Ariana Grande Gave Two Of Her Exes A Sneak Peek At 'Thank U, Next' Before It Came Out

Ariana Grande surprised her fans last Sunday when she dropped the surprise single 'Thank U, Next', but two of her ex-boyfriends were probably less surprised since they had already gotten the chance to hear the song before it was released. In Thank U, Next, Ariana sings about her four exes and what the relationship with each of them has taught her, and how she has now moved on. Perhaps surprisingly, Pete Davidson, Grande's most recent love interest, was not one of the chosen two who got to listen to the song before its release.

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For those who have forgotten anyone who came before Ariana Grande's whirlwind romance with Pete Davidson, the other three ex-boyfriends who she calls out in the new song are the following. Rapper Big Sean, whom she started dating in 2014, her former backup dancer Ricky Alvarez, who she dated for a year between 2015 and 2016, and, of course, the late Mac Miller, also a rapper, and Grande's boyfriend for almost two years before she fell head over heels for Pete Davidson in May this year.

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As reported by Cosmopolitan, people started joking about how Ricky Alvarez and Big Sean were going to react when they heard the song, but Ariana responded to the tweet confirming they had already heard it before it came out. Based on the message Pete Davidson shared on SNL where he wishes Ariana all the happiness, it seems as if there are no bad feelings there either.

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Thank U, Next is everything but a diss track though, and these men should not be able to take any offence from the lyrics. Grande states what she has taken from each relationship and what each of them has taught her, with a bit of name dropping to spice things up. After the controversy with Kanye West's song Famous a couple of years ago, when he sings about Taylor Swift, Grande was probably wise to run the song past her exes before its release.

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The song has an overall positive message about how she is moving on and focusing on herself and what makes her happy. That is probably what anyone going through a breakup should be doing, and especially those who have had a year as turbulent and traumatic as Ariana Grande.

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