All Grown Up: 19 Photos Of Former Disney Stars

It's crazy how many celebrities get their start on the Disney channel. It's basically a one-stop shop for becoming famous. Most former Disney stars have the same story: they talk about how great it was to have a positive experience acting on a TV show on the channel, but they also confess that it's been hard to be taken seriously as a more mature, grown-up actress. All they want is to be allowed to grow up and be who they are really meant to be.

We definitely have allowed some former Disney stars to grow up, like Selena Gomez and Hilary Duff, and we're super big fans of them to this day. It's not like we hold the fact that they had to grow up against them. There are others (like the stars of High School Musical) who seem to have had a tougher time getting the world to believe that they're adults now. Maybe it's just the luck of the draw or something. There are a ton of photos out there of former Disney stars that make us go, "Whoa, THEY were on the Disney channel?!" That's exactly how we feel about the following photos. Check out these 15 photos that former Disney stars want buried!


19 Emmy Rossum - Shamelessly Hot

These days, Emmy Rossum is a serious actress in her own right. She's starred in movies like The Phantom of the Opera and Beautiful Creatures. She's currently starring as Fiona on the dark family drama Shameless and racking up the accolades.

But before all of that, Emmy was on the Disney channel. She was in a movie called Genius that aired in 1999 and played the love interest of the main character. Maybe we watched it back when we were kids... or maybe some of us have never even heard of it and want to look it up right now. Either one is totally cool. It's pretty clear that Emmy is no longer a Disney star when we see this gorgeous photo of her wearing nothing but a towel with her hair crazy messy. She looks amazing.

18 Ashley Tisdale - High Schooler No More


We would never expect to see one of the stars of High School Musical looking this hot... but that's exactly what's going on here. When the first movie premiered in 2006, it was basically an instant hit and everyone went nuts for it. There were two more movies and fans went wild for Ashley Tisdale and her character, Sharpay Evans. Because Sharpay is the absolute best name ever.

These days, Ashley is 32 years old and all grown up, and she totally looks it. Just look at her incredible body. She's seriously #goals and it's clear that the gym is probably her favorite place. The styling of this photo makes it even hotter, from the fact that Ashley's wearing short black combat boots and she's got sand all over her (super flat) stomach.

17 Selena Gomez - From 'Wizards Of Waverly Place' To Super Hot

If we ever thought that wearing a one-piece was never as hot as wearing a bikini, our minds are now forever changed. We couldn't possibly think that way after seeing this photo of Selena Gomez in a black bathing suit. Because she is utter perfection and she couldn't possibly look any better. Nope, not even if she was wearing a bikini.

Selena Gomez is another former Disney star who is super gorgeous. She starred on the Disney channel TV show Wizards of Waverly Place from 2007 until 2017. After that, she started honing a more mature image, singing songs like "Come and Get It" and one of her latest hits, "Fetish." As soon as she starred in Spring Breakers, it was clear that Selena had officially broken away from her former Disney good girl image. And we love it. She looks awesome here, like always.

16 Demi Lovato - Happy, Healthy And Gorgeous In Black Lace


Demi Lovato starred on the Disney show Sonny with a Chance from 2009 until 2011, and she's one former Disney star who has gone through a really rough time. She has been open about her suffering from an eating disorder and other mental health issues, and thankfully, today she is much happier.

And she's gorgeous, of course. Just look at this photo, which is definitely not fit for the Disney channel, between her exposed stomach and her cleavage. Oh yeah, and let's not forget to mention the super seductive look in her eyes. She's definitely moved on from those days and is all grown up now, which makes sense since she's 25 years old. We think that she's seriously rocking this lacy black top and jeans combo.

15 Miley Cyrus - From 'Hannah Montana' To Wild And Crazy

Hannah Montana, is that you?! We would have no clue that Miley Cyrus starred as the regular girl with a double life as a famous singer based on this photo alone. The Disney show, which ran from 2006 and 2011, was super innocent and adorable. We definitely all watched this show and loved it, wishing that this was our life, and we loved Miley Cyrus, too.

Today, Miley is so different from her Disney channel days. So different. She's a big fan of rocking the boat and being wild and crazy, and this photo is a perfect example of that. In this photo, she's got her stomach exposed and is wearing her hair super short. Oh yeah, and she's chewing a piece of gum in a seductive way. That's so Miley.

14 Bella Thorne - Shaking It Up On The Beach


This photo is so Bella Thorne. Most of the time she wears clothing that we can only call kind of weird because she has a pretty, um, unique way of putting outfits together. But the rest of the time, she lets her true beauty shine through and wears something simpler, like this t-shirt and jean short combination.

Back in the day, she was CeCe Jones on the Disney show Shake It Up, and that's how she rose to fame. She was on the show for a few years, from 2011 until 2013, and then started branching out in both her professional life and with her image as well. Bella looks super hot here and is really pulling off those incredibly short shorts. She's also wearing the shortest t-shirt known to man and, yup, we can see part of her chest peeking out underneath it. So hot... and so not the Disney channel.

13 Hilary Duff - Loving The Post-'Lizzie McGuire' Life

It's almost like Hilary Duff is going, "Hey, look at me, I used to be on the Disney channel and I look super hot now!" Yeah, that's totally what she's thinking.

She really does look incredible here, from her wavy hair to her perfectly cool accessories to her red lipstick and the black lace on her top (or dress... it's kind of dark and hard to tell, but whatever it is, it's great). Not everyone can wear red lipstick and look this good in it, but if anyone could, of course it would be Hilary Duff. She's just the coolest. We love her pop music and her role on the hilarious millennial show Younger. We've definitely been fans of her since her days on Lizzie McGuire back in the early 2000s.


12 Vanessa Hudgens - From Teen Dream To Beach Queen


Another High School Musical star, Vanessa Hudgens has made an inspiring transition from teen star to 20something actress. The 28-year-old has had two albums released and has also starred in movies ranging from Beastly to Spring Breakers. She was also amazing as Rizzo in the live version of Grease in 2016.

But before all of that, Vanessa was Gabriella Montez in High School Musical, and she fell for Zac Efron both on and off-screen. The two were an absolutely adorable couple for quite a while but sadly broke up. This is definitely not a Disney kind of photo, judging from Vanessa's sexy pose and the fact that her bathing suit is showing off parts of her body. She looks insanely good. It's just #goals all around.

11 Britney Spears - Not So Mouse-y Anymore

We were probably all way too young to watch it (and we didn't know that the child stars would grow up to be who they are today), but in 1992 , Britney Spears starred on the Disney show The Mickey Mouse Club. Her costars are none other than Christina Aguilera, Justin Timberlake, Keri Russell, and Ryan Gosling. Yup, just a few names that we might recognize. Not sure. But we just might.

This is such a hot photo, it's probably something that Brit would want buried, but hey, we're big fans of it. We love her short striped dress and super high boots. We might not have the guts to wear these boots, but we're not famous pop stars (sadly), so that's probably the difference. Britney just looks so awesome all the time.

10 Christina Aguilera - She's Too Dirrty To Clean Her Act Up


Another former Disney star, Christina was with Brit on The Mickey Mouse Club, which is so cool to think about today. She's got an incredibly beautiful singing voice and if we've ever seen videos of her singing as a kid, we know that was true back then, too. Talk about a seriously talented child.

This picture of Christina is not super surprising since, come on, this is the girl that brought us "Dirrty." She knows how to be sexy and she always looks incredible. She couldn't possibly be any hotter than she is in this photo since she's literally floating in a pool totally naked. Or at least it seems like she's naked. Not exactly a look that she had back in the day. Nope. Not really.

9 Debby Ryan - She's Living The Sweet (And Hot) Life

Debby Ryan is totally adorable and she looks all grown up here, thanks to her very prominent chest that is on display. She basically grew up starring on the Disney channel. She is best known for her role as Becky on The Suite Life on Deck which aired from 2008 until 2011. She was also in a 2010 Disney movie called 16 Wishes. She found a ton of success on Disney, especially with that movie.

Today, Debby Ryan is 24 years old and a musician in her own right. She's in a band called The Never Ending and if this particular photo is any indication, has definitely moved on from her Disney days. It's really cool that she got such a great start to her career and is now following her musical dreams.

8 Brenda Song - From Disney Kid To Beach Babe


We would never know that the girl in this photo was on the Disney channel once upon a time. This is a seriously hot photo. Like whoa. We love that Brenda Song looks so strong and like she works out on a regular basis. We also really love that she's got a lot of curves. This is not only a gorgeous picture but it also gives us some motivation to get healthy and fit, which is always a good thing. We can always use that, right?!

Brenda had a deal with Disney starting in 2002 and was in a movie called Get a Clue. She was also London on The Suite Life Of Zach & Cody and The Suite Life on Deck. Today, Brenda's 29, and is definitely all grown up, so this photo is truly no big deal. Well, okay, it's a really big deal because she looks so awesome. But it's not like it's inappropriate. It's just not what we would expect a Disney channel star to look like.

7 Emily Osment - She's Got Abs For Days

Whoa. Now that's not a photo that a former Disney star would want people to see. Emily Osment is both an actress and singer and is best known for her role as Lilly Truscott on Hannah Montana. Yup, we knew that she looked super familiar. Best show ever? We think so.

We think that we need to know what Emily does for her regular workouts because we would love to get those abs. She's basically got a six-pack here (or at least the early stages of one). Even though she's basically wearing a bra (over another bra?!), she looks as sophisticated and glam as if she's wearing a designer dress. She's 25 years old today, so it makes sense that she would be looking much more mature and less Disney. And, yes, if her last name sounds familiar, it's because her brother is actor Haley Joel Osment.

6 Aly Michalka - Aly Of The Future: Super Gorgeous


Aly Michalka looks so hot here, it's almost crazy. We all know her as one half of Aly & AJ, the duo that she's in with her singer Amanda AJ Michalka. Aly got her start in Hollywood when she was on the Disney show Phil of the Future and was the character, Keely Teslow.

She's moved on from Disney and is now 28 years old. She looks like perfection in this striped bikini. This is a pretty showy bikini since we can see some side boob, but hey, it works for her and she looks awesome. We're big fans 100 percent. She's also rocking the smokey eye makeup that we all wish that we could pull off but is a lot harder to put on than it seems.

5 Alyson Stoner - Stepping It Up And Looking Beautiful

Alyson Stoner was on The Suite Life Of Zach and Cody from 2005 until 2007, but she's not looking like a Disney star in this photo. The 24-year-old is all grown up and looking amazing in this all-black outfit, and we love the determined look on her face

If this seems like a bit of a, um, unique pose for a photo, that's because Alyson's a professional dancer. She was in the three Step Up movies (yeah, that one with Channing Tatum) and has worked as a dancer for a lot of musicians, including Eminem and Will Smith and Missy Elliot. How cool is she?! She's the coolest. She's also incredibly gorgeous, as we can see from this photo. She's just got a really creative, unique look that we're big fans of.

4 Danielle Fishel - Topanga Who?!


So... we're just going to go out on a limb here and say that Disney stars and Maxim photo shoots don't exactly go well together. It's just a hunch that we have...

Danielle Fishel is best known for being Topanga on Boy Meets World (aka our favorite show back when we were growing up) and we always knew that she was super beautiful. Even as a kid, in the early days of that show, she was drop-dead gorgeous. Corey definitely knew it, too, since he was in love with her from basically the moment that he saw her. Cutest couple ever. Let's face it, Danielle looks insanely hot here, and she couldn't possibly look more perfect. We just know that Corey would fall for her all over again once he got a look at this photo.

3 Fergie - A (Child) Star Is Born

Wait, Fergie was on the Disney channel?! What?! Yup, it's the truth. Fergie was on the Disney show Kids Incorporated, which was a kid's show that also had singing. It sounds amazing and we would love to see her performance. She must have been epic.

This is a really sexy photo of Fergie, with her wet hair and short black shorts (like seriously short black shorts) and ripped shirt. She's got this general "cool girl" vibe going on and we couldn't love it any more than we do. The fact that she's walking on the beach also makes it a really hot photo. It's basically the best location for a hot photo. It just automatically makes the subject of the photo look even more beautiful. In Fergie's case, of course, she's already incredibly beautiful.

2 Melissa Joan Hart - School Is Definitely Out For This Babe


Oh, Melissa Joan Hart. We couldn't possibly love this actress more. We all loved watching Sabrina the Teenage Witch when we were kids/pre-teens/teens and, let's face it, we're still big fans of that show to this day. The rumors that are currently flying around about a revival make us the happiest people ever. That would be so epic and, well, magical. No pun intended.

In 2001, Melissa was the voice of a character named Becky in an animated Disney movie called Recess: School's Out. While this is not an inappropriate photo by any means, it's definitely a lot sexier than anything that the Disney channel would ever put out, since Melissa's lying down with her legs up behind her and staring at the camera in a seductive way. She looks totally beautiful, right?!

1 Jennifer Love Hewitt - From 'Kids Incorporated' To The Hottest Actress Ever

If any of us didn't know that Jennifer Love Hewitt was a Disney star, now we do. She starred on the show Kids Incorporated from 1989 until 1991. Yup, the same show that Fergie was also on. Who knew that those two had something in common?!

We probably all know the actress from movies like I Know What You Did Last Summer, so we don't tend to think of her as a former Disney channel star. But that's definitely what she is. This is not a photo that screams "Disney!" Nope, not even in the slightest. Jennifer Love Hewitt looks super hot here in a black lingerie set complete with knee socks. Her hair is long and curly and everything is just so flawless, it's almost crazy. Not only do former Disney stars get super famous after, they also get super hot. Based on these 15 photos, it's totally and completely a fact.


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