Are You A Realist, Pessimist or Optimist? Here's What Your Sign Says

One of the most common misconceptions about being a pessimist is that you’re the bad guy. Well, that’s not really how it works. See, being an optimist, realist, or pessimist has its pros and cons, and being a pessimist doesn’t mean you’re the most evil person of them all. Generally, realists are, well, realistic. They know how to weigh things and they know which risk is worth taking. They don’t expect much when they know there’s very little chance of getting whatever it is they want. Optimists tend to have a little more expectation on things, but that’s only because they’re positive people. They expect happiness and positivity everywhere and this leads them into living a higher quality of life. Pessimists are the folks who usually get more done. They don’t give a darn about assessing the situation. For them, it’s either you go do it or you don’t. So which one are you?

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15 Aries – Optimist


This has nothing to do with being the first sign, Aries folks are just natural optimists. If this is your sign, you probably have some idea of what I’m talking about – you love to see the good in everything, you’re loving and kind and forgiving, you believe everybody has a good bone in them and you sure put your own good bone into use every single day. Being an optimist, there’s no question why Aries also tend to be social butterflies. You don’t want to be the center of attention but you do go out from time to time, and you love making friends. Being adventurous and energetic, your optimism is pretty much just the icing on the cake. But it is the main reason why you have lots of loyal friends!

14 Taurus – Realist


While Taurus folks are also warm and loving, they lean more on the realist side. These people use their brain to think and they rarely listen to their hearts and their guts. If this is you, you have that attitude of really sitting and dealing about something, whatever that is… you scrutinize the situation and you don’t hold on to rainbows when you can barely see them. But of course, you don’t give up that easy too. You may not have tons of positive mojos in you, but you know how to not let negativity take control. You’re persistent and when you love, be it a friend or a family or a significant other, you make sure they know your love will protect them from this world’s BS.

13 Gemini – Pessimist


Versatility comes a long way, no doubt. But for out Gemini pals, your pessimist just reigns. Most people think this is a bad thing, but that’s only because you make it seem like a bad thing. You’re so full of dark energy, and you have this attitude where you’re just friends with someone when you need something from her. That sucks, you know… yes, you do get a lot of sh*t done because you know the importance of working hard, but you’re not consistent on this. When you pour a lot of efforts on something, you expect others to do the same, and you retreat to your dark cave when others don’t do the same. This, woman, is what’s ruining your life.

12 Cancer – Pessimist


Another pessimist on the list is Cancer. And yes, you can blame this to your crab mentality. For women under this sign, it’s either you pull others down or you paving for them a complicated road. So complicated that they’d end up pulling themselves down. When it comes to being a pessimist, as ironic as it sounds, you’re so very creative. You don’t just know how to work on the things you’re very dedicated about, you also know how to make sure nobody else is on the road with you, because you want that pot of gold all for yourself. You want to be the smartest person in the room every d*mn time, and you want it to seem like you’re the only person who has figured it all out.

11 Leo – Optimist


Creative and warmhearted, Leo tends to have lots of friends. You may not realize it but if this is your sign, chances are you’re friendlier than others. You find it easy to crack a conversation with pretty much anyone, and this has been serving you really well. Not exactly an extrovert, you love building positive relationships with others and you know how to show faith in them. You’re also a loving person and when it comes to complicated sh*t in life, you know how and where to find that positive energy in everyone around you. This is why most of your friends are loyal to you – because you’re simply amazing. Though you do have the tendency to be intolerant sometimes, especially when your negative attitude kicks in, your pals and your colleagues understand.

10 Virgo – Pessimist


A sign of purity and service, Virgo folks are known to be analytical. You’re a very organized person and you want others to be the same. Control is basically your middle name, and you cannot live life to the fullest unless you’re in control. Thus, this is damaging your life. Your pessimism is at its peak whenever you’re put in a situation you cannot control which, for most ordinary humans like us, almost every single day. So if you’re wondering why life is so d*mn complicated, you can say it’s because of your severe obsession to control and perfection. If you actually want to enjoy your life, you may want to start by learning how to move through a world you cannot really control, at least not every aspect of it.

9 Libra – Optimist


For Libra women, one of the best things life can offer is love. You’re a natural romantic and you know how to make the most of its powers. You don’t take advantage of it, and you certainly don’t take it for granted. For Libra, balance is definitely the key. You love to see the positive side of everything before you make any assumptions, which makes you a very lovable person. You know there are bad sides and hidden agendas, but you don’t let those ruin your outlook in life. Your optimism is unbeatable and if you’re not sure whether or not you’re an optimist, just look around. Do you feel how much positivity is running through your veins right now? Yeah, that is optimism at its finest, woman.

8 Scorpio – Realist


Scorpio tend to be intense people. You’re focused and determined and you are well aware of your abilities, which are all good. They’re very useful because fact is, you’re a realist. You scrutinize every complex situation and you know too well that giving others hope when there is none is not good at all. So for you, it’s either telling them straight that they’re in a crappy situation, or keeping it a secret and doing something about it so the sh*t won’t blow up. Being a realist has its own complexities, and this is one of it. But worry not, you’re not playing hero here, if that’s what you think. You’re just a simple person who loves to understand the situation before she jumps in and makes any decisions. And because you love your family so much, you’re doing the same for them.

7 Sagittarius – Optimist


Compassionate and highly intelligent, it’s easy to mistake Sagittarius for realists rather than optimists. But if you look at the bigger picture, you would rather spread love and positive vibes than sit and study the situation. You’re smart, which is why you know when it is right to put so much hope on something. You know when it’s right to take a risk. And yes, optimists do take risks. The only problem is, you tend to have so much hope sometimes, and this is the main reason why you’re vulnerable. In every failure, you find yourself devastated, and it’s always a challenge for you to get back up despite your positive vibes. Needless to say, Sagittarius women are strong, and once you understand your optimism better, you will understand how it works and how you can make the most of it.

6 Capricorn – Pessimist


If there’s one thing people can describe you with, that would be prudent. Seriously, you are… but there’s nothing to be ashamed of. Capricorn ladies are also known to be patient and careful with their decisions. You’re a highly-disciplined person and you know the importance of putting in the work. Even when everything’s in front of you already, you still choose to pour in more work and more effort to make sure you get what you want exactly how you want it. This is the main reason why you’re highly successful in terms of career. But in terms of love? Well, that’s where we have a bit of a problem… see being a pessimist, most of its pros are in the career field. Love can be tricky for Capricorn women especially that you have the tendency to keep grudges.

5 Aquarius – Realist


Because Aquarians are natural humanitarians, I guess it’s just fitting that people under this sign are also realists. For you, it’s not about the best possible outcome or the worst thing that can ever happen. For you, it’s always about how much you exerted to whatever it is you want to achieve, and much you’re willing to give. Being a realist, it’s not just about scrutinizing the situation. For Aquarians, it’s also about knowing how much they can give and how much is appropriate. You know how to pause and you know when to put your guards up to make sure no one would take advantage of you, but of course, your golden heart wins more often, so you end up just giving and giving.

4 Pisces – Realist


Another realist would be Pisces. Folks under this sign are imaginative, which makes being a realist a hell lot easier. If this is your sign, you’re a natural sympathetic and you care so much about everyone around you. For Pisces folks, it’s putting others first before themselves, and you know that in reality, this is not always a good thing. But you do it, still, because you believe it’ll be beneficial more often that it can hurt others. You do everything to make sure other people, especially those you love, won’t have a hard time in life. You’re loving and caring like that, and you know that this path you’re choosing is not easy. Well, at least you strongly believe in your abilities.

Signs that make the best of it all

3 Aries – Optimist


Aries will be Aries, and part of that is being an optimist through and through. Not to mention the fact that this sign is also all about confidence. When it comes to living life, women under this sign know how to ace it. Of course, you’re not perfect and you still screw things up every now and then… but for the most part, you just wanna be positive. You know that sh*t happens no matter what so instead of stressing yourself out on how to avoid those sh*t, you strengthen yourself. You prepare yourself to deal with whatever life will throw at you. And best of all, women under this sign know that when they’re stuck in situations they’re not prepared for, their positive mojos will save them.

2 Libra – Optimist


Another optimist who’s gotten everything taken care of is Libra. Okay, not exactly, but you get it. Being a person of love and balance, Libra ladies know how to make the most of their lives even before they discover that life is a complicated sh*t. For you, nothing beats positivity and love. You’re a natural romantic and you know how to entice people to have more faith in love. For you, love literally makes the world go ‘round. Libra folks are usually sociable, so don’t wonder why you tend to have lots of friends... you’re easy to be friends with, because your positive vibes are so contagious. Plus, your charisma can’t go unnoticed. Smart and full of ideas, Libra find it easy to have a good social life but more so, a good career.

1 Aquarius – Realist


Aquarian realists know how to weigh things like you’ve been doing it since Day 1. If you’re under this sign, you know the importance of balancing things and understanding the real situation. You don’t want to be too faithful and too negative; you don’t want it to be all about work and no play. And most definitely, when you do something, you do it because your heart wants to, not because people are telling you it’s what you’re supposed to do. This is what makes Aquarians successful in a unique way. While other people are busy trying to fit in boxes the world set for them, or so they thought, Aquarians like you know truth in reality, there are no boxes. There is only the great freedom to choose.

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