Alone Time Might Be The Key To Saving Your Sanity And Your Marriage

Having alone time might be the key to saving your sanity and your marriage! This is not new information. In fact, research has been claiming couples need space for years.

Article after article can be found explaining that married couples need to spend time alone. However, the alone time might not be what you think. Yes, couples need to spend quality time together, without kids or friends or family around. However, the word alone has another very important meaning. It is speaking to spending time alone, by yourself, away from your spouse or partner.

It has been found that quality time by yourself is vital to saving your sanity and your marriage. There used to be a stigma surrounding taking care of yourself and making time to do things for yourself. Well, this is becoming less of the case, especially for women who historically have a more difficult time putting themselves first.

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This stigma seems to be attached to marriage and relationships from a time when men worked outside of the home. They were entitled to alone time when they got home in the evening. However, the stay-at-home wife was not entitled to the same time alone. Over the years, as women started working outside the home, this stigma changed. Despite that fact, some women still don’t always put themselves first.

Why is alone time important for a marriage? Well, too much togetherness can cause problems even for the most in love couples. It is easy to lose yourself when you become a couple, especially once you are married and have children. Research shows being fulfilled alone will strengthen your marriage. This includes making sure your priorities and your purpose do not get swallowed up by what your spouse wants.

As the saying goes, you have to love yourself before you can love someone else. Well, once married you must continue to make sure you care for yourself. Doing things you love by yourself will ensure this self-love and this can strengthen your marriage.

Spending time alone is great. It gives you the chance to unwind, calm down, take a breather, and focus on you. The better you feel, the better you will make your partner feel. Plus, then you and your spouse will have even more to talk about when you are together.

What do you think about spending time alone being a factor in saving your marriage?

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