Ariana Grande + 24 Short Celebs That Prove Good Things Come In Small Packages

Society has traditionally told short people that there are certain things they can’t do. Excel in particular sports, be supermodels, security guards or flight attendants, and even get promoted to enviable positions in the world of business.

Some experts have suggested that on average, shorter people are less wealthy and successful than their long-legged counterparts.

What baloney!

If a person is short, it’s easy to feel like their lot in life is to spend their days asking for help to reach things on the top shelf, being pushed around by those taller than them, and eventually giving into their destiny of becoming a jockey.

But the truth is being somewhat vertically challenged can’t stop a person from achieving what they want in life. In fact, sometimes the best things come in small packages. And there is a whole list of pint-sized celebrities to prove it!

These stars are below the average height, but they’d reached levels that other people wouldn’t dream of. Because ultimately, how tall someone is pales in comparison to how talented someone is, how driven they are, how hard they work, and how many times they get back up.

Keep reading to find out which of everyone's favorite stars have conquered the world at a below-average height.

25 Height Isn’t Required To Be The Mother Of Dragons


Emilia Clarke rose to international stardom playing one of the most powerful female characters in existence: Daenerys Targaryen, the Mother of Dragons.

Both in the show and in real life, her personality is a lot larger than her stature.

Clarke stands at just 5’2”, which is a little below average. Some people may think that they need height to achieve greatness, but Clarke has shown that you can be a superstar, conquer cities, and command armies while being an innie-minnie.

24 Hilary Duff Is A Shortie And We Love It


We’ve been in love with Hilary Duff ever since she popped onto our screens as Lizzie McGuire. And as it turns out, the Disney Channel veteran hasn’t grown too much since her junior high days. Duff’s real height is debated, but most sources put her somewhere between 5’1” and 5’2”.

She’s another star who’s below average, but that hasn’t stopped her from adding a bunch of huge acting credits to her resume, releasing several albums, and cementing her place as a fashion icon of the 2000s.

23 Ariana Grande Comes In A Small (Brilliant) Package


Even with the million-inch heeled boots that Ariana Grande rocks on stage and in her music videos, most fans can tell that the singer is pint-sized.

While Wendy Williams famously said that the singer was 4’11”, other sources state that she’s actually 5’1”.

She definitely comes in a small package, but you can’t deny that it’s a brilliant package. Grande is oozing with talent, drive, courage, strength, and style. It’s no wonder that she’s idolized by millions!

22 Lady Gaga Is A Pro At Wearing Heels Now


Before Ariana Grande burst onto the scene, Lady Gaga was perhaps the most famous artists to be known for the crazily high heels that she wore. Gaga doesn’t just do regular heels—she also does heel-less pony wedges and the super famous Alexander McQueen armadillo boots that are sky high. The superstar from New York probably turned to those boosters in the first place because she’s about 5’1”.

This just proves that you don’t need the stature of a supermodel to wear a meat dress.

21 Kristen Bell Is Gorgeous At 5’1"


Being 5’1” won’t stop you from wearing a meat dress and becoming a fashion icon, and it also shouldn’t stop you from having stellar acting success.

Kristen Bell, who stands at 5’1”, has had a film and television stint that other actors only dream about.

After making her debut on Broadway, she has appeared in television shows like Veronica Mars and Gossip Girl and has starred in movies like Forgetting Sarah Marshall and Couples Retreat. She also voiced Anna in the Disney blockbuster Frozen.

20 Being On The Shorter Side Hasn’t Stopped Amandla Stenberg From Covering Magazines


Another star who hasn’t let being on the shorter side stop her from achieving her dreams in Amandla Stenberg. Some girls might believe that they’ll never be on the cover of a magazine because they don’t have Gigi or Bella Hadid’s measurements, but they should take a look at Stenberg. At just 5’3”, the star has appeared on the cover of Seventeen and has earned big roles in films, too.

She also uses her voice to speak out for equality. You go, girl!

19 Alyssa Milano Doesn’t Need Height To Be A Role Model


The original Charmed wrapped up quite a few years ago, but that doesn’t mean we’ve forgotten our love for Phoebe Halliwell, or Alyssa Milano, for that matter. Along with her on-screen sisters, Holly Marie Combs, Rose McGowan, and Shannen Doherty, Milano was a role model for women during the show’s eight-season run.

She won fans all over the world and fought demons every week, all while being 5’2".

Who said you need to be tall to be taken seriously?

18 Salma Hayek Stands At 5’2"


Mexican-American actress Salma Hayek is 5’2”, but that hasn’t stopped her from being considered one of the most stunning actresses in the business. She also happens to be extremely intelligent and is fluent in Arabic, Spanish and Portuguese as well as English.

In addition to her acting talent, Hayek also has abilities that help her succeed in other roles in the film industry, and she also works as a director and producer. Even without the height of a model, she’s achieved what other actors dream about.

17 Scarlett Johansson Has Won Awards For Her Beauty


Scarlett Johansson is a little over 5’2” but she’s not quite 5’3”. Still, the actress has one of the highest profiles in Hollywood.

She has proven that you don’t need a tall frame to be a leading lady or to be adored by fans all over the world.

Between 2014 and 2016, ScarJo was one of the highest-paid actresses in the world. She’s also earned herself an Academy Film Award plus a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

16 Women All Over The World Wish They Were Eva Longoria


On Desperate Housewives, Eva Longoria famously played Gabrielle Solis, a former model who has retired to the suburbs with her businessman husband. In reality, Longoria probably wouldn’t have been walking in too many Victoria’s Secret shows because she’s 5’2”. But that doesn’t make her any less beautiful, and it certainly doesn’t make her any less talented!

The actress gave birth to her first child last year in 2018, a son with husband José Bastón, called Santiago Enrique Bastón.

15 Vanessa Hudgens Is Three Inches Below The Average


Standing at 5’1”, Vanessa Hudgens is three inches below the national average. Has that stopped her from being a successful actress and it-girl? No, sir! Hudgens rose to fame after starring as Gabriella Montez in High School Musical.

She’s made over her look quite a few times since those days, but she’s still an icon of style and still has adoring fans all over the world.

Still acting, Hudgens has recently appeared in a few television musicals, including Grease and Rent.

14 Standing 5’3", Lena Dunham Has Been Voted One Of The World’s Most Influential People

Cell Code

In 2013, Lena Dunham, who stands at 5’3”, was included in the annual Time list of the most influential people in the world. And when you consider all the things she’s done in her professional life, that’s a pretty fair call!

She is most famous for creating, writing, and starring in the HBO series Girls and has even directed some of the episodes of the show, which earned her a Directors Guild of America award. She was also the first woman to win the award of Outstanding Directing in a Comedy Series.

13 Being Short Means Sarah Jessica Parker Can Enjoy More Heels


The world tends to associate Sarah Jessica Parker with fabulous shoes because she had the privilege of playing Carrie Bradshaw, the most famous shoe-lover in pop culture.

But in real life, Parker is also a fan of fashion and loves rocking designer heels.

She’s a pro at walking in heels, and has probably been told that she needs them all her life because she’s just over 5’2”. Despite being a height that some fashion designers might disapprove of, she remains a style icon to this day.

12 Shakira Doesn’t Need Height To Shake Her Hips


When your body moves the way that Shakira’s body does, we can guarantee that nobody cares how short or how tall she really is. The belly-dancing superstar is about 5’1” and a half, making her even shorter than a lot of the women featured on this list. But she’s best known for her ability to move her hips (and they don't lie) and probably has one of the most toned tummies we’ve ever seen.

The singer has had hits like ‘Hips Don’t Lie’, ‘Underneath Your Clothes,’ and ‘She Wolf’.

11 Natalie Portman Is 5’3" And Worth $53 Million


What a coincidence! Golden Globe-winning actress Natalie Portman is 5’3”, and she’s apparently worth $53 million. It looks like those numbers were made for her! She’s made headlines for her flawless performances in films like Star Wars, Jackie, V for Vendetta, and Black Swan.

This actress was never going to let her height stop her from taking the film industry by the horns.

She’s another shorter star who’s a style icon and one who designers would love to dress.

10 Ally Is The Shortest Member Of Fifth Harmony


Along with being the oldest member of the band Fifth Harmony, Ally also happens to be the shortest member as well. The singer has been reported as both 4’11” and 5’0”, so either way, we know she is shorter than average, and at around eight inches shorter than bandmate Dinah Jane.

Normani and Lauren both stand in the middle at about 5’4” and bridge the gap while performing on stage. Former member Camila Cabello was actually closer to Ally’s height at 5’2”.

9 At 5’2", Rachel Bilson Was The Envy Of 2000s Girls Everywhere


Another it-girl of the 2000s, Rachel Bilson is still regarded as a legend of sorts for playing everybody’s favorite Orange County teenager Summer Roberts, on the hit show The O.C..

Bilson, who is 5’2”, acted for ages and then became a mom for the first time when she gave birth to daughter Briar Rose in 2014.

Although Marissa Cooper, played by Mischa Barton, was a little taller at 5’7”, Summer was really the rich kid we all wanted to be.

8 Amy Poehler Isn’t Shy About Her Height


Some people try to hide their short statures from the world, but Amy Poehler isn’t one of them. Measuring in at 5’2”, Poehler is proud and confident, and so she should be. She’s best known for her role in NBC sitcom Parks and Recreation, though she’s also made us laugh through her supporting roles in Mean Girls as Mrs. George and Blades of Glory as Fairchild Van Waldenberg.

The star has even won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Musical or Comedy Series.

7 Nicki Minaj Is Pint Sized


By now, the world knows that Nicki Minaj is a force to be reckoned with. She has come out fighting in the male-dominated world of rap, has had a string of top hits and hit a lot of official and unofficial records.

We think she probably has more talent, ambition and drive in her 5’2” frame than other people do!

She’s another star who’s a fan of heels but she doesn’t seem like the type to be embarrassed to be little. She’s more the type to take what she has and work it!

6 Christina Aguilera Is A Force To Be Reckoned With


Christina Aguilera is living proof that looks can be deceiving. She’s also living proof that one of the biggest voices in existence can be housed in a tiny little bod! The singer is about 5’1” and a half, also making her quite a bit below the average.

During her phenomenal career, she has risen to become one of the most celebrated singers in America with a bunch of top hits under her belt, leading roles in movies, and even a judging role on the singing competition show The Voice.

5 There’s No Stopping Mila Kunis At 5’3"


Being 5’3”, Ukraine-born actress Mila Kunis is actually a little taller than a lot of the other women on this list.

But by national standards, she’s still considered a shortie.

Kunis has shown off the wide stretch of her talent through appearing in films like Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Friends with Benefits, and Black Swan. Today she’s a mom to the two kids she shares with Ashton Kutcher. She’s also bilingual and was named the face of Dior in 2012. Pretty impressive!

4 Jada Pinkett Smith Is Much Smaller Than Her Imprint On Hollywood


Jada Pinkett Smith is one of the most famous females and moms in Hollywood. Measuring in at just 5’0”, the actress is still a style icon for both moms and women without kids. Her height was apparently a problem when she auditioned for the role of Lisa on The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, and she didn’t get the role because they felt she was a little too short.

But she certainly was the one laughing in the end when she went on to marry the fresh prince himself, Will Smith.

3 Snooki Is 4’9" And Gorgeous


At 4’9”, Snooki is the shortest lady on our list. While she appeared on Jersey Shore, she was given the nickname “meatball” thanks to her stature.

But we can all agree that what she lacks in height, she definitely makes up for in a bold personality and passion for life.

Snooki has proven to everyone that she deserves to be taken seriously, and is now an author, mother, and television host, and has even been a guest speaker at Rutgers University.

2 Anna Kendrick Is A Shorter Leading Lady


Standing next to Blake Lively in the 2018 flick A Simple Favor, Anna Kendrick does look tiny. The actress is 5’2” and conquering the industry. She’s garnered worldwide fame for her starring role in the Pitch Perfect franchise, as well as appearing in the  Twilight movies and Into the Woods.

The talented actress first appeared on Broadway when she was still a child, and was even nominated for a Tony Away for Best Actress in a Featured Role – Musical for High Society. All we know is we're loving these petite actress.

1 Kim K’s Iconic, And Only 5’2"


You could argue that Kim Kardashian has the most talked-about body on the planet. Her curves have definitely helped her to achieve icon status! KK is more in demand than some of the world’s most successful models, and has an estimated net worth of $350 million.

At only 5’2”, she is one of the biggest trend setters in the world.

All she has to do is be photographed once in body-conforming clothing, wet hair, neon or clear plastic boots and millions of girls around the world are wearing the same thing 24 hours later.

Sources: Style Caster, Seventeen

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