Adding Booze To A Hair Care Routine Can Help With Growth And Shine

It might sound a little crazy but it is a fact, booze can do the hair good. Even A-list stars like Catherine Zeta-Jones have jumped on the bandwagon of this insane hair trend.

Using alcohol on your hair might make your friends wonder about your strange new beauty regimen, but your hair will look fabulous. Not all booze is good for the locks but if you use the right type you can create a whole new healthy mane for yourself in the comfort of your own home (or bar).

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Certain products work better than others. Beer, for example, has long been touted as an amazing addition to any hair care routine. It generates the best results when used as a mask, not a rinse. Take the white of one egg and mix it with the beer of your choice (a lighter brew is best) to create a mask, and then leave the mixture in for a few minutes. After waiting, use regular shampoo and conditioner to get the mixture out. When putting a beer mask on the hair, it will not only help with growth but also add to the overall health of one's locks and, of course, make it super shiny.

Champagne is another excellent choice for the hair. Instead of washing with it or using it as a mask, the bubbly is best used as a spritzer. Before blow-drying, spray your hair with some champagne in a mist-like fashion and then blow dry as usual. The result will be a luscious, luminous, and lifted head of hair.

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For those who don't love the sparkling stuff, whiskey can be used to condition the hair as well. Just like the beer treatment, whiskey can be combined with an egg (a full one, not just the white) and left on the hair as a mask (for 10-15 minutes) for ultra shiny locks. Again, after masking, use plain old shampoo and conditioner to remove the treatment before styling.

If using booze on your hair is not your thing, you could look for products that contain alcohol. Even if you are not using a beer or whiskey mask or spraying your hair with champagne, there are items on the market containing alcohol that will help redefine your hair. Don't shy away from a hair product just because it has booze in it. It may seem unconventional, but it works!

Of course, do not attempt to buy or consume alcohol unless you are of legal drinking age, and as always, mask, rinse and spritz responsibly.


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