Ariana Grande Has Zero Chill Trying To Get Out Of This Halloween Escape Room With James Corden

Back in August, Ariana Grande teased fans with images of her hand wrapped in a white bandage, but the reason for her injury was never revealed. She was seen wearing the bandage during her summer appearance on a “Carpool Karaoke” segment with James Corden; however, she never discussed why her left hand was wrapped. Finally, fans learned the answer last night on a new episode of The Late Late Show With James Corden—a haunted escape room.

On Tuesday, October 30th, The Late Late Show released an unaired clip from Corden’s summer outing with Grande, in which the two discussed the pop singer’s love for Halloween and all things spooky and mysterious. Grande even revealed that she’s a bit of an escape room buff—she said that she’s been through 300 escape rooms (she may have exaggerated a bit, but who knows). Corden, on the other hand, had never stepped foot into an escape room, but said he would be willing to go through one with Grande.

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The pair ended up at 60Out Escape Rooms to solve a mystery together. But, this particular escape room was nothing like the rooms Grande previously encountered. Upon entering a pitch-dark hallway, Corden and Grande realized this escape room was meant to scare them. The video footage showed the two hilariously stumbling through the spooky puzzles, complete with a few expletives from Grande.

In one room, Samara from The Ring jumped out of a bunk bed to scare Grande and Corden, which prompted Grande to shout, “You’re a bitch!” After pulling several keys from mysterious nooks and crannies to open doors to new puzzles, the singer and talk show host ended up in a dark room with a crawling zombie that they were instructed to run from. In all the fun, Grande tripped over the actor, which would explain her battle wound.

When they finally made it back to Corden’s car, Grande held up a bandaged hand and said, “That was traumatic.” She compared the escape room to one of the seven gates to hell. Don’t worry, Arianators, the “Sweetener” singer did have fun despite her injury. When this all initially happened, she tweeted photos of her wrapped hand and said, “I’m an idiot…but I LOVE my bandage.” She assured fans that she was alright and that the experience was “tons of fun.”

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