Akira Beauty Online Shop Sells Luxury Brands At Up To 40% Off

Many women struggle to stretch their beauty budget to cover all essentials. Luckily, Akira Beauty, a new online store, offers a great selection of luxury brands at 10 to 40 percent off retail prices. The company’s selection includes exclusive skincare, bath and body care, hair care, and cosmetics to cover all your beauty needs. Akira features brands like SK-II, Givenchy, Clinique, and Living Proof, among many others.

Akira manages to keep product prices low by lowering its stock prices. For example, the store has cut back on advertising, samples, and gift wrapping, enabling them to significantly reduce prices. "Akira Beauty believes that luxury brands should be accessible to anyone and it is their hope that by lowering prices, more people can enjoy top-performing beauty products without compromising quality," the company says.

Akira Beauty, which bills itself as an international digital luxury retailer, is based in California. The company claims to draw upon three decades of experience as a member of a well-established beauty industry trading company.

The site’s products are carefully selected by a team of international buyers based in London, Paris, Rome, New York, Tokyo, Poland, Hong Kong, Seoul, Singapore, Tokyo, and Taipei. According to Akira, each product is tested by the team to guarantee quality control. In addition, since the company has buyers all over the world, American consumers can buy products only sold in Europe or Asia. Customers can also enjoy sale prices long before retail outlets offer discounts.

Consumers should be aware though that the packaging for products may sometimes vary since different countries feature distinctive packaging. The products, however, are authentic. Akira, which means bright, intelligent, and truthful in Japanese, reflects the company's ethos. Cheaper products does not have to mean lower quality. According to the company, “We believe that everyone should be able to choose the products that suit them best while having an elevated beauty experience. That’s why we set out to make international luxuries more accessible for everyone."

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The site, which features a brief yet entertaining bio for each of its international buyers, also offers an upscale shopping experience by showcasing a luxury layout, which is unusual for bargain sites. Therefore, consumers can enjoy the browsing experience without feeling like they’re rummaging through a bargain bin at a basement outlet. The site provides a variety of shipping options personalized for speed and convenience. Complimentary standard shipping is available on all purchases over $50. For those who love beauty as well as a discount, Akira is the site to visit.

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