, however, did not take the mockery lying down in a tattoo bed, tweeting, “Pls leave me and my tambourine grill alone. thank u.”

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rehearsal kiids

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Thankfully, Grande had a sense of humor about the whole thing. Despite the non-stop memes and mockery, some defended her. “Met with all the Asians, and our official ruling is that the Ariana Grande tattoo is good,” Kevin Nguyen tweeted.

Given that the singer’s video for “7 Rings” had more than 100 million views on YouTube and the song debuted at the top of the Billboard Hot 100 chart, she is probably not sweating the slip-up. Her latest single matched the success of her break-up anthem “Thank U, Next,” which also debuted at the top of the charts. Her new album, which arrives roughly six months after her last chart topper, will be released next Friday.

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This isn’t the first time that Grande’s tattoos have been teased. Last summer, during her whirlwind courtship with SNL comedian Pete Davidson, the singer got several tattoos. She had "Pete" inked on her ring finger, which she ended up covering with a black heart after the couple split. Another one that read "Reborn" on her thumb was similarly covered.

She had also gotten "8418" tattooed on her foot, which she had gotten in honor of her Davidson’s father, Scott Davidson, a firefighter who died during the 9/11 terrorist attacks on 9/11. “8418” had been Davidson’s badge number. After the break-up, she covered the tattoo with a tribute to the dog the singer and her ex Mac Miller had rescued in 2017. Grande ended up adopting the dog, named Myron, after Miller died of a drug overdose last September.

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Since her latest tattoo faux pas, Grande has posted an update on Instagram, writing, “Slightly better. Thanks to my tutor for helping me fix. RIP tiny charcoal grill. Miss u man. I actually really liked u.” We will miss the mini grill as well.

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