20 Adorable Photos Of Eminem When He Was A Kid

Eminem is one of the biggest names in the hip hop scene. When it comes to rapping, his name is synonymous with the highest level of success. He’s definitely one of the most controversial figures the music industry has seen, but love him or hate him, his lyrical genius is undeniable. Marshal Mathers came from a very troubled past.

Eminem's childhood was one of poverty, abuse, and struggle. In spite of his difficult upbringing, he rose to fame as one of the most legendary music artists of our time. His past struggles resonate with many of his fans and make him more relatable to his audience. It’s hard to imagine that this cute face endured so much before he finally reached fame. Let’s take a look at 20 Adorable Photos Of Eminem When He Was A Kid.

20 Inspiration

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Eminem’s success is largely hinged on his ability to draw on his childhood trauma, and let his emotions out in the form of music and lyrics. His perfectly crafted lyrics stem from past anguish. The pain of his childhood and the unfortunate struggles from his past seem to meld together to form the perfect lyrical storm.

19 Debbie Mathers

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It’s evident that Eminem and his mother, Debbie Mathers, have had a strained relationship, to say the least. His lyrics are full of slams against the way she brought him up and the abuse he claims to have endured at her hands. Things must have been pretty bad for a son to turn on his mother in such a public way.

18  Marshal Mathers, Sr.

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For those who are unaware, Eminem was named after his father, Marshal Mathers Sr., who abandoned him when he was just an infant. That act of turning his back on his son and the mother of his child is what led to the breakdown of the household, and put more stress on Debbie than she could manage.

17 "No" To A Father And Son Reunion

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Many of you many not know that Eminem’s father made an effort to reunite with him back in 2001. According to News 24, his father said he wasn’t interested in his money, but was so desperate for the opportunity to talk to him that he made a desperate plea for his attention. Based on Eminem’s lyrics in “My Name Is,” it was evident that this would never work.

16  Bullying Incidents

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Eminem was a victim of bullying when he was a child. In one of his songs titled “Brain Damage,” he calls out a bully by the name of DeAngelo Bailey, who apparently made his life very difficult in earlier years. At one point, DeAngelo’s bullying was so severe that Eminem was in a coma for 4 days.

15  Debbie’s Munchausen Syndrome

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Those who are familiar with Eminem’s song titled “Cleaning Out My Closet” will know of the abuse he suffered at the hands of his mother. According to Ranker, Eminem became his brother Nathan’s legal guardian when a social worker in 1996 diagnosed her as having Munchausen Syndrome.

14 Musical Reprieve

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Throughout his most torturous days, Eminem found solace in music, lyricism, and the release of his emotions through both of those outlets. He spent much of his time devoted to writing and creating music, which proved to be one of the healthiest ways that he would spend his private time.

13 High School Dropout

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Despite having a passion for the English language, and always challenging himself to fill his vocabulary with as many new words as possible, the young Marshal Mathers failed the 9th grade three times before giving up altogether. RollingStone Magazine documented his love for the English language in spite of his admission of not being good at other subjects during his time at school.

12 Sneaking Out To Rap

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Eminem and his good friend Proof would sneak out and go to the neighboring high school for what RollingStone termed as “lunchroom rap throw-downs.” On the weekend, these two youngsters would attend open-mic contests at the “Hip-Hop Shop” in Detroit. How little they knew this would be the beginning of a very successful future.

11 Arrested At Age 20

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Eminem managed to stay out of trouble until the age of 20, at which time he was arrested in Detroit. It wasn’t the worst arrest story we’ve ever heard, that’s for sure. Nonetheless, it was enough to shake him up and give him a good taste of what legal fear felt like. He was booked for shooting a paintball gun at a police car, but the charges were later dropped, according to Ranker.

10 Dangerous Neighborhoods

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It’s not news to anyone that the majority of Eminem’s upbringing was in a great deal of poverty. His housing situation was never one that was safe, or comfortable, as he was ultimately raised in some pretty dangerous neighborhoods. He has often told the story of the numerous break-ins that he encountered, and the loss of the very few possessions he owned and relied on. According to Ranker, he moved constantly between housing projects in Detroit and Missouri.

9 Toxic Relationship With Kim

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There are some names that constantly appear and re-appear in Eminem’s lyrics… in addition to highlights about Debbie, fans get their fair share of lyrics that talk all about Kim. It’s safe to say that Eminem and Kim’s relationship has not only been a tumultuous one, but a toxic one as well. One thing’s for sure though – it proved to be as lyrically inspirational as the dysfunctional relationship he had with his mother.

8 What’s In A Name?

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Have you ever wondered how Eminem obtained his unique nickname? According to The Famous People, Marshal was 14 years old when he and his friend Mike Ruby began to practice rapping. They called themselves “Manix” and “M&M” and that later evolved to “Eminem,” which is the alias name he still carries with him today.

7 The Art Of Writing

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During the time that Eminem was sneaking out of his own school to get to the open mic contests at Osborn High School, he began to really put a lot of emphasis on fleshing out the English language. He started to play with words and linguistics, and according to the Famous People, he “practiced writing long words and phrases that rhymed with each other.” This was, in many ways, the spark that ignited his passion for rap.

6 Joining Forces With Proof

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Proof and Eminem remained very close friends through his difficult childhood years. They understood one another and had a very strong brotherly bond. The two teens decided to pursue their love of music together and, in 1996, they threw themselves into the formation of their new group, “D12,” also known as “The Dirty Dozen.”

5 Slim Shady Is Born

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1997 was the first time the real Slim Shady stood up! Eminem was going through some incredibly difficult times, finances were tight, and the pressure was building. The Famous People reports that the Slim Shady persona was created as a way for Marshal to “let go of the frustration building inside him.”

4 The Rap Olympics

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Just as quickly as the Slim Shady persona was born, Eminem entered into the Rap Olympics and took home a second place win. This is when Dr.Dre proposed a new working agreement under the “Aftermath Entertainment” label. This was the beginning of a whirlwind career that would see Eminem gain international fame, and a massive fortune.

3 Big Moves

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In 1999, Eminem and Dre released “The Slim Shady LP,” which The Famous People deems as “one of the most successful albums of the year.” He was quickly catapulted to fame and went on to found the record label, “Shady Records,” with Paul Rosenberg that very same year. It was official. Eminem made a permanent mark on the scene, and this was just the beginning.

2 More And More

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Now he had worldwide recognition, a huge audience, and a platform on which he could convey any and all of his very own lyrics. His emotions poured out as fast as his passion did, and Eminem sailed his pencil across the paper with incredible speed, penning iconic songs such as “Encore,” and “Just Lose It,” along with collaborations with Dido for “Thank You,” and Dr Dre’s “Forgot About Dre.” He had taken off, and he wasn’t about to come down.

1 Legendary

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Eminem remains one of the most influential artists this world has ever seen. He’s not afraid to be controversial, honest, raw, and explicit – whatever it takes to convey his message – he’s always ready to take the plunge. It’s hard to believe that all these adorable pictures are snippets from difficult times – but each of these images proved to be pivotal to Eminem’s huge success.

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