Antoni Porowski Of “Queer Eye” Just Dropped His New Cookbook

The success that has come from the 2018 reboot of Queer Eye has been both massive and amazing to watch. All five cast members have found a ton of fame and followers from starring on Netflix's reality TV makeover show. But in addition, the Fab Five have managed to find even more success in different avenues. This includes clothing lines, memoirs, and other TV appearances.

In the case of Antoni Porowski- Queer Eye's resident Food & Wine Expert- he's utilizing his fame to boost his newest cookbook. The book is called Antoni in the Kitchen, and it's written by Porowski with a foreword by former mentor Ted Allen. This is significant because, in addition to their previous working relationship, Allen was the Food & Wine Expert on the original Queer Eye TV show.

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The recipes in Porowski's cookbook are divided into several different sections. This includes Apps and Snack; Greens, Veg, and Other Sides; Soups and Stews; Pasta and Rice; Weeknight Healthyish; Animal; and Bake. There are photos of the finished dishes and the accompanying instructions on how to make them correctly. But there's also Porowski talking about personal experiences that tie into each individual dish. Finally, you'll see photos of the chef exploring New York City's streets sprinkled throughout the cookbook, as well as several references that tie into the star's time filming Queer Eye. This gives the impression that it's not just a run-of-the-mill cookbook, but also a personal journal of sorts as told by Porowski.

This cookbook is a great addition if you love to cook because you'll have the chance to make plenty of easy and difficult dishes. If you're a Queer Eye fan- or just an Antoni Porowski fan- you'll like the photos of him and his stories that accompany the aforementioned dishes. But if you love to cook and watch Queer Eye, then it's arguably the perfect cookbook for you to purchase to fulfill both those loves!

Antoni in the Kitchen is available for purchase now on Amazon.com, as well as wherever else books are sold.

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