Apple Has Collaborated With La Roche-Posay To Release This Strange New Skincare Item

Apple is collaborating with skincare brand La Roche-Posay to release a new cool skincare item that will change the industry entirely. The tiny gadget is a clip-on device that can be worn on clothes, shoes, or on its own as a piece of jewelry, and it can track the wearer's exposure to UVA and UVB rays. The data collected by the tracking advice is sent to an app, which can be downloaded the phone, so it is easy to keep track of fluctuations or spikes in levels of UV rays.

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The UV tracker and its accompanying app can also track other environmental stressors that can be harmful to a human being, such as pollution, humidity, and pollen levels. The wearable tracker is called My Skin Track/UV, and it will be making a huge difference to anyone who needs to be extra careful with exposure to UV rays, or anyone sensitive to pollen or pollution.

Via: Allure.com

As reported by Allure, the person leading the research behind the My Skin Track/UV wearable, Guive Balooch, believes the future of beauty and skin care is helping people take care of their skin, rather than repairing it from damage already done. The app will, in addition to track data, also provide the wearer with tips for sun protection and send warnings based on the daily UV exposure received.

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After downloading the app, all the wearer needs to do is to clip on the UV tracker to their clothes or accessories, and then after having worn it all day, synchronize it to the phone by lightly tapping the device on the phone. Simple as that! The app will then update with the data the tracker has collected that day, so it is easy to keep track of the levels of exposure. The UV tracker is waterproof and charged through solar cells, so there is no worry to remember charging it.

The My Skin Track/UV wearable is easy to personalize to match the wearer's individual needs and help them taking care of their skin and avoiding exposing it to unnecessary stress factors. Apart from being completely personalizable, The My Skin Track/UV wearable is also very accessible as it retails at only $60, which is a low price to pay given all the help it gives to protect the skin.

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