Are The Rumors True? 16 Clues Kylie Jenner Is Super Close To Giving Birth

We think Kylie Jenner might be trying to drive her fans crazy by keeping her pregnancy under wraps (it would be more accurate to say baggy sweaters, actually) for so long. This reality TV star grew up on Keeping Up With The Kardashians and capitalized on her early fame to achieve success as a makeup tycoon in her late teens. Now that she's just turned twenty, it looks like she's going to be a mom, and we can't wait to hear about that journey. With Kylie's new baby, Kim's surrogate giving birth and Khloe announcing her own pregnancy, we think a line of baby and maternity clothing is in the works for the Kardashian family.

Despite chronicling her entire life on social media, Kylie's wanted to keep the pregnancy private since rumors first surfaced back in September. She's tried everything from hiding in the house to wearing the baggiest sweaters imaginable, but we've been able to find enough pictures of her growing baby bump to piece together a timeline of her pregnancy. If we guessed right, she's in her eighth month and could give birth any day now! If we guessed wrong, she may not even be pregnant. Check out our reasoning and let us know if we're on the right track here.

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16 Here's What She Looked Like In September

We first heard rumors of Kylie's pregnancy in September, when reality TV star and proprietor of the fabulous Kylie's Lip Kit (TM) began posting photos to social media where she wore suspiciously baggy clothes and seemed to be sporting a baby bump. Kylie normally shows off her toned midriff and amazing wardrobe on her Instagram account, so it was a big shock to see her suddenly wearing old sweatpants and hoodies. Kylie and boyfriend Travis Scott were reported to be telling all their friends that she was pregnant and going to have a baby girl, but they didn't make an announcement to the press. And there's still been no formal press release or even an Instagram post! All we have to go on is what TMZ sources say the couple was telling their friends.

15 How Far Along Was She In The Fall?

If Kylie was showing in the fall, how far along is she now? It looks like she had the three- or four-month bump going on in late September, according to the photos from that period. This is also when she stopped posting full-body shots on her social media accounts. Plus, she stopped wearing her usual glam ensembles and seems to be hitting the town with boyfriend Travis exclusively in big jeans and t-shirts. We think she might even be wearing his clothes! There's little doubt that her bump was showing. And when does that happen? Definitely by the late third month of a pregnancy. Let's see... third month in September. If we do the math, she's well into her third trimester by now! This baby has got to be due soon.

14 In October Her Clothes Started Getting Baggy

It looks like Kylie updated her wardrobe for her new figure in October, doing a photo shoot in a loose-fitting blue-striped shirt. Where she's emphasized her rocking body in previous photo sets, here the focus is on her face, nails, and hair. Kudos on the gorgeous skin in that photo, Kylie. Is it her famous cosmetics line giving her that glow, or is it the hormones? With the long nails and dye job, though, it seems pretty clear that she wants to keep people talking about her manicure choices and why she went blonde. If the media is talking about her new hair they won't be going on about whether the baby bump is visible under that blouse. No one took the bait. It doesn't matter if Kylie dyes her hair purple, we're still wondering about the baby!

13 And No Bare Stomach Snapchat On Halloween

Every Halloween for the past few years, Kylie has sent her fans a full-body shot of her costume for Instagram. In 2015, she showed off her abs as Xena, Warrior Princess, and last year she bared her midriff as Christina Aguilera. This year, she still sent out a snap of her angel costume - from the chest up. We think her reluctance to reveal her pregnancy played a role in this. It can't be easy to go from having a tiny waist and visible abs to pregnancy belly.  Unfortunately, this means that we don't have a baby bump photo from October to compare to September, which would give us a better idea of her pregnancy's timeline. If we're right about October being month number four, that baby bump must be pretty sizeable by now!

12 But In That Same Month, She Showed Some Massive Cleavage

Kylie may not have shown us her belly in October, but we got to see a lot of her upper half. She sent out a snap video that featured herself and a few friend goofing around, and where she only appeared in the frame from the chest up. Girl, they've gotten big! A pregnant woman's breasts start growing at the beginning of her third month and keep growing throughout her pregnancy. Given the way Kylie's bursting out of her sports bra in those photos, she has to be in month number four at least. If she's feeling self-conscious about the pregnancy belly, at least she has a great pair of consolation prizes! With this evidence, we feel pretty confident about saying that she was in her fourth month of pregnancy by the end of October.


11 Paparazzi Catches A Baby Bump Candid In November

By November, Kylie's appearances on social media were few and far between. She stopped taking pictures from the chest up and started posting only headshots to update her fans and advertise her lip kits. With a line of cosmetics to manage and her famous family demanding she put in an appearance on the show, Kylie was still determined to conceal her pregnancy. She refused to talk to the press as well as doing a gradual fade from social media. She still left the house, though, and paparazzi managed to get a good shot of her in a parking lot, wearing baggy clothes that did little to hide her bump. With a full chest and protruding stomach, it's obvious that Kylie was pretty far along in her pregnancy in November.

10 Uses Baggy Sweater And Leg Trick To Hide Stomach After November Leak

After paparazzi caught her out in the parking lot, Kylie scrambled to undo the damage. The moment she got into the store, she snapped a full-body shot of herself to show the world that she was NOT pregnant. The post had the opposite effect. With her hips back, chest out and one leg pointed, she was clearly trying to minimize her stomach. The big black hoodie almost managed its job of concealing the bump, but by that time she was so far along that we could still see a bit of tummy protruding. We think that November is month number five, and Kylie was deep in her second trimester when the photo was taken. This isn't the only evidence of her pregnancy back then, it's a major hint that her due date is close today!

9 She's Not In The Christmas Card!

Rumors swirled around the series of Christmas photos the Kardashians were due to post all throughout December 2017. There was no way Kylie could avoid showing her pregnancy in the family Christmas card, a Kardashian social media event that showcases the reality TV family for all of December. Fans eagerly awaited her appearance, hoping that she would break the news on Christmas Eve. But on December 24th, still no Kylie! This added to speculation that she was not only pregnant but possibly in labor on Christmas Eve. Later public appearances in January, still trying to hide the baby bump, put paid to this talk. We think Kylie was going for a quieter Christmas as she prepared for the arrival of her new baby. Honestly, we don't blame her.

8 Kylie Covers Up In Calvin Klein Photo Shoot In January

She didn't make it to the Christmas card photo shoot, but she showed up for the Calvin Klein series. Kylie and her sisters starred in this underwear ad campaign that came out just yesterday. Kim posted all about it on her Instagram. The other Kardashian-Jenner sisters all bared their midriffs for the photographs, but Kylie stayed in the back and covered up with a blanket. Going by our timeline, she should be in her eighth month by now. And unless that's an incredibly lumpy blanket that's been folded over ten times, she's enormous by now. We can't believe she managed to get through an entire photo shoot!

7 Is That The December Baby Bump?

In December, paparazzi caught a very pregnant Kylie out at her friend's birthday party. The photographers didn't get a close look at her, but even from a distance, it was obvious that she was sporting a full-on third-trimester belly. She was wearing a sweater that would probably be too big even for baby daddy Travis! Plus, she looked like she had her hand on that massively protruding stomach. Not seeing her in the Christmas card was such a letdown, but we're happy we got to see her pregnancy progress in December. If that was month number seven, are we now at month number eight of the Kylie Jenner pregnancy? This baby could be coming any day now!

6 She Didn't Go To The Family Barbecue But Teared Up When Khloe Revealed Her Own Pregnancy

Kylie Jenner was notably absent from the barbecue featured on the episode of Keeping Up With The Kardashians where Khloe revealed her pregnancy. Khloe, of course, wanted to let her sister know the big news at the same time as the rest of the family, so she FaceTimed her in. We didn't get a chance to see the baby bump because the FaceTime only had Kylie's head in the frame. Still, Kylie had a telling reaction to the news of her sister's baby. She almost teared up and said that she was about to cry! Learning about your sister's pregnancy for the first time is an emotional moment for anyone, but you don't react that strongly unless you've got similar news. We think Kylie was overwhelmed because her own baby is due soon.

5 Baby Daddy Travis Says "Keep Fishing"

With Kylie keeping her lips zipped, the media turned to her boyfriend for news of the pregnancy. He'd been the one to let news of the pregnancy leak out back in the fall. With a little pushing, would he reveal all? Or at least show us the ultrasound photo that must be his cell phone background? Unfortunately, the Kardashians have him on a tight leash now. Despite bragging to his friends about his future baby girl in September, he seems to be keeping things on the down low in January. When approached, he gets mad evasive and often refuses to comment. At least he doesn't outright deny the rumors. After dozens of reporters asked him about the baby, he finally responded and told them to keep fishing. We will, Travis!

4 Did Travis Scott Cheat? Or Is It Just Misdirection?

The internet has been exploding over the past few days with accounts of the epic fight between Kylie and Travis over his alleged cheating. But just how real is this big fight? We know Kylie's been upset with Travis for traveling the world and going on tour while she's been gestating their child. But seriously, who cheats on their pregnant girlfriend? We don't think Kylie would go for a guy like that, and there's no way her family would take an insult like that lying down. It's way more likely that this is a staged fight to give the press something to talk about while Kylie waits to go into labor. If it works, the focus will be on Travis and Kylie will get to have a private last few weeks of pregnancy. Nice work, future dad, but we're onto you!

3 She's Off Social Media Completely Since December

Since early December we haven't seen anything on Kylie's Snapchat or Instagram, not even a headshot or a bump-concealing baggy shirt. Sources close to the family say that she's still running her cosmetics business and doing fittings for her clothing line inside the home, but that right now she needs her privacy. Could it be that Kylie's resting up before the big day? Her social media accounts play such a big role in marketing for her business, we can't imagine she'll stay away for long. In the meantime, all we have to go on is paparazzi shots of Kylie on now-rare trips outside. She's wearing much more fashionable maternity clothes now than she did back in November. Could she be working on a new maternity line? We hope so.


2 Some Sources Say She's Coming Back After Baby Is Born

She may not want to make public appearances right now, but we bet that once the baby is born we'll get to see an avalanche of Snaps of the adorable new member of the Kardashian-Jenner family. And given Kylie's style, that kid is going to be wearing the most glamorous onesie on the market. A source told Entertainment Tonight that posts will resume right after Kylie gives birth. In the meantime, she's spending the days leading up to the birth with her family - including Khloe, who's also pregnant, and Kim's new baby, Chicago. We can't think of a better way to prepare for being a mom than to hang out with your sisters and their growing families. And if she's already talking about coming back to social media, we don't think the birth can be too far away.

1 Is February 4th The Day?

Rumors are circulating that Kylie already has a due date set for early February, with some sources claiming a concrete date of February 4th. Still, since when has any baby been born on time? Radar Online reports that Kylie is planning on giving birth to her baby at home, but to expect a last-minute rush to the hospital as the first-time mom may be experiencing complications. Unfortunately, a C-section may be in the works. We hope that everything turns out all right! We've been waiting since September for this baby, but if we're right about the timing, Kylie has been preparing for this for over nine months now. What's next for this reality star mom? How is the Kardashian empire going to change once Kim, Khloe, and Kylie are all raising young children together? We won't have to wait long to find out!

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