Affordable Fashion First: Aeropostale Launches Gender-Neutral Clothing Line, ‘Aero One’

Aeropostale, an American clothing store geared toward teens, launched their very first gender-neutral clothing collection earlier this month, called Aero One. Aeropostale’s new line stands out as extremely affordable among a list of other brands, mostly high-end, that have developed gender-neutral clothing. According to Mashable, the high prices of gender-neutral clothing often prevents youth from making purchases.

The Aero One collection, which is currently on sale, includes a variety of 15 crew neck tees, pull-over hoodies, skinny jeans, jackets, and overalls. Crew neck tees (reg. $29.50, now $11.80) are available in three solid colors (gray, blue, and magenta) as well as three tye-dye patterns (white-orange, blue-purple, blue-magenta).

There are four different unisex sweatshirts (reg. $49.50, now $19.90), each bearing a different phrase or design (“Unite,” “Be You,” “Calling All Humans,” and descending rainbow bars). Two pairs of skinny jeans (reg. $59.50, now $23.80) in light and medium wash jeans are designed with stretch fabric to fit both sexes and are available in sizes 24R/000R-36R/18R.

Also available in the Aero One collection is a long-sleeved bleached chambray shirt (reg. $54.50, now $21.80), a pink denim trucker jacket (reg. $79.80, now $31.80), and medium wash denim ripped overalls (reg. $69.50, now $35).

Aeropostale has even created three gender-neutral fragrances (reg. $24.50, now $14). Fragrance For All No. 87 smells like sage and ginger root; No. 24 smells like pear, oakmoss, and cedarwood; No. 16 smells like lemon and driftwood.

According to a press release from Aeropostale, Aero One is “inspired by love and equality” and “seeks to embrace EVERYONE.” In the midst of a gender revolution, Aeropostale is one of several brands to integrate gender-neutrality into their collections. Last year, H&M created a unisex denim line, which featured overalls, jeans, jackets, and dresses. In a similar movement, Urban Outfitters designed a collection of tailored suits, jackets, and sweatshirts for all. This year, GAP Kids even created both colorfully striped and gray baby clothing.

In addition, a number of online clothing brands entirely devoted to gender-neutral clothing have popped up. Pop singer and actress Zendaya designed her own ultra-inclusive, gender-neutral clothing brand, although production has temporarily ceased. Other brands include One DNA, Gender Free World, and NotEqual.

Aero One is now available in stores worldwide and on Aeropostale.com.

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