Ariana Grande Blasted For Being A ‘Fake Vegan’ After Posting Starbucks Cloud Macchiato

Ariana Grande blasted for being a fake vegan

Ariana Grande is being blasted online for being a 'fake vegan', and it is all because of the Cloud Macchiato Starbucks drink. The Cloud Macchiato is a new beverage offered at the world-renowned coffee place, and the No More Tears Left To Cry singer is the face of it. A couple of days ago she revealed the drink and her involvement by uploading photos to Twitter of herself in a green Starbucks apron. Ariana is seen with posing with a cup of Cloud Macchiato alongside her dogs and her partners from Starbucks.

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Now, this all sounds innocent enough, but apparently, the Cloud Macchiato contains both condensed milk and egg whites, and are therefore not vegan. Ariana's fans and followers are now upset that she lends her face to a non-vegan drink, since she has proclaimed to be vegan herself, and would thereby not be able to drink a Cloud Macchiato. The God Is A Woman singer has been vegan since 2013 at least, and her fans are not taking this lightly.

Ariana Grande called a 'fake vegan' due to Starbucks drink
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As reported by Teen Vogue, Ari's caption to her tweet was suggesting that people order the Cloud Macchiato with soy milk instead of regular milk, and fans are now coming at her for this since it would not make the beverage vegan anyway. Even a Starbucks barista joined the conversation, confirming that this specific drink was near impossible to make vegan. The cloud powder, which gives the Cloud Macchiato its merengue like texture, consist of egg whites.

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Even if Ariana has said to be vegan in the past, she is obviously allowed to change her mind and follow any diet her heart desires. It could be that she avoids animalistic ingredients as much as she can, for example by switching to soy milk, but allows herself to enjoy the Cloud Macchiato although it contains eggwhite powder as well as condensed milk in the caramel drizzle.

It is great to be critical when it comes to celebrity endorsements and to question certain partnerships if they do not make sense, but sometimes people are quick to jump to conclusions and attack. The twenty-five-year-old singer is not shy to respond to criticism on social media, so it is safe to assume she will address this topic soon enough.

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