An Update On 15 Recently Released WWE Divas

Working for WWE sounds like a dream job. However, it can lead to a lot of fatigue given the rigors of road life. The Divas are constantly traveling, and as if that wasn’t hard enough, they’re also responsible for keeping in shape and putting their bodies on the line inside the ring.

For that reason, a Diva’s professional run usually doesn’t last all that long–some opt to leave the business completely, searching for other alternatives. On the flip side, some stay in the business and try to milk their fame as much as possible whether that be through wrestling conventions or independent wrestling companies.

In this update article, we feature both sides of the coin. Some Divas are completely out of the business working in things like the fitness industry, other entertainment outlets, or even opting to start a family and live a quiet life.

We also have a big chunk that continues on in the wrestling business with smaller promotions. Although some are gone from the company, as fans will see in this article, they still have aspirations to return one day.

From Eva Marie in 2017 to a release just days ago, we take a look at what these 15 WWE Divas are up to since leaving the company. Enjoy the article and like always be sure to share it with a friend. Let’s get started!

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15 AJ Lee – Keynote Speaker/Author

via IG

Some fans might forget, but AJ Lee kicked off the women’s revolution a while ago. During the Divas era, AJ was a step ahead of the competition, becoming the most popular Diva on the roster. However, when CM Punk left the company, AJ was out the door soon after.

Since leaving, Lee became a proud author of a book–Crazy Is My Superpower–the same book that would go on to become a New York Times Best Seller. Lee continues to promote the book and make appearances as a keynote speaker. Despite her change in direction, Lee has admitted that she misses wrestling dearly. But given that she’s in her early 30s, a comeback is a real possibility.

14 Kaitlyn – Fitness Clothing Company

via IG

A former Divas Champion, Kaitlyn decided to step out of the ring at a young age. She entirely switched focus upon entering the fitness world. Nowadays, she’s running her apparel line, Celestial Bodiez. The former WWE star is also the proud creator of Booty Crunch Leggings.

Like so many of the other Divas, Kaitlyn would ultimately return to wrestling–even making an appearance with WWE at the Mae Young Classic. For now, though, she continues to focus on her fitness company along with her podcast and YouTube channel. She’s definitely keeping busy since leaving the company, but don't rule out future returns to WWE just yet.

13 Emma – Ring Of Honor

via IG

Emma is one of the few Divas to get her WWE release papers twice. However, the second release was the one that hurt the most given that she was with the company for six years. It was a release that happened out of the blue.

Since leaving WWE, Emma has continued her wrestling journey. She remained active with several independent brands along with joining Ring Of Honor. She’s currently on the sideline for medical reasons, though we have no doubt that she’ll be better than ever once she returns to the ring. With AEW about to launch, maybe Emma plans to make the jump and join the new movement?

12 Vickie Guerrero – Medical Administration

via IG

Vickie has to be regarded as one of the greatest villains of the 2000s. She adapted to the WWE world effortlessly, back in the day. She stayed onboard with the company for nearly a decade before ultimately deciding to switch fields completely–her release wasn't unexpected by any means.

Vickie is now studying in Medical Administration, and given her posts on the likes of IG, her schooling is almost coming to a close. What an admirable decision for the 51-year-old to head back to school and completely switch fields! Don’t worry, though, wrestling fans; she still does lots of appearances and meet-and-greets at wrestling conventions.

11 Brandi Rhodes – AEW Chief Branding Officer

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Feeling underutilized, Brandi decided to leave WWE–an admirable decision and one that lots of Divas don’t make. She wanted to convert as an in-ring talent–though WWE was content with her spot as a ring announcer.

Since leaving, Brandi has become a true success story. She wanted to wrestle and that’s exactly what went down as she joined the Ring of Honor and lots of other independent promotions. She’s now set to take on the biggest gig of her personal run as the Chief Branding Officer of AEW, the same role filled by Stephanie McMahon with WWE. We'd say that's a step in the right direction for Brandi!

10 Rosa Mendes – Fit Mama App

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Rosa entered WWE through the Diva Search pipeline back in 2006. She enjoyed a lengthy stay with the company, one that lasted a decade. However, Rosa didn’t get much done in the ring and she’s more so remembered for her contributions on Total Divas than anything in-ring.

Since leaving WWE, Rosa has started a family. She also adapted her focus on fitness, developing an app called Fit Mama. Mendes also felt the itch to return to the ring at one point, though her comeback ended rather quickly due to an unexpected medical issue. No word on if she’ll return to the ring–for now, she continues to promote her app via social media.

9 Summer Rae – Modeling

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Summer Rae wasn’t the most gifted in-ring talent but her persona was what propelled her to popularity amongst the WWE universe. Rae was a great heel with the company and some blame WWE for her demise. Maybe if she was given the chance to shine properly, even as a manager, she could have extended her run.

Since her release, Rae has continued on in the wrestling business and attended various wrestling conventions. She still gets lots of long lines–clearly, her WWE fame paid off nicely. Along with the wrestling appearances, Rae has several sponsorship deals with fitness brands–and she also has lots of modeling gigs with various companies.

8 Lilian Garcia – Chasing Glory Podcast

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Garcia joined WWE way back in the late ‘90s. She could have had a job with the company for life, though she chose to part ways in 2016 due to the ailing health of her father. She returns to WWE programming sporadically nowadays, but it would seem nothing permanent is in the works.

Out of the ring, she’s also keeping busy with her Chasing Glory podcast. The show features several WWE stars including, most recently, The Animal, Batista. The show is one of the better wrestling podcasts out there, especially given the great guests she constantly has. Aside from that, Garcia is a fitness enthusiast; somehow, she’s 52 these days! Clearly, her passion seems to be working in her favor.

7 Sara Lee – Motherhood

via IG

It might be hard to believe, but Sara Lee won the Tough Enough competition back in 2015. Despite the fact that she ranked behind the others in the ring, fans still voted for her regardless–this showed fans that the program was very flawed.

In September of 2016, Lee’s WWE journey had already come to an end. Her progress had completely stalled and she had other plans–ones that involved starting a family alongside her man, WWE star Wesley Blake. She’s enjoying motherhood these days with two children–the second was recently born just months ago. Lee definitely has her hands full with motherhood!

6 Cameron – TV Host & Fitness Clothing Line

via IG

Cameron’s WWE run was a bumpy one and filled with botches. It all started during her journey with Tough Enough–she told Steve Austin that her favorite match of all time featured Melina and Alicia Fox. She really couldn’t get a handle on her in-ring work, even trying to pin an opponent the opposite way.

She’s finding a lot more success since leaving WWE. Among her many gigs, Cameron is a host for the show Sippin’ The Tea on the Focus TV Network. She has also taken part in smaller independent films. You can keep up-to-date with Cameron under her real name– Ariane Andrew–these days.

5 Zahra Schreiber – Sporadic Indie Appearances

via IG

The 32-year-old had a brief run with WWE. But past controversial posts to her social media ended up costing her a spot with WWE. Since her release, Zahra Schreiber has managed to stay in the headlines, most notably for her brief relationship with WWE star Sonya Deville (she also dated Seth Rollins, of course). We even saw a lot of Zahra with Paige.

Nowadays, it appears as though she’s wrestling a lot less frequently. She joined the indie scene following the end of her WWE run–though her recent appearances have been few and far between. In all likelihood, she might be done with the world of pro wrestling sooner rather than later.

4 Abbey Laith – Independent Wrestling

via IG

Laith made a brief appearance with WWE during the Mae Young Classic. She was also under contract with the company but was eventually let go. Now going by the name of Kimber Lee, she hasn’t let go of her dream of performing on the indie circuit. She took to Twitter addressing her WWE departure;

“Dear @WWENXT and @WWE ..... Thank You. Thank you for all the opportunities you gave me in the last year. Thank you for everything I was taught and I wouldn’t trade that chapter of my life for anything. Now my path may be changing, but the Crown Jewel is still very much alive.”

3 Layla El - Retired

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Layla entered WWE in 2006 and she would go on to enjoy a fine run alongside partner Michelle McCool. The two made a great combination and they were among the top heels during the Divas era. The two even most recently teased a return to the ring back in January of 2019.

Unlike lots of the other Divas that have kept busy, Layla was kind of off the radar for a while since leaving WWE in 2015. She recently returned to social media, but her posts are rather playful and nothing too serious. Who knows, maybe the 41-year-old is planning on a return to the ring.

2 Dasha Fuentes – Time Off

via IG

Just a couple of weeks ago, Dasha was released by WWE. Since her departure, Fuentes seems to be taking it easy, enjoying some relaxation time by the beach. She took to IG addressing her release just a couple of days ago;

“I can’t thank you all of enough for the past 5 years it has truly been an honor and privilege to have been able to work for @wwe!!! To all of my fans throughout the years and coworkers who have reached out to me, it truly means a lot!!! Although my journey with WWE has come to an end it’s just the beginning!!! I most definitely am not saying goodbye, but rather I’ll see y’ all around!!!!”

1 Eva Marie – Reality Television/Modeling

via IG

Eva Marie was finally let go by WWE in the summer of 2017. She had a polarizing run, to say the least–fans really weren’t invested when it came to her gimmick in the ring.

Since leaving the company, Marie has kept very busy. Her most notable appearance took place on the reality show Big Brother. She also does a lot of modeling gigs, as evidenced by her IG account. She also has her own podcast via Podcast One.

Although she’s gone from WWE, Eva kept the door open for a return during an interview with Ryan Satin of Pro Wrestling Sheet, “I feel like I do have unfinished business there. I feel right when I left, I was just about to arrive.”

Sources: Pro Wrestling Sheet, IG

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