An App That Could Change The World Of Fashion

There is a new app that could change the entire world of fashion.

Designer pals, Mark Badgley and James Mischka, recently used a new app at their New York Fashion week show and it may transform the fashion world. Those who attended the show were encouraged to download an app, which then allowed each user to rate the new designs in real time.

As new Badgley Mischka outfits appeared on the runway, users could immediately give their feedback. It is the first technology of its kind, which will help designers get critical feedback. The app also quizzed each user regarding whether or not they liked or loved each outfit they viewed. Plus, it gave users additional information on each garment, which was not revealed at the show.

Although these two are known for their high-end fashion style, it seems that they are embarking on a whole new technology venture. Their app venture proved very successful; during the 15-minute show over 179 users cast 1398 votes. Both Badgley and Mischka were watching the data come through on an interactive iPad while the show was going on.

“I was surprised by the results, which makes it more fascinating. I am probably the lowest tech guy you could ever meet in your life. But for all the millennials out there and the way the world is changing. This app is important. People who were at these shows are the decision-makers in the fashion industry. They are the ones who have the voice. Now we get to hear from them right away, as opposed to six-months from now,” stated Badgley regarding the app.

The instant responses on what people wanted and liked proved invaluable to the designers. It is not only a way for them to stay relevant with the younger generation, but also helps the company operate more efficiently. Badgley Mischka can now manage inventory better, operate faster, and make their Fall 2018 more cost effective.

For years the fashion world has been ahead of its time, except when it comes to technology. However, now thanks to the app used by Badgley Mischka at New York Fashion Week, the two worlds may have now officially collided. It is a necessary move that is changing the fashion industry for the better.

There is no word yet on other designers following the lead of these two, but it is definitely a trend to watch during Fashion Week in the Fall of 2018.

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