Alicia Keys Wears Barely-There Makeup For Grammy Hosting Gig

For several years now, Alicia Keys has been rocking an all-natural, no makeup look, and she looks amazing. Yet to host the Grammy Awards last Sunday, the singer knew she would be on camera quite a bit, so she decided to reach for her cosmetics bag. Needless to say, she looked great, but surprisingly, she did so in the most natural way possible.

Keys’ makeup artist Dotti, no last name necessary, revealed that the award-winning singer’s glow was achieved with Burt’s Bees beauty products, which are not only affordable, but also made with all natural ingredients. In order to prep Keys’ skin, Dotti used Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating eye masks ($3, macys.com). She then used Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Full Coverage Foundation ($15, walmart.com) and Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil ($17, walmart.com) to create her luminous glow.

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The singer has said that going makeup free has been “really empowering,” though it’s understandable that under the unforgiving glare of the lights, Keys would choose some skincare essentials. Other stars also swear by the occasional barely-there makeup trend, including Zendaya and Meghan Markle, who proudly showed off her freckles at her wedding.

For this simple, all-natural makeup routine, check out the eight products that Keys used at the Grammys.

To brighten the skin under the eyes, Keys used Burt’s Bees Rejuvenating Eye Masks ($3, macys.com), and to moisturize her lips, she used Burt’s Bees Lip Treatment Lip Scrub ($8.99, ulta.com). She then mixed Burt’s Bees Goodness Glows Liquid Foundation ($14.84, walmart.com) with Burt’s Bees Complete Nourishment Facial Oil Anti-Aging Oil ($17.04, walmart.com).

Finally, she applied a highlighter with Burt’s Bees 100% Natural All Aglow Lip & Cheek Stick ($9.43, walmart.com), and added a light coat of mascara with Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Nourishing Mascara ($12.99, ulta.com). She also prepped and moisturized her lips using Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Moisturizing Lip Balm Original Beeswax with Vitamin E & Peppermint Oil (4 Tubes, $8.07, amazon.com), and finished with a natural lip color using Burt’s Bees 100% Natural Glossy Lipstick ($7.63, walmart.com).

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Burt's Bees, which originated in Maine in 1984, started as a candle making enterprise between Roxanne Quimby and Burt Shavitz. Shavitz had a honey business that provided beeswax for the candles, while Quimby's focused on quality control. The business went from earning $200 at the Dover-Foxcroft Junior High School craft fair to $20,000 in sales by the end of its first year.

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