Are You Too Clingy In A Relationship? Astrology Reveals All (His & Hers)

Ever wonder why you have trouble staying in relationships? Sometimes it’s because of the other person. Sometimes it’s because life drags you two apart. Sometimes the transient nature of our online dating world leads to partners going for bigger and better things, ghosting any serious relationship that they deem both “not enough” and “too much”. How’s a person to know what makes a relationship work or not? We’ve done some sleuthing, and it turns out that clinginess is one of the biggest things that ends relationships.

Don’t get us wrong; clinginess is a positive for some couples. Two people who want to cling to each other are probably not going to hate their partner’s clinginess. Someone who isn’t clingy being with a clingy person, though? That’s a recipe for disaster. A couple can only handle so much! How do you know if you’re clingy? Luckily for you, the zodiac has lots to say about people and their clinginess. If you can figure out whether you’re a clingy person or not, you’ll have better luck decoding the hidden parts of your relationship. You can, in fact, figure out if you’re going to be successful in your relationship or not, and will be able to decide whether or not your relationship is actually going to work!

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24 Aquarius Women: Clingy? Not even close


Aquarius women are not known for their clinginess. Because you appreciate art, acceptance, and letting things happen, you don’t tend to get stuck on the clingy factor some people have. In fact, you and clinginess just doesn’t happen. You’re so calm and so at peace with the world that nothing stops you from being in that groove. People might come and go, but you’re not phased. There’s only so much time we have on this planet, and you know that the people who are worth staying with are going to stick around. And if they don’t… Well, that’s just the whim of the world. Aquarius women prioritize being independent, and find satisfaction in pursuing things alone. Your perfect match is someone that will complement that, rather than stifle it with clinginess!

23 Aquarius Men: You and other people are like oil and water


Maybe it’s because you like to live in your own world, or maybe it’s because you have such a set idea of how things work. Whatever it is, you’ve got your own perspective and you don’t want anyone to compromise it. This is a great way to keep you from being clingy. However, it’s also a good way to ensure that you’re probably not going to be very intimate with people around you. You don’t have difficulty connecting to people, but you do have difficulty sustaining those connections. It might feel like you’re alone a lot of the time, but don’t worry. You’ll find someone that has their own stuff going on and isn’t worried about whether or not you’re trailing along behind them. It’s a great partnership, and one without any cling.

22 Pisces Women: You might love romance, but you definitely need your down time


Some people think pisces women are incredibly clingy. This, as an actual fact, isn’t true. You don’t like to cling to people, but you do like commitment. Some people confuse the two, but they’re not the same thing. If you’re going to be stuck with someone forever, you need to know that you’re going to be able to get your personal time as well as your romantic time in. You like to be in a partnership with people, but you don’t like to get sucked into that partnership. Romance is totally fine, unless it infringes on freedom. You, however, tend to fall for people that are clingy, as they’re typically the most romantic and dedicated. Don’t be afraid to look outside your comfort zone! You’ll find that romance comes either way, clinginess or not.

21 Pisces Men: You tend to prioritize yourself… But you definitely need someone around


On the other side of the spectrum, Pisces men really prefer to be alone. You like to ruminate and get lost in your thoughts. You’re a great thinker, but only about the subjects you care about. This means that you prioritize the things you do and are interested in rather than the stuff that you have to do (like homework, meeting deadlines, and paying attention in meetings). However, you really need someone around. Someone who’ll listen to your thoughts and won’t let you get away with staying inside and alone all day. It’s not that you’re clingy, but you do appreciate having a partner who’ll help break you out of your shell. You also like to have someone to love. Sometimes that comes across as clingy, but so what! You know you’re not actually all that clingy. You’re just passionate.

20 Aries Women: No WAY do you need someone else with you

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Woah, did you seriously think Aries women would be clingy? C’mon! The Aries woman is one of the strongest people, let alone signs, you’ll ever meet. You, Aries, LOVE your independence and don’t want to get sucked into a clingy relationship… Ever. You’d rather break up with a partner that’s getting too intense than lose yourself in the relationship. Don’t feel bad about that. You’re a loyal sign, which means you’ll stick by your partner through thick and thin. You’re not afraid of sticking up for your boyfriend, girlfriend, or significant other, and it shows! That’s how they know that you love them, just like how them sticking up for you says that they love you. You’ll get tired of someone clingy very quickly, and are better off being by yourself until you’re sure the relationship is going to work.

19 Aries Men: You’re too stubborn to be clingy


Ah, the Aries Man. You might end up alone, and there’s a part of you that’s okay with that. You’re not worried about finding someone and spending your life together. You’re worried about getting your work down and succeeding. This is a really attractive quality, to the right person. You’re going to find yourself with a variety of people over the years, but you’re likely going to end up with someone who’s just a little bit clingy. Unlike the Aries woman, who needs space, you need someone not afraid to insert themselves into your life. You get too set in your ways to vary it for someone, which means the onus is on them to get the relationship going. One day you’ll find that you’re happily with someone, clinginess notwithstanding.

18 Taurus Women: Is that superglue on your hands? No, you’re just really clingy


Finally! We find a sign that’s comfortable with cling. Taurus women are determined, which usually means they’re determined to make things work. Sometimes this is read as clinginess, but not in a bad way. Just in the way that screams “I’ll make this work or die trying and don’t you dare try and stop me”. Your clinginess is the kind that wants to make sure your partner is okay, asking if they need anything or if you can help with anything. It’s less of a romantic cling and more of a practical cling. The right person will love this style of love, and they’ll cling right back. The loyalty has to be strong in the other person, or your willpower might scare them off. It might take a while, but eventually you will find someone that ticks all the boxes… We promise!

17 Taurus Men: You stick like glue (to the right person)


Grocery shopping? Let’s go. Doing dishes? You’ll help. Doctor’s visit? You’ll join, just for the moral support. Taurus men like to cling, but it’s not in the romantic way. Similarly to a Taurus woman, Taurus men are a practical clingy. You like to help, and you’ll plod along doing whatever you can to make your partner’s life better. You’d even help them bury a body if they needed it. Whatever they need, you’re there for. Your hardworking spirit shines through in all your relationships, which means you’ll work hard to make things work. Even if they don’t end up working out, don’t feel bad. You might cling to the sadness for a little while, but your determined spirit will work through; and you’ll be happy you did!

16 Gemini Women: You’re very, very clingy. Unless someone makes you angry

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Gemini women tend to have a reputation for being over-the-top and excitable. For some people this might mean that they think of you as being “too much”. For others it means that you’ve got enough spunk and energy to match theirs. However, due to your changeable nature you’ll find that that energy is inconsistent. You might find your energy turns to irritation and you get stuck in grumpy mode. Sometimes you even lash out at people. You know when you’ve had too much of a person when you start to get angry at them. Geminis have a bit of a short fuse, which doesn’t help in a relationship. While you’re naturally prone to clinging, it changes almost daily depending on your mood… And how well behaved your partner is.

15 Gemini Men: Sometimes you’re clingy… And sometimes you’re really not


Gemini is a sign that has both all the energy and none of the energy. You bounce back and forth between extremes, which is probably what you’ve heard your whole life. That’s not a bad thing! You just feel a lot about a lot of different things. Because of this, it’s hard to judge your clinginess factor. Sometimes you’re going to feel like you absolutely cannot be out of your partner’s sight, and sometimes you’re going to find that you need to be alone. This changeable nature of yours can be both a blessing and a curse for your partners. On one hand, they know that you wanting to be alone will never last long. On the other hand, it’s hard to tell if you actually want the sort of clinginess you’re giving them mirrored back to you. Luckily the right partner will be able to read your mind.

14 Cancer Women: It’s not being “clingy”, it’s being devoted


As a sign that’s most preoccupied with finding and creating “home” you find that you’re one of the most devoted signs out there. However, because of the way you process the world, it doesn’t make you clingy. Instead of sticking to the side of someone else, you really and truly value your alone time. You like to think about things before acting on them and tend to appreciate when you can decide stuff on your own. When there’s another person involved this can sometimes get lost in the interest of making decisions together. Don’t worry about it so much! Trust that your devotion is enough to make the relationship stick. You can keep your internal processing AND be in love. And that’s definitely what we call “devoted”.

13 Cancer Men: You commit, but you don’t cling


Like the Cancer woman you’ll find that you’re not the type to fall hook, line, and sinker. While you do love deeply and passionately you’re not the type to really lose yourself. You need that structure and that independence to be able to process thoughts, feelings, and emotions. Your partner, whoever they are, should be able to respect that and give you the space you need, and should trust that you’re committed. As a sign that is family-oriented, it’s no stretch of the imagination to say that you’re the type to want to commit. Just make sure you settle down with the right person. There’s nothing worse than committing to someone that doesn’t compliment you well or want to commit to you. How do you know they’re right? They appreciate your devotion, and are devoted to you as well. Minus all the clinging.

12 Leo Women: You cling, but only if you’re getting the attention you need from them

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Leo women, we hate to say it, but you’re one of the clingiest signs out there. It’s not because you’re scared of someone leaving you, though. You cling because you like the attention people give you. Texting first, asking to go out, and wanting to be with them all the time are all signs that you’re really liking whatever they’re giving you. As soon as it disappears, though, be warned: You’re going to want them to leave, and you’re not going to be sad to see them go. In your world it’s just a part of the circle of life. People come, announce their love, and then go. Sometimes you even say that you love them back. There’s nothing wrong with that. Be sure to keep the clinginess in check if you’re wanting a long term relationship, though. Sometimes people (especially non-clingers) don’t like all the pressure.

11 Leo Men: You’ll latch onto someone, but you’ll drop them if the passion fades


Leo men, you’re in a similar predicament to Leo women. You’re incredibly clingy, but only as long as the passion is there. While the lionesses might be more concerned with connection and attention from people, you’re most concerned with actual romantic passion. It’s hard for you to think of a romantic relationship that doesn’t have some element of physicality. A lot of relationships though let their physicality fade after a certain point. It’s not as intense or passionate as it is at the beginning, which is why you’re a victim of the honeymoon phase. After three months you’ll probably drop it like it’s hot and find someone new to cling too. We’re not saying this is good or bad; it’s just something to notice as you’re out connecting with people.

10 Virgo Women: Once you find “the one” nothing can tear you two apart


Virgo women have a tendency to be a bit aloof. You don’t get sucked into things very easily, unless it’s a book or TV show you like, or your ever present research project. This is especially true for relationships, which you keep at arm’s length. Most of your friends are not the type to be with you 24/7, and most of your exes have probably realized that it’s easier to pull their own tooth than to make you do something you don’t want to do. You don’t both getting excited over things that aren’t important to you. This is why, when you do find someone you like, you go full-force to try and keep them around. That’s not clinginess. That’s just a super-charged commitment drive… Right?

9 Virgo Men: Besides a Cancer man, you’re as loyal as they come

@riddhisinghal6 /Pinterest.com

You’ll stand by your partner through thick and thin, for better or for worse. Other than a Cancer guy, you’re the most loyal man out there for a partner. However, the same rules apply to you as they do to many of these other gentlemen: you don’t like to become codependent. You don’t want get sucked into a relationship and lose yourself, which we think is totally respectable. That’s why we’ve chosen to not call it “clingy”, but “loyal”. Loyal is a word that inspires confidence, and convinces people that you’re there for the long haul. Which you are! You might work quietly in the background, but you certainly work. Both on your studies and on yourself, as well as on whatever relationship you chose to pursue.

8 Libra Women: Okay, maybe you’re a little clingy… But only if the relationship is worth it


Libra women are sensitive, and prone to clinging to people. It’s mostly a safety measure, as too often you find the world too unfair and harsh to really pay close attention to. You’d rather wear blinders than feel hurt that you can’t do anything to fix the injustice in the world. Sometimes this takes the form of being in a relationship with someone. You’ll keep yourself connected to someone so you have something to devote your attention to. This works as long as the relationship works. Your clinginess naturally starts to fade when it looks like the relationship is losing its balance of power. If your partner starts to take or give more energy than you’re giving or taking, you’ll quietly end things. A libra can’t be out of balance-- And that goes double for a libra relationship.

7 Libra Men: Accept it. You cling like saran wrap


Sorry, Libra men. You tend to find someone and stick to them regardless of the quality of the relationship. You’re a sign that really prioritizes someone’s intellectual and emotional capacity rather than just their physical looks or energy. Instead of meeting someone you’re attracted to and then getting to know them, you get to know them first… And then the attraction comes. This means that you’ll keep making things work until they just can’t anymore. There’s always a balancing act that comes with relationships though, as you know. You need to be able to figure out whether it’s more important to lock down a relationship with someone, or to get to know someone first. That sort of lack of commitment off the top might be terrifying, but trust us: things will be fine, and the right person will saran wrap right back at you.

6 Scorpio Women: You’re stubborn to a fault, even if that means staying in a bad relationship


Stubborn is your middle name, which is good and bad. Unlike Aries, who’s a close-minded, set-in-their-ways kind of stubborn, you tend to be the kind of stubborn that decides they want something and goes for it. It’s also called determination, or being goal-oriented. Unfortunately, it also means you don’t often see the way things really are. If reality doesn’t match up with the reality in your head you tend to ignore it or try to change it. Sometimes this means you end up staying in a bad relationship, not being able to see that it’s a bad relationship. If you find yourself getting clingier and clingier, take a step back. Use your analytical mind to really assess the situation and see if it’s really what you think it is.  

5 Scorpio Men: “Clingy” is your middle name


Guys, you’re no better than the ladies. You tend to get wrapped up in a relationship quickly, regardless of if it’s a good one or not. You might think that any relationship is a good relationship because you’re a big fan of your own ideas. You dream big, which is important for everything from engineers to actors. Those dreams sometimes don’t quite line up with what’s actually happening, though. In the same way that you cling to your ideas about a situation, you also cling to the image you have of a person. Even if that person isn’t right for you. You get stuck, which means you need someone who’ll call you out on your clinginess and make sure you’re always moving forward with your life and your ideas.

4 Sagittarius Women: Clingy isn’t even a word in your dictionary

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As a sign that specifically identifies as a free spirit, clingy is the last word we’d use to describe you. Anyone who sees you sees your open heart, beautiful mind, and soft spirit that carries you through the world. You’re in love with everything you see, and wouldn’t miss an opportunity to have a new experience. Your best life is the one during which you can do whatever strikes your fancy, and not worry about going into work or school the next day. This means that relationships can actually be a difficult thing for you to keep up with. Your freedom flying might have gotten you into trouble before, which means you’re better off staying free in the future. So… Are you clingy? Nope. Not even close.

3 Sagittarius Men: Nothing can tie you down


Another Sagittarius! Man, doesn’t it feel good to be free? We certainly think so. Just like you do, sagittarius guy. Your wacky mind and sense of humour are hugely attractive to people, but you like to do you. You’re not worried about settling down or finding the right person. You’re happy to live in the moment, fleeting connection to fleeting connection. There’s nothing wrong with that, but it does mean that you should avoid clingy people. The signs that are clingy are the ones that are going to harsh your vibe. They’re going to bog you down, and you might start to resent them rather than love them. Our advice? Keep all channels of communication open, and know that you’re not the type to cling or get tied down.  

2 Capricorn Women: People might cling to you, but you keep being your strong, independent self


One of the downfalls of being a strong, independent lady is that you get a lot of wild, disorganized people trying to attach themselves to you. Instead of having a solid relationship you tend to get paired up with the dudes who are duds. The ones you like to go off and “find themselves” halfway across the world and leave you stranded. Maybe you were hurt in the past, or maybe you’re just being your regular cautious self. You don’t cling, and it’s for the best. You don’t need the stress of having a deadbeat stop you in your success-oriented tracks. Don’t be fooled by a man who seems devoted to you, as well: the more lovey-dovey they are, the more clingy they can get as time goes on. Keep people at arm’s length until you’re sure they’re strong enough to match you.

1 Capricorn Men: You’re too in control to be clingy. (But you’re definitely loyal)


What do you get when you have a man and a strong set of ideas about how things are supposed to work? You get a Capricorn, by-the-book rule follower and leader extraordinaire. No matter where you go, Capricorn, people will follow. They love your no nonsense attitude and appreciate the fact that you always have a plan. Unfortunately this means that you tend to get clingier people flocking to you. While you won’t exactly cling back, you will treat them with the kindness and loyalty you always treat people with. You’re really a great person to be with, but you need the right kind of personality to balance you well. You’re not like a Cancer, who’ll stick to someone and make anything work. You have your own plan, and half your battle is finding someone who fits.

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