Fitness Buff Adriana Lima Becomes The New Face of Puma

Puma has chosen Adriana Lima at its newest ambassador alongside fastest-man-on-earth Usain Bolt and cool British girl Cara Delavigne. The 37-year-old Brazilian bombshell will be the face for women’s training, and whoever thinks this isn’t an amazing idea, hasn’t been up-to-date with Adriana’s latest endeavors.

Being a single mom after the split from Serbian basketball player Marco Jaric and raising their two daughters, Adriana has been literally kick-boxing her way through life. The Victoria’s Secret “most valuable angel” has shown the world that she not only has guts and beauty that transcends time, but she can throw some serious punches too.

What makes Adriana such a perfect match for Puma, however, isn’t the strong and enviable physique she has acquired through ten years of practicing kickboxing (although we're sure this helps too). There’s a far more important reason why she makes such an inspiring role model. The mom-of-two has confessed in the past that she was drawn to boxing because it made her feel physically and mentally powerful, which was something that as a woman she never thought could be possible.

What’s more, boxing for her is therapeutic, and this sums up perfectly her attitude towards fitness.

Sure, it takes some serious sweat to be catwalk-ready for a Victoria’s Secret show, especially when a model is over a certain age. But, unbelievable as it may sound, this beauty queen isn’t doing it for fashion fame.

As Adriana recently revealed to Glamour, she doesn’t work out for her body image. After many years of hitting the ring, she has acquired an athletic lifestyle and loves the empowerment she gets from her daily workouts. She wants people to know that her sweat is real, and she wants to set a positive example for her two young daughters.Her indifference towards body image perhaps doesn’t sound one hundred percent genuine. But you gotta love Adriana Lima’s fierce girl power. It personally makes us want to get off the couch right now, and try some of her famous Instagram air-punches, fittingly hash-tagged #teamlima.

It might not be as "body-positive" as other campaigns, but it’s good enough for fitness motivation, don't you think?


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