America’s Next Top Model: 10 Moments That Shocked The Audience

America's Next Top Model really was something. Miss Tyra Banks knew exactly what fans wanted, and she wasn't shy in giving it to them. For years, this wonderful product of her fierce imagination came to life in our screens, and we couldn't be happier. ANTM gave us high fashion, it gave us drama, and it gave us some questionable photoshoot themes.

Some of the girls—and, later, boys—went on to pursue their modeling careers after the show, others kept embracing the world of reality television, and others were never heard of again. But the truth is, it came to a certain point where the show was less about fashion and more about drama. And boy, did it deliver!

Throughout its 22 unforgettable cycles, America's Next Top Model had many moments, both on and off screen, that shocked fans all over the world. The show might be over, but the iconic times it gave us will live on forever! Here are 10 moments that completely shocked the audience.

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10 Tyra Pretending To Faint

We all know that the reality in reality show is a term used rather loosely. Most shows have quite a few rehearsed scenes, and everyone involved is encouraged to take things one step further. So, it's understandable that you can't be in one, or even host one if there isn't something a bit theatrical about yourself.

Supermodel Tyra knows this, and she wasn't afraid to use her acting skills to crank up the show's ratings—and scare the living souls out of the contestants at times. A great example of this is when she pretended to faint in Cycle 6 to announce the challenge for that week. A little over-dramatic, and definitely surprising.

9 Alexandra Falls Off The Runway

One of the things America's Next Top Model is well-known for is creativity. Whether we're talking about photoshoots that pushed boundaries every single episode or insane runways, ANTM did it all, many times to the dismay of the audience and contestants alike.

On Cycle 14 of the show, someone had the brilliant idea of having the girls walk the runway while two enormous pendulums were singing from one side to the other. Needless to say, something bad was bound to happen—and it did! Contestant Alexandra was hit by one of the pendulums and ended up falling off the runaway. Thankfully for Tyra, she didn't sue the network.

8 Brittany Melts Down

Some of the most entertaining bits of the show happen during the go-see episode that we get every season. The contestants have to see the biggest number of designers they can, book the job, and come back, all within a very short amount of time. This is nerve-wracking at times, and some girls can't handle the pressure.

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On Cycle 8, Brittany arrives late and is therefore not eligible to be judged on her performance. She breaks down in tears and screams in a meltdown of epic proportions. But this isn't even the best part! In an attempt to comfort her, fellow model Natasha says "I just want to tell you that some people have war in their countries". Everyone at home probably clapped.

7 Shandi Cheats On Her Boyfriend

Another trademark of America's Next Top Model is when Tyra takes the top girls to another country for the final episodes of each season. It's obviously extremely exciting for the girls since most of them never left their hometowns in the first place. However, there's also a lot more room for drama.

A good example was when, in Cycle 2, Shandi slept with an Italian model one night the girls decided to invite a few of them into the house. The worst part was, she had a boyfriend at home, whom she called the next day. We got everything, tears, screams, Shandi on her knees... the works!

6 Celia Speaks Up

Rule number one of America's Next Top Model is don't talk back to the judges! Don't second guess their decisions, don't come off too strongly, because they will destroy you, your dreams, and, if you let them, your life. They even have the potential to end your career before it even began.

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In Cycle 12, contestant Celia—who was actually safe—stood up to Tyra Banks herself and told her she was making the wrong decision sending the girl she chose home when the girl she saved said she didn't want to be on the show in the first place. Tyra's face says it all, and not a single person was expecting Celia's little Avenger outburst.

5 Lisa Takes The Diaper Too Seriously

Many people came and went into  America's Next Top Model universe. Many of them were easily forgettable, others were impressive due to how incredibly talented they were, and others will go down in history simply for being too much in general.

Lisa was one of these people, and her irreverence ultimately leads to her being a part of the All-Stars season, and even winning, although it wasn't exactly deserved since Angelea left... but more on that later. One of her worst and honestly just disgusting moments happened during her first appearance on the show. During Cycle 5, Lisa was put in a diaper... that she peed in. Yes, that happened. How this woman came to win All-Stars is still a mystery.

4 Rebecca Faints

Unlike Tyra and her "let me just pretend that I'm slipping into a coma for a second here" number, a contestant on the show actually ended up passing out. The pressure of the show can be quite intense, coupled with the stress of wanting to win, sharing a house with 10 other people, and crazy shooting schedules.

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Cycle 4's Rebecca appeared to give in to the pressure and fainted while the judges were delivering their critiques during the panel. Thankfully, the girl recovered like a pro and didn't have any other mishaps during her appearance on the show.

3 Angelea Exits The Show

Angelea made it all the way to top three of the All-Star season, and fans truly believed she was going to win. She had it all; looks, personality, and crazy amounts of talent the other contestants—especially Lisa—could only dream of.

However, when the judges are deliberating, we are informed that Angelea was forced to leave the show because she broke the rules somehow. Later on, we found out she was kicked out (even though she was actually going to win) because she'd worked as an escort a few years back. Fans were furious over this, and to this day, still can't believe Angelea didn't get her prize.

2 Louise Takes On Kelly

Kelly Cutrone isn't someone you'd want to mess with. The way she looks at people alone is enough to send shivers down the spine of a grown man, let alone tiny, young models who are hoping to make it in the modeling business. However, ever so often someone might just be up to take on the dragon.

Louise, the British competitor from Cycle 18, completely snapped at Kelly during the panel when she was criticizing her attitude and her photos. The whole thing escalated pretty quickly and ended up with Louise running off into the street, screaming at the producers she wanted to go home several times.

1 "We Were Rooting For You!"

The moment that gave birth to a thousand memes that will probably live forever! No matter how many surprising moments ANTM had, nothing will ever top Tyra's meltdown in Cycle 4, during the judges' panel. The whole thing becomes even more perturbing because it just seems to come out of nowhere.

Tyra yells at the girl standing in front of her because she's had enough of her attitude towards the show and the opportunity she was given that so many people would kill for. It might have been quite emotional back then, but today, it's just one of the greatest gems the internet blessed us with—and, of course, surprising.

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