Answer These 10 Questions To Find Your Perfect Lipstick Color

We all have that one type of makeup that makes us feel awesome. For some, it's bright and bold, and for others, it's a subtle shade.

We're not sure why we're attracted to the makeup that we like. Life can be busy and hard sometimes, but no matter what's going on, we can always count on lipstick to cheer us up. It's pretty cool that with one swipe (or a few if we want to make it look perfect), we're ready for wherever we're going.

But what if we're not sure what color to go with today? Answer these 10 questions to find your perfect lipstick shade.

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10. Do You Want All Eyes On You, All The Time?


If you can answer yes to this question, then you definitely want to buy the boldest lipstick of all. There is no doubt about it -- it is going to be red.

Pale lipstick isn't even a possibility if this is the type of person that you are. You don't want people to look at you and not be sure if you're wearing any makeup at all. Nope. That wouldn't work. You want people to think that your makeup looks great, and it all starts with red lipstick.

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9. Do You Want Compliments For Being Creative?


There are all types of lipstick shades out there and there are so many that we might not even realize it. Did we know that green and purple lipsticks exist? We might assume that these are too wild and wacky for anyone to actually wear, especially if it's not part of a costume, but lots of people enjoy wearing these colors on a regular basis.

If you want compliments for being creative and it makes you feel good when others see you as an artsy kind of person, then you want your lipstick to reflect that. Crazy colors like green, purple, blue, or bright orange are going to be what you reach for.

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8. Are You Wearing A Formal Or Casual Outfit?


Red lipstick is a classic pairing with a black dress or formalwear in general. Red lipstick also works well if you're wearing leggings and a sweater. It's a seriously versatile color and that's why it's a good idea to always have a few shades on hand so it's literally in your back pocket (or your purse if you don't have pockets).

Whether you're hanging out with friends at a pub and want to wear an outfit that reflects that or you're going to a fancier event, you can't go wrong with red lipstick. It'll look amazing in both of these situations.

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7. Are You Headed To A Holiday Party?


Dark purple or dark red lipstick is good for a holiday party. Those colors really seem like the holidays, right? Add a green dress and you'll look perfect (okay, you might not want to match the colors of Christmas quite that much.)

A lot of these lipsticks will have names that involve the word "wine" since they are basically red wine-colored. That's the area that you want to be working in. Whether you curl your hair or wear it in a sophisticated updo or go for jeans and a sparkly top or a fancy black cocktail dress, this color of lipstick will work really well. Everyone will pay you tons of compliments at the party.

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6. Do You Want To Try Something New?


Two-toned lips are a thing and they are a thing that you should try if you want something new and fun. You can achieve this look by buying two lipsticks and then putting one on your top lip and swiping the other across your bottom lip.

As pictured, you can go for a mix of pink and red. Those colors look awesome together and this will be an easy yet enjoyable way to add a little something special to your day. This works well if you're going to a party since it's a bit of a fancier look, and you'll hear so many nice things about how creative you are.

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5. Do You Need Cheering Up?


Sparkly or glitter pink lipstick is your perfect lipstick when you need cheering up. We all know that there are just some days when we don't feel like ourselves or we know that we need something to make us smile.

Since pink is a cheerful color, it only seems logical that we would turn to this tube of lip color when we need it. Add some sparkle to the mix and we won't believe how fast our mood turns around. Anyone we run into will want to know where we got this amazing sparkly lipstick, and we'll be all too happy to let them know.

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4. Do You Have A Date Or Are You Celebrating A Friend's Birthday?


These two situations might seem totally different -- one is romantic and one is celebrating a friend's milestone -- but they have one thing in common: the attention won't be on you 100 percent of the time.

Think about it: on a date, you want to ask the other person questions and you don't want to be speaking all of the time, and you don't want to seem conceited. And with a friend's birthday, you want them to be the center of attention since this is their special day. In both of these scenarios, a light pink lipstick seems like the best idea.

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3. Do You Have '90s Nostalgia?

Glamour UK

'90s nostalgia is a real thing if you're a millennial who grew up during those years and still love the TV shows and movies and fashion and beauty from then. If you can answer this question with a "yes, of course" then your perfect lipstick shade is a pastel pink.

Pastels were a fashion and beauty trend from the 1990s and for good reason. It's easy to see why people loved these sweet shades and it's easy to see why you would be happy to swipe on some pastel pink lipstick. It will match any outfit and always be soft and pretty.

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2. Are You Going On A Job Interview?


In this case, you want to go with a lipstick that is pale and light and almost like you're not wearing lipstick. This could be a peach lipstick.

The question of whether you should wear a lot of makeup to a job interview definitely depends on what kind of company it is. Some might be more chill and laid-back and not mind some makeup and others might find it unprofessional. It's best to play it safe and wear a pale, light lipstick that will help you look professional. That way, your interviewer can focus on how awesome you are and how qualified you are for the job, and not the crazy lip color you're wearing.

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1. Do You Want To Wear Other Makeup?


Nude lipstick is the way to go when you want to wear other kinds of beauty products. You might not believe in the old rule that you can't wear crazy and bright lipstick along with crazy and bright blush and eyeshadow, but it does seem a bit like overkill when you see someone with a full face of makeup.

Stick with some nude lipstick and you can wear anything else that you want, from that bright pink eyeshadow your best friend got you for your birthday that you've been waiting for an excuse to wear, or a blush that really brings out your cheekbones.

Whenever you're reaching for some lipstick, ask yourself these 10 questions, and you'll be good to go.

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