Amy Schumer Just Got Married Under The Radar

In comedic circles, Amy Schumer can level an entire room with a series of outrageous one-liners. So, imagine the frenzy among her fans and the media when she revealed Thursday on Instagram a life-changing event with only one word.


That's all she needed. The bridal gown she wore, while posing with chef Chris Fischer, connected the rest of the dots. It turns out she married the kitchen maven two days earlier at a small wedding by a Malibu beach. Although the decision for the two to tie the knot was reportedly made on impulse, they still had enough time to invite roughly 80 folks. The guest list included celebrities Jennifer Aniston, Larry David, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jennifer Lawrence, and David Spade.

To say that this was a whirlwind romance would be an understatement. The twosome have apparently been together roughly three months. They initially connected via Fischer's sister, who happens to be Schumer's assistant. They did their best to keep their relationship surreptitious. Although media wags managed to reveal the romance by reporting that they were seen together at an episode of Saturday Night Live in New York and a 60th birthday bash in California for Ellen Degeneres.


Don't expect any one-up-manship between the couple. While Schumer's best known for her standup and a filmography, that includes Trainwreck and Snatched, Fischer's no slouch. He's the award-winning author of Beetlebung Farm Cookbook: A Year of Cooking in Martha's Vineyard, while his eatery, Beach Plum Restaurant, earned a huge thumbs-up of approval from President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama.

Despite the joy surrounding the low-key affair, Schumer made sure to add a touch of poignancy to the proceedings. Instead of gifts, she asked everyone to make a donation to Everytown For Gun Safety, a not-for-profit agency with a mission statement to eliminate deaths afflicted by firearms. It's a charity Schumer's supported since 2015, when an assailant shot two people to death during a screening of Trainwreck at a movie theater in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Considering the violence that erupted in Florida the day after her wedding, for Schumer, the issue is very close to home.

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